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By Cole J. Davis

GENRE: Experimental, Sci-fi, Thriller, War
LOGLINE: Our world is wrapped in a red tie with all others.


"Further excerpts of Calan Gaeaf" … Cora tells Liz about the beginnings of the Black Brigade.


SC13. INT. IFAN’S OFFICE - DAY - YALE TOWN - 5080 [CORA FENCIS IS STOOD IN FRONT OF IFAN’S DESK. LIZ CARNEGIE IS SAT ON THE COUCH. LIZ SIPS A VANILLA TEA. CORA’S E-READER IS SET ON THE DESK BEFORE HER. CORA LOOKS AT THE GADGET QUIZICALLY. THE E-READER SOUNDS IFAN’S DISTRESS CALL.] CORA FENCIS “Ifan‘s sent out an all eras distress signal. I don’t know what Ifan’s gotten up to now, his quantum signatory marker places him near the waterfront, a few miles from here. His GPS signature places him in a warehouse in Coal Harbour. But accessing the temporal switchboard, that implies he doesn‘t know when he is. I don‘t want to even consider what that implies about his state of mind.” LIZ CARNEGIE “What are the ramifications?” CORA FENCIS “It means the signal’s gone out to anyone in the universe in receipt of a temporal receiver. The Black Brigade, the Commonwealth Network as far back as the twenty first century, us. We need to get him out of there before Abbaddon’s soldiers find him.” LIZ CARNEGIE “Is it just me, or are they targeting your husband beyond the norm?” CORA FENCIS “It isn’t just you Liz, you’re right; Ifan’s got extensive history with the Brigade. It goes like this.” CUT TO: - SC14. EXT. CYRENE RESEARCH FOUNDATION - DAY - LONDON - 5580 A.D. [JAMES MALCOLM PETERSON, AN ITERATION OF IFAN IS STOOD IN A GLASS ENCLOSED CORRIDOR SEVERAL STORIES UP. THROUGH THE GLASS WE SEE THE CENTRE OF LONDON. AN ENORMOUS SHADOW PASSES OVER THE BUILDING AND THE STREET BELOW. AN INCUBI CLASS BATTLE CRUISER HEADS OUT THROUGH THE PLANET’S ATMOSPHERE. ON THE STREET BELOW, A RECRUITMENT POSTER FOR THE ‘ALLIANCE CORPS’ IS STUCK TO A SHOP WINDOW. ON THE POSTER ARE THE WORDS- ‘KEEP OUR SPACE LANES FREE FOR TRADE. JOIN THE FIGHT AGAINST DEVON PRIME.’ TURNING SLOWLY TOWARDS THE RIGHT FROM WHERE HE’S STOOD, JAMES DRAWS IN A BREATH. DIRECTLY BEHIND JAMES IS STOOD CYRIL ABBADDON. CYRIL WEARS SHADES OF BLACK; BLACK T-SHIRT, BLACK TROUSERS AND BLACK ITALIAN DRESS SHOES. THIS IS TOPPED OFF WITH A BLACK WOOL SCARF AND A BLACK CRAVAT.] CORA FENCIS(V.O.) “Just as our lives are bound to others, our reality is likewise bound to others. Our actions in this reality create other realities, and those realities likewise have a similar effect on ours. This universe developed out of the triquetta formed from two parent universes. The new universe then split into a pair of identical twin universes; one carrying the function of the molecular particle, the other carrying the fuction of the molecular wave. Some time in the future, the two are set to become one, birthing a new universe. Once that happens, our Triquetta will transmogrify into a Universal Archetype, incarnating back Into the healthiest sentient individual in the universe, whomever that may turn out to be. In the mean time, our two universes are in constant conflict; brought about by souls born of both universes incarnating into their polar opposite.” [JAMES TURNS TO FACE CYRIL.] JAMES MALCOLM PETERSON “I just know we’re on the edge of the greatest scientific discovery our civilization has ever made. Forget space Cyril, if we can break through the dimensional wall, we have a whole new universe to discover. Think of what we might find.” CYRIL ABBADDON “As always James, you know you have my full confidence, support and financial backing for your endeavour. Keep me apprised of your discoveries.” CUT TO: -

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