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By Cole J. Davis

GENRE: Drama, Romance, Sci-fi, War
LOGLINE: To walk in another man's shoes is the greatest of all honours


Cole Billington switches bodies with Sera. Cole reminisces about his life with Cecil during the 1930s. 'Oberon's Chalice - Complete teleplay' on Wattpad!


SC1. EXT. KERRY RIDGEWAY - BISHOP’S CASTLE - DAY - 2014 [COLE JACOB BILLINGTON IS SAT ON A LARGE WHITE ROCK AT THE SIDE OF THE BRONZE AGE TRACK. CECIL SMITH IS SAT ON A SECOND ROCK NEARBY. A YELLOW RUCKSACK IS SET BETWEEN COLE AND CECIL ON THE GROUND. COLE AND CECIL BOTH EAT A DELI SANDWICH. THREE FALLEN GOD BOMBERS RUN PAST COLE, GHOSTLY. THE LEAD BOMBER CARRIES A WOODEN BOX. IFAN APPEARS ON THE PATH, GHOSTLY. IFAN CATCHES COLE‘S EYE, TURNING QUICKLY AWAY. CORA TAKES FORM BEHIND IFAN, ALSO GHOSTLY. IFAN AND CORA KNOCK TWO OF THE BOMBERS TO THE GROUND. THE LEAD BOMBER FADES FROM VIEW. CORA SLAMS A QUANTUM LOCK SEDATIVE INTO A BOMBERS‘ NECK WITH A NEEDLE. IFAN DOES THE SAME TO THE BOMBER HE HOLDS DOWN. IFAN, CORA AND THE TWO BOMBERS DISSOLVE INTO A SHOWER OF GOLD SPARKLES. COLE SHAKES HIS HEAD.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “So book eight, Ifan and Cora chase Abbaddon’s minions along the old track in and out of history from points amongst the Bronze age to the use of the Roman road, to contemporary Bishop’s Castle and points in between.” CECIL SMITH “Cool; so what’s in the box?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I’m not sure yet.” CUT TO: - SC2. INT. THREE TUNS PUB - DAY - BISHOP’S CASTLE - 2014 [THE PUB IS BUILT INTO THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE OLD CASTLE. THIS IS PART OF THREE TUNS BREWERY. COLE IS SAT AT A TABLE BY A WINDOW LOOKING OUT ONTO THE CENTRE OF THE VILLAGE. ACROSS FROM COLE IS SAT JASON BOWEN, LATE TWENTIES, 6’2. NEXT TO JASON IS SAT BRITTANY LONGFELLOW. CECIL IS SAT NEXT TO COLE.] CECIL SMITH “So Jason what exactly do you do on Irish Skies?” JASON BOWEN I build creature models. Those Spriggans, Jenny Green teeth, the Alfar; that sort of thing. Love of my life Brittany, she’s on the CGI team. We make a good team, her and I.” [BRITTANY GIVES JASON A QUICK PECK ON THE CHEEK.] CECIL SMITH “You were the inspiration for your alter ego Jacquelyn in Cole’s Ghost Wars series, weren’t you?” JASON BOWEN “Cole borrowed my back-story up until the point when I concluded my three year prison stint for financial fraud. He had my fictional alter ego make different decisions than I did out here in the real world. I’m on the high functioning end of the autistic spectrum which causes issues with sensory overload. Temperature extremes, noise levels, olfactory signals; they can become overwhelming. I may have a certain level of synthethesia added to the mix. It lead to a dependence on alcohol, which in turn lead to a weakening of my moral code; leading directly to me serving time in prison for three years in the lower mainland. Things happened there which we will not speak of, creating a dissociative disorder which was already there to a lesser extent due to my autistic neurology. Where my biography differs from Cole’s fictional version of me is in the base personality leading the show. In Cole’s version, Jacquelyn runs the game, for me its Jacob.” CECIL SMITH “Jacob, you mean the drag queen?” JASON BOWEN “I began losing hours, sometimes days at a time. I’d go to sleep on Monday, wake up on Wednesday or Thursday; to find hundreds of dollars of cash next to my bedside table. I’d find lists of clients and schedules and payment plans posted to the kitchen fridge. I’d find clothing and other items I’d never bought, existing receipts showing that someone had in fact paid for them. Worst of all, I’d find packs of cigarettes sat on the kitchen counter, and cases of beer inside the fridge. I didn’t smoke and I’d been sober for more than three years; ever since I entered the clink.” MIX TO: - SC3. INT. CHRYSANTHEMUM THEATRE - NIGHT - VANCOUVER - 2008 [DRAG QUEEN MISS WELL-DEFINED(JASON BOWEN) IS STOOD ON STAGE. THE TINY THEATRE IS PACKED. MISS WELL-DEFINED LOOKS OUT TOWARDS THE AUDIENCE, STRUCK SILENT WITH STAGE FRIGHT.] JASON BOWEN(V.O.) “Jacob had been another, better part of me. Jacob had been just as in the dark about the situation as I. Also experiencing mysterious blackouts and wondering where all the cash and the beer had come from, Jacob decided to try his hand at acting. Jacob garnered the leading role in a play paying a small stipend at The Chrysanthemum Theatre. Written and developed by playwright Sully Campbell, ‘Stonewall Nights’ was a musical rendition of events surrounding the Stonewall Riots. Sully’s life’s work of ‘Social Justice Crusader’ had been a singular focus of his from age fifteen onwards. At age thirty, Sully crafted the most exquisite piece of musical theatre Jacob had ever come across. The performance centred on the sweet romance between a young Drag Queen and her deeply closeted lover. Snagging the roll of the Drag Queen Miss Well-Defined; it was a roll Jason relished more than he’d ever admit.” MIX TO: - SC4. INT. CASTLE PUB - DAY - BISHOP’S CASTLE - 2014 [POV.: CLOSE UP ON BRITTANY.] BRITTANY LONGFELLOW “That’s where we met; we’ve been joined at the hip ever since. When Reginald got his series’ commissioned, he hired the pair of us on, got us worker’s visas for the U.K..” JASON BOWEN “In Cole’s tale, Brittany had undertaken a completely unrelated career path, so she wasn’t at the theatre to meet my fictional alter-ego. Thus, Jacquelyn, my incorrigible female persona whom took the worse of the ordeal in prison gained control. She wasn’t happy leaving her identity at Drag Queen, she yearned for full female status. She decided to punish herself by being a call girl. I’m so glad that’s not me.” CECIL SMITH “I’ll bet.” CUT TO: - SC5. INT. CARDIFF BAY POLICE HEADQUARTERS - DAY - 2014 [D.I. EVELYN WAUGH IS SAT AT HER DESK, TYPING AT HER COMPUTER. THROUGH THE WINDOW ACROSS THE ROOM, WE SEE A VIEW OF THE HARBOUR. A MESSAGE POPS UP ON THE COMPUTER SCREEN. EVELYN CLICKS ON THE MESSAGE. THE MESSAGE LISTS THE USER HANDLE - ‘BROTHER FROM ANOTHER TIME ZONE’. THE MESSAGE STATES- ‘HOWDY, YOU’VE BEEN SELECTED FOR SECONDMENT. YOUR INVESTIGATION INTO THE MEN AT THE HARBOUR HAS BEEN SENT TO A HIGHER LEVEL. PLEASE REVIEW OUR RECRUITMENT PACKAGE AT HTTP://WWW.COMMONWEALTHNETWORK.GOV.\ ACCESSALLOWED.] CUT TO: - SC6. INT. IFAN’S OFFICE - DAY - YALE TOWN - 5080 IFAN IS SAT IN HIS OFFICE. IFAN PEERS AT THE MESSAGE HE’S SENT TO EVELYN ON HIS E-READER.] IFAN FENCIS “Check mate, your move little sister. Take the bait, make your older brother proud.” CUT TO: - SC7. INT. CARDIFF BAY POLICE HEADQUARTERS - DAY - 2014 [EVELYN PEERS AT THE SCREEN ON HER COMPUTER. A GROUP OF EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT VIDEOS ARE DISPLAYED UNDER VARIOUS OPERATIONAL BRANCHES. A STILL IMAGE OF BURRARD INLET IS SET BENEATH THE RED PLAY BUTTON OF THE FIRST VIDEO ON THE LEFT. ABOVE THE VIDEO ARE PLACED THE WORDS- ‘CPB WEST COAST DIVISION’. EVELYN CLICKS PLAY.] CALVIN PRITCHARD(V.O.) “Founded in nineteen ten, the CPB’s West Coast Division is the oldest of the Canadian organizations in our network. Director Cole Billington patented the network’s indispensable electromagnetic technology known as the gravity wave detectors. Under Captain Billington’s administration, the organization has created a public image of a philanthropic agency serving the city’s East End. From a research standpoint, the organization has strategic access to the TRIUMF Cyclotron and the city is positioned on the northwest angle of the Atlantic Devil’s Triangle; a pan atlantic region ending in Cardiff.” [EVELYN PAUSES THE VIDEO. WE SEE A VIDEO LABELLED ‘SHROPSHIRE PATROL COMPANY’. BENEATH THE RED PLAY BUTTON IS A STILL IMAGE OF THE MAIN STREET OF BISHOP’S CASTLE. EVELYN CLICKS PLAY.] CALVIN PRITCHARD(V.O.) “The Bishop’s Castle facility was created in the early nineteen forties as a research facility into the deeper mysteries of the electromagnetic spectrum.” CUT TO: - SC8. INT. CPB MAIN ROOM - DAY - VANCOUVER - 2014 [DOCTOR REGINALD DESMOIRE IS SAT CASUALLY AT HIS DESK. . CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN IS SAT ATOP BRITTANY’S DESK. DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION IS PERCHED ON A BLACK LEATHER SPINNING CHAIR.] DOCTOR REGINALD DESMOIRE “I’ve been mulling the meaning of the gravity wells.” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “Do tell, Doctor Desmoire.” DOCTOR REGINALD DESMOIRE “I think, due to the make up of the quantum field, with each particle of space being its own simple harmonic oscillator, this is proof that the gravity wells are not a natural phenomenon, but are in fact a created aspect of the universe.” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “Why do you say that, Reg?” DOCTOR REGINALD DESMOIRE “Think of this Bailey, how does a nuclear bomb go off?” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “We smash atoms together.” DOCTOR REGINALD DESMOIRE “Exactly! Simple harmonic oscillators are the equivalent of atoms on a quantum level. So how do you create a bridge between these particles? Some created force has to be pulling these particles apart.” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “Good work, Reg. You, my man, are brilliant.” DOCTOR REGINALD DESMOIRE “Thanks.” [POV. REGINALD’S COMPUTER SCREEN: THERE’S A NOTICEABLE CHANGE OF POSITION OF THE LOCAL GRAVITY WELL. COLE IS STOOD BESIDE SERA.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Folks, the gravity well’s on the move.” [REGINALD CHECKS THE SCHEMATICS ON THE SCREEN MIXING SATELLITE TELEMETER MOVEMENTS OVER THE CITY, WITH THE QUANTUM SIGNATURE OF THE OPEN FISSURE IN SPACE-TIME.] DOCTOR REGINALD DESMOIRE “We’ve got trouble people.” [REGINALD TYPES IN COMPUTER CODE, GETTING THE GRAVITY WELL’S NEW COORDINATES.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “How bad is it?” DOCTOR REGINALD DESMOIRE “Take a look.” [POV. COMPUTER MONITOR: THE SPACE-TIME DISTURBANCE HAS TAKEN POSITION JUST OFF SHORE THE COAL HARBOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD, ALONG THE TIDAL FLAT OF BURRARD INLET.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “That‘s my neighbourhood.” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “What’s the wind speed registering?” [REGINALD CHECKS THE WEATHER PATTERNS FOR THE INLET.] DOCTOR REGINALD DESMOIRE “Just one moment.” [WITH A CLICK OF THE MOUSE, REGINALD BRINGS UP THE APPLICABLE READING.] DOCTOR REGINALD DESMOIRE “Look at that. The storm came out of nowhere. These things really are inter-related. The wind speed is at seventy five miles an hour, the rain is coming down in buckets.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Sera and I’d best be off to deal with this right away. Off we go.” CUT TO: - SC9. EXT. COAL HARBOUR COMMUNITY CENTRE - DAY [COLE PULLS HIS ORANGE, 1967 ROADSTER INTO THE PARKING LOT. A MASSIVE FUNNEL CLOUD HOVERS A FEW FEET ABOVE THE WATER LINE BELOW. STEPPING FROM HIS VEHICLE, COLE LOCKS THE DOOR. SERA PULLS UP NEXT TO COLE IN HER FORD PINTO. COLE’S PHONE RINGS. SERA STEPS FROM HER VEHICLE AS COLE ANSWERS HIS PHONE.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Hello?” PROVINCIAL PREMIERE(V.O.) “Captain Billington, I do hope you’re on top of the little situation we have going on over in Coal Harbour right now. If not, your little team needs to get it’s ass down there, tut’ suite.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Premier, this is a surprise. As it happens, I’ve got the funnel in my sights right now.” PROVINCIAL PREMIERE(V.O.) “I’m in town for the Leadership Debates; let me tell you Captain, I’m getting calls from freaked out constituents; constituents with a boatload of money, may I add. I need to know your team has this situation under control.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I’ll see what I can do, sir. You can count on us.” PROVINCIAL PREMIERE(V.O.) “Let’s hope so.” [COLE PUTS HIS PHONE AWAY.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “We’ve got the bigwigs riding our asses here.” [SERA GRABS HER GEAR FROM THE BACK OF HER VEHICLE.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Scary.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I’ll protect you Sera.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Oh yes, you’re my big freaking hero Cole.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Always with the mocking.” [GRABBING HIS GEAR FROM THE BACK SEAT OF THE ROADSTER, COLE TAKES SERA’S HAND, AIMING THEM TOWARDS THE MARINA.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Let’s get to work.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Aye aye, Captain.” [HEADING TOWARDS THE SEA WALL, SERA AND COLE HOLD TIGHT TO ONE ANOTHER, FIGHTING THE GRAVITY WELL’S EXTERNAL FORCE EXERTED ON THEIR BODIES. THE FUNNEL CLOUD SPINS WILDLY. GOLDEN ELECTROMAGNETIC BOLTS OF LIGHTNING MIXED WITH THE OCCASIONAL GAMMA RAY BURST AND MICROSCOPIC PARTICLES OF ANTIMATTER CURL AROUND THE BASE OF THE SPINNING FUNNEL. THE TECH IN COLE AND SERA’S GEAR BEEPS OCCASIONALLY. COLE PULLS SERA CLOSE AS VARIOUS UNKNOWN TECHNOLOGICAL GIZMOS FLY FROM THE FUNNEL. SOME OBJECTS LAND IN THE WATER, FLOATING AWAY. SOME OBJECTS SHOOT TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA FLOOR AT IMMENSE SPEEDS. OTHER OBJECTS FALL TO THE GROUND NEAR COLE AND SERA’S FEET. ONE ITEM APPEARS TO BE TRAPPED IN AN AIR POCKET INSIDE THE GRAVITY WELL; APPEARING TO FLOAT SLOWLY TOWARDS COLE AND SERA, HELD ALOFT IN FRONT OF THEM. THE FORCE OF GRAVITY ACTS AS AN ANTI-GRAV DEVICE. IN SLOW MOTION, WE SEE COLE AND SERA REACH FOR THE OBJECT AT THE SAME TIME; EACH GRABBING A SIDE OF THE DEVICE. THE OBJECT GLOWS RED HOT; COLE AND SERA SCREECH IN PAIN, RELEASING THE OBJECT. THE FORCE OF GRAVITY PULLS THE OBJECT AWAY, SENDING IT INTO THE SEA. COLE AND SERA SWAY ON THEIR FEET, EYES DILATED IN DISSOCIATION. COLE COLLAPSES TO THE PAVEMENT. SERA LANDS ATOP COLE’S CHEST. BREATHING SHALLOWLY; COLE AND SERA FALL UNCONSCIOUS. WE SEE SERA LAIN PRONE ON THE WALKWAY, EYES SHUT, SNUGGLING AGAINST COLE. SERA AND COLE HAVE SWITCHED BODIES, SO THE ROLES ARE NOW REVERSED. COLE OPENS HER EYES. COLE SCREAMS. SERA OPENS HIS EYES. SERA GAZES DOWN AT HIS BODY IN SHOCK.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Ah!! What the hell?” [SERA LOOKS AT COLE ON THE GROUND, EYES WIDE IN TERROR.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Seriously, what the hell?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Why aren’t I in my body?” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Sera, is that you?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Why are you in my body?” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “I don’t know.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Cole, what happened?” [HELPING HER UP, SERA GAZES DOWN AT HIS NEW BODY IN HORROR.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN "I don’t know how this could have happened Sera, perhaps some kind of matter transference malfunction on an electromagnetic level?” [COLE GRABS HER CROTCH.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON "Hell no! Cole, this can’t be happening.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN "Don't look at me, Sera! You know that I've always wanted to get to know you better, but this wasn't exactly what I had in mind; believe me." COLE JACOB BILLINGTON "How do we fix this; where the hell did that piece of tech go?" [THE RAIN CONTINUES TO PELT DOWN; ITEMS CONTINUE TO BE SENT SERA AND COLE’S WAY.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN "I can't see a bloody thing in this storm." [SERA WEAVES UNSTEADILY ON HIS FEET.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN "We'll get this sorted Sera, we'll find that damn piece of tech, we’ll reverse what it's done, and then we'll darn well destroy it; fucking piece of crap." CUT TO: - SC10. INT. CPB LOUNGE - DAY - 2014 [REGINALD AND BRITTANY ARE BOTH STOOD IN THE DOORWAY FROM THE MAIN ROOM. BAILEY PEERS INTO THE LOUNGE FROM BELOW. COLE ENTERS FROM THE CORRIDOR, LOOKING UNSURE. SERA ENTERS BEHIND, TRYING TO APPEAR SUAVE. COLE PLACES HER WET COAT ONTO THE COAT RACK. SERA STRIDES ACROSS THE ROOM.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Come in here you three; we’ve got something to discuss.” [REGINALD HEADS TOWARDS THE TABLE. BRITTANY FOLLOWS REGINALD’S LEAD. BAILEY ENTERS. BAILEY TAKES A SEAT AT THE TABLE WHERE REGINALD, BRITTANY, COLE AND SERA ARE ALREADY SAT.] DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “What’s going on with the gravity well?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “We’ve assigned a squad from the East End RCMP Constabulary to set up a watch around the area.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “We’ve also put out a call to the Transportation Ministry. All air travel and shipping traffic is closed for the foreseeable future in the applicable area.” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “Good idea. Now what aren‘t you two telling us? Something‘s off.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “When we arrived down at the water front, various objects flung themselves at our feet. Something came towards us, and we both grabbed for it at the same time. The pain was excruciating, luckily it only lasted for a second. I began to feel dizzy, and then I lost consciousness. We both did. When I came to; this is where you might have a bit of a problem with our tale.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “We aren’t who you think we are.” DOCTOR REGINALD DESMOIRE “Who are you not?” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “I’m supposed to be over there, and she’s supposed to be over here.” DOCTOR REGINALD DESMOIRE “Huh?” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “For God’s sake, we switched bodies, alright?” DOCTOR REGINALD DESMOIRE “Perhaps we should get hold of Gerald. Where’s he at, Sera?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I can’t let him see me like this!” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “I put forth to you fine people the notion that the pair of you are suffering some sort of neural pathway malfunction.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “I’m not crazy, Bailey.” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “I never said you were, Cole.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “I’m glad to hear it.” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “What I’m trying to say Cole is there are two possibilities that may not have crossed your mind.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Oh? Enlighten me then, en Doctor.” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “Consider option one, the much more likely answer to our dilemma.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Which is?” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “That machine made an imprint of your neurological patterns, sending a copy to each of your identity centres, now overlaying and subsuming your real sense of self. You are not Cole. You are Sera Rasmussen; you just think you are Cole.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “I don’t like that theory. What’s the other one Bailey?” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “I really think this is it, Cole. It’s the only thing that really makes any sense at all.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Tell me what the other option is Bailey.” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “Fine, the machine somehow managed to cross your neuronal signals; you’re seeing through each other’s eyes.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “I don’t think so. I think I’m in the wrong body.” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “This is ridiculous, Cole. You can’t be in the wrong body; it’s just not possible.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “The science of the unknown is indistinguishable from magic Bailey. You know that. Read the file on my possession case from nineteen thirteen. I temporarily grew wings, and I had to go through major surgery in the aftermath. It’s filed under ‘Off world serial killers’. Under the circumstances, I believe this is all rather mundane.” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “Assuming what you believe is true, what are you going to do about it?” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “We need to take a look at that piece of tech out in the harbour once it’s safe.” [WE SEE PETE ENTER THE NOW EMPTY LOUNGE FROM THE CAMPUS CORRIDOR.] PETE ROSCHILDE "Cole love, is there anyone here?" [SERA IS STOOD IN THE ENTRANCE TO THE LOUNGE, STOOD ON THE STEP EXITING THE MAIN ROOM.] PETE ROSCHILDE "Sera have you seen Cole? What's happened to him, Sera? What's going on, Sera?" CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN "Pete, it's me, Cole." PETE ROSCHILDE "Yeah right, great joke. Well done! Top marks in all categories." CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN "Pete, look at me. Baby, look at me. Can't you see me? Pete, this is me, I'm in here; I'm Cole." PETE ROSCHILDE "Cut it out Sera, you know I don‘t like jokes at my expense." [SERA CROSSES THE ROOM, EXITING INTO THE CORRIDOR.] CUT TO: - SC11. INT. CPB MAIN ROOM - DAY - 2014 [PETE ENTERS THE MAIN ROOM FROM THE LOUNGE.] PETE ROSCHILDE "Cole, are you in here? Honey, I really need to find you." CUT TO: - SC12. INT. STUDENT LOUNGE - CHEMISTRY BUILDING - UBC POINT GREY CAMPUS - DAY - 2014 [PETE ENTERS THE LOUNGE FROM THE CORRIDOR. SERA IS STOOD ACROSS THE ROOM IN FRONT OF A CANDY MACHINE ALONG THE SOUTH WALL. THREE UNDERGRADS ARE SAT ON A LONG GREEN FAUX LEATHER COUCH. AN ARABIC YOUNG MAN IS SAT BETWEEN TWO CHINESE WOMEN. A PILE OF PYSICS TEXTBOOKS ARE PILED ON THE COUCH TO THE MAN‘S LEFT. A PAIR OF GREEN COUCHES ARE SAT ALONG THE WEST AND EAST WALLS. TWO MALE PROFESSORS ARE STOOD NEAR THE EAST COUCH, FILE FOLDERS IN THEIR HANDS. SERA KICKS THE MACHINE IN FRUSTRATION.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN "Give me my 'Snicker's Bar', fucker!" [SERA SLIDES TO THE FLOOR IN A HEAP. THE THREE STUDENTS AND TWO PROFESSORS GAPE AT THE SPECTACLE IN STUNNED SILENCE. LOOKING UP FROM HIS CRUMPLED POSITION ON THE FLOOR, SERA GAZES MOROSELY AT PETE. PETE CROSSES THE ROOM, GOING TO SERA’S SIDE. PETE EXTENDS A HAND, HELPING SERA TO HIS FEET.] PETE ROSCHILDE “Cole, come here you big lug.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Okay; you have to get me my Snicker’s Bar though. It’s being a wily little sucker.” [SERA DOES A LITTLE SHIMMY IN FRONT OF THE VENDING MACHINE.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Come to papa.” PETE ROSCHILDE “Cole, you don’t need the Snicker’s Bar. You’ve got me.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Pete darling?” PETE ROSCHILDE “Yes Cole?” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “First of all, would you mind not patronizing me? Second of all, you are many things my dear, but a chocolate bar is not one of them. Now come on, pony up big guy.” [GESTURING WITH HIS HANDS, SERA WALKS BACKWARDS BETWEEN THE VENDING MACHINE AND THE NEARBY COUCH; EXECUTING A BADLY THOUGHT OUT MOON WALK. PETE PLACES A TOONIE INTO THE MACHINE. A SNICKER’S BAR DROPS INTO SERA’S HANDS.] PETE ROSCHILDE “I doubt Sera will appreciate you using her body to gobble down chocolate bars. Besides, what the hell happened?” [SERA PAUSES IN UNWRAPPING THE CHOCOLATE BAR.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “I’ll have a light dinner then.” [SERA TAKES A BITE OF THE CHOCOLATE. AFTER A BEAT; SERA TAKES PETE’S ARM, LEADING HIM TOWARDS THE EXIT HE CAME FROM.] CUT TO: - SC13. INT. CORRIDOR - CHEMISTRY BUILDING - DAY - 2014 [PETE HEADS DOWN THE CORRIDOR WITH SERA.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Bailey has all sorts of theories about it, all of them complete hogwash I‘m sure. He’s planning on writing a paper about this.” [SERA TAKES A BITE OF HIS CHOCOLATE BAR.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Now that we’ve established that I am in fact Cole, and not Sera playing a nasty, nasty trick on you; which, if you knew her any better, you’d know that she’d never do that sort of thing; we’ve got some things to discuss.” CUT TO: - SC14. INT. CPB LOUNGE - DAY - 2014 [SAT AT THE END OF THE TABLE, BAILEY SCRIBBLES NOTES ONTO A YELLOW NOTEPAD. SERA ENTERS THE ROOM FROM THE CORRIDOR. PETE ENTERS BEHIND SERA.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Trying to determine the solution to my dilemma, are you Bailey?” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “It’s not you I’m worried about Cole, its Sera.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “What’s got you so worried about Sera, Bailey?” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “Brittany’s speaking to her now in my lab. I had to sedate her.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Why?” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “She was looking to do some serious injury to a part of her that either isn’t her’s to damage, or to which she’d seriously regret once her mind returns to the status quo.” [SERA RUNS TOWARDS THE ENTRANCE TO THE MAIN ROOM.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “What? Shit! Are they alright?” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “Yes Cole, your boys are alright.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Thank God!” [BRITTANY ENTERS THE LOUNGE BEHIND SERA, HELPING SUPPORT A SLIGHTLY OUT OF IT COLE. COLE’S EYES ARE RED FROM CRYING. WE SEE COLE TAKE A SEAT ON THE COUCH. BRITTANY IS STOOD IN THE CENTRE OF THE ROOM.] BRITTANY LONGFELLOW “We need a trained Psychologist on staff for these types of situations.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Unfortunately, the bureau’s provincial supply of qualified head- shrinkers are all based in the provincial interior right now. I suppose we could bring one out here; but that won’t happen right away.” PETE ROSCHILDE “This is just not supposed to happen, it’s not right.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “You’re right, wherever this thing came from, its a war crime. I’d really like to find out where this thing originated from and give the developers a firm talking to.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Sam was worried a missile could come through a gravity well one of these days.” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “Here’s a thought. There is a minute possibility that we’ve got ourselves some volatile alien race, either now, or further up the time line, with plans to wipe us out of existence. It could be some massive revenge plot for some horrible act of war perpetrated upon them by our descendants.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Stop your worrying Bailey. There’s nothing we can do about it now, is there?” BRITTANY LONGFELLOW “Perhaps my new client Jacquelyn may have some insight into this particular situation.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Who are we talking about now?” BRITTANY LONGFELLOW “She’s a Trans Woman I’m in the process of helping out. So, what do you say sir, can I bring Miss Bowen in on this bizarre little exercise?” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Can you trust her; do you believe she can be let in on matters of confidentiality?” BRITTANY LONGFELLOW “I believe I can. I also believe she’s someone who could do a lot of good for society, were we to give her the help and training she needs.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Alright, bring her in. I’ll meet with her and see if I think she’s a good fit for us or not.” BRITTANY LONGFELLOW “Thank you Sir.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “You’re welcome.” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “Nepotism.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “What?” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “She only wants you to hire Miss Bowen because she’s got the hots for her. She told me all about it last night.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Really? Let’s not hold that against either of them. She’ll come in for an interview; either she’s on the team or she’s not. Brittany’s little crush won’t have anything to do with it.” BRITTANY LONGFELLOW “Thank you. That’s not nepotism, you doofus.” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “No?” BRITTANY LONGFELLOW “It’s only nepotism if you hire a family member.” DOCTOR BAILEY O’BANNION “Oh.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Alright, people, Let’s get you home, Sera. We’ll try to explain this to Gerald, I just hope he doesn’t blow a gasket.” [COLE GETS TO HER FEET.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “You drive Cole. I’m in no condition to be behind the wheel.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Pete, how about you follow us in Sera’s car? Then the two of us can come back here afterwards.” CUT TO: - SC15. EXT. RASMUSSEN RESIDENCE - NIGHT - 2014 [ITS RAINING LIGHTLY. SERA PULLS HIS ROADSTER TO A STOP AT THE CURB IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE. COLE IS SAT IN THE PASSENGER SEAT. A STONE WALKWAY LEADS TOWARDS THE HOUSE. PETE PULLS UP BEHIND THE ROADSTER IN SERA’S VEHICLE. WE SEE PETE, COLE AND SERA HEAD UP THE WALKWAY TOWARDS THE HOUSE. WE SEE SERA, COLE AND PETE STOOD AT THE FRONT ENTRANCE. SERA PLACES A KEY IN THE LOCK, OPENING THE DOOR.] CUT TO: - SC16. INT. RASMUSSEN RESIDENCE - NIGHT - 2014 [COLE PEERS THROUGH THE DOOR. IN THE LIVING ROOM, GERALD RASMUSSEN IS SAT ON THE COUCH. ACROSS THE ROOM, THE LOCAL NEWS PLAYS ON THE HDTV. GERALD GETS TO HIS FEET.] GERALD RASMUSSEN “Hey doll, how was work?” [GERALD MOVES TO GREET HIS WIFE WITH A KISS. SERA OPENS THE DOOR WIDE, REVEALING PETE AND COLE STOOD BEHIND HIM.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Look who’s come for a visit.” GERALD RASMUSSEN “Oh hey guys, it’s nice to see you.” [COLE AND PETE SQUEEZE PAST GERALD AND SERA, HEADING INTO THE LIVING ROOM. SERA PLACES HIS HANDS ON GERALD’S SHOULDERS; DIRECTING HIM TOWARDS THE LIVING ROOM.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Head on in there. There’s something the four of us need to discuss.” [WE SEE GERALD TAKE A SEAT ON THE RECLINER; HANDS ARRAYED AS THOUGH PROMOTING AN ITEM ON A SHOWROOM FLOOR.] GERALD RASMUSSEN “Let’s have it then.” [SERA AND COLE TAKE SEATS ON THE COUCH.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “I’m not who you believe me to be.” GERALD RASMUSSEN “Come again?” [PETE IS STOOD IN THE CENTRE OF THE ROOM, HANDS ARRAYED IN A RANCH HAND STYLE.] PETE ROSCHILDE “There was a rather bizarre accident down at the harbour front today.” GERALD RASMUSSEN “Is anyone hurt?” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “We were both knocked unconscious for a bit this afternoon.” [GERALD JUMPS TO HIS FEET.] GERALD RASMUSSEN “What! Why didn’t you call me? Either of you? Losing consciousness, even for a few seconds, is a serious matter Billington. It’s not something to be taken lightly.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “We know that.” [GETTING UP FROM THE COUCH, SERA WANDERS UP TO GERALD. PLACING HIS HANDS ON GERALD’S ARMS, SERA SPINS GERALD AROUND SO THEY FACE ONE ANOTHER.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “What do you see when you look at me, I mean when you really look at me Gerald, there’s something off, isn’t there?” GERALD RASMUSSEN “Looking at you Sera, I see my wife; my lovely, gorgeous, wonderful wife. I see the woman I’ve pledged my love to, the woman I married; the woman I promised to cherish and honour until my dying breath. I aim to keep that promise, love. You’ll always be the only woman for me; I’ll never stop loving you.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “What do you really see? What is it your mind knows beyond a shadow of a doubt but your common sense tells you it can never be?” GERALD RASMUSSEN “My heart says that you can’t be my wife. Why is it saying that, why would it ever say that? Who are you, where‘s my wife?” [TOUCHING GERALD’S SHOULDER GENTLY, SERA GESTURES IN COLE’S DIRECTION. SPINNING AROUND, GERALD PEERS AT COLE IN SHOCK.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “There was a transfer of neurological bio-patterns. We’ll get it fixed somehow.” GERALD RASMUSSEN “Sera?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I’m sorry Gerald, I’m so sorry.” GERALD RASMUSSEN “What the hell are you people experimenting with out there, Billington? I’ve heard of the Americans doing bizarre things inside their top secret research projects. Project Paper Clip, The Philadelphia Project, Project Montauk, Area Fifty One; are any of these ringing a bell? But come on man, this is Canada; we’re supposed to be better than that.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Hey Rasmussen, my kids are American. So knock it off why don’t you?” GERALD RASMUSSEN “Whatever man. Seriously, I want to know what the hell you’re doing out there. Sera was hired on as an RCMP Liaison Officer. I worry about her getting shot or jabbed with a dirty needle by some strung out junkie on the street. I didn’t think I had to worry about some unforeseen effect of a scientific experiment.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “There was no experiment Gerald, at least there wasn’t on our end.” GERALD RASMUSSEN “How’s that then?” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Word on the street is that both the Philadelphia Project and Project Montauk involved some sort of experiment involving time. The theory goes, the two experiments somehow managed to connect through time on a quantum level, ripping a hole in the fabric of the cosmos, creating all sorts of havoc. Now, it’s all supposed to be a bunch of conspiracy theory mumbo jumbo, but what if the gravity wells are caused by something similar? Perhaps not those two purported projects, perhaps there’s other projects further up the timeline or in another world line; even another planet? Who knows what’s being done with the building blocks of existence out there. Either way, we’re not doing any experiments; temporal or otherwise. We’re too busy keeping things contained, as well as doing our bit to help society out while we‘re at it. Perhaps the Central Canadian Division over at the University of Calgary is blundering around with things they shouldn’t be, if so, I haven’t been apprised of it.” GERALD RASMUSSEN “Alright Billington, I’ll get off your case. But what the blue blazes caused this?” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Some sort of machine down at the Coal Harbour Marina. We need to get a dive team together to pick it out of the inlet.” [GERALD TAKES A SEAT ON THE COUCH NEXT TO COLE.] GERALD RASMUSSEN “What do we do now?” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “If you don’t mind, I’d like to take a few days worth of Sera’s clothes with me so I’ll have something to wear until we get this all straightened out.” GERALD RASMUSSEN “Oh yeah sure, I suppose.” [SERA LOOKS TO COLE FOR HER APPROVAL.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Be my guest Cole; feel free to take whatever you need.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Thanks Sera.” [COLE GETS TO HER FEET. COLE SHOWS SERA TO THE BEDROOM.] PETE ROSCHILDE “I’ll come by later tonight with some of Cole’s clothing for Sera to wear.” CUT TO: - SC17. INT. CPB LOUNGE - NIGHT - 2014 [SERA FIXES HIMSELF SOME COFFEE. PETE TURNS SERA TO FACE HIM.] PETE ROSCHILDE “We’ll get through this Cole, it’ll be alright.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “I hope you’re right Pete. Would you like to hear how I met Cecil Smith?” PETE ROSCHILDE “Go for it.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “The day I met Cecil was a day I’ll never forget; for the day I met Cecil was the day I got news of my granddaughter Anne’s death.” PETE ROSCHILDE “Cole, I’m sorry.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “In the space of a single day, I gained a new great grandson, sadly losing the child’s mother Anne. Always a sickly child, the doctors warned dear Anne of the dangers of carrying a child to term. Not to be put off, my Anne always was a stubborn one. She’d tried for a baby, hoping for the best. In the end, a new life came to be, but the boy’s ability to know his own mother, for that, fate hadn’t been so kind.” PETE ROSCHILDE “Are you alright?” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “I was thinking how different the world is for transgender men now compared to seven decades ago when they had no choice but to accept their bodies as they were. When you’re living in a world where you’re lucky to survive childhood, I believe one is able to come to a better acknowledgement of just how lucky you are to be alive. It also gives you a greater sense of how incredibly important it is to keep yourself alive and healthy. That sense has been lost on the last couple of generations of youth. When you take life for granted, it loses meaning; you begin living for the moment with no thought to the consequences.” PETE ROSCHILDE “Hasn’t that always been true for men though Cole?” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Only because we’re raised to be heroes and take on risks for the benefit of others. We’re considered cowards if we value our life, as though it were the gravest of sins; whilst women must be protected at all cost. But depending on the culture and circumstance; it all goes out the window if it fit’s a man’s needs. Daughters murdered for offending their fathers’ honour, women dying in labour because they were prevented from having abortions, husbands beating their wives because they annoyed them. It’s completely hypocritical.” PETE ROSCHILDE “Good point Cole.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “My Cecil, he was a true gentleman.” [NIGHT CHANGES TO DAY. THE ERA CHANGES BEFORE OUR EYES. THE YEAR IS NINETEEN TWENTY EIGHT. ROBERT CHU, LATE TWENTIES; IS STOOD IN THE CENTRE OF THE ROOM. NEXT TO ROBERT ARE STOOD DOCTOR GILLES FONTAINE, LATE FORTIES, AND DETECTIVE CALVIN EDWARDS, LATE THIRTIES. CECIL SMITH IS STOOD TO CALVIN’S LEFT. CECIL WEARS A GREY CAP, AN OFF WHITE HUDSON BAY SWEATER, DRAPED WITH A PALE RED KNIT SCARF OVER ARMY REGULATION TROUSERS. STOOD IN FRONT OF THE TABLE IS MAGGIE RUTLEDGE, MID THIRTIES. COLE ENTERS FROM THE CORRIDOR. COLE’S EYES CONNECT WITH CECIL’S.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Hello.” CECIL SMITH “Hello.” [COLE AND CECIL CONTINUE TO MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT. ROBERT, GILLES AND CALVIN MOVE ASIDE, ALLOWING COLE AND CECIL TO GET A BETTER LOOK AT ONE ANOTHER. GRINNING WIDELY, COLE EXTENDS A HAND.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I’m Captain Cole Billington, you are?” [CECIL SHAKES COLE’S HAND.] CECIL SMITH “Cecil Smith, sir.” [GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY ENTERS FROM THE MAIN ROOM, LATE FORTIES. TYSON IS A TALL, BROAD MAN.] GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “Don’t just stand there, you two, get to work. We don’t have time to stand around lollygagging; we have a crash site to investigate. Chop, chop, time’s a wasting.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “A crash site, what sort?” GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “We won’t know until we get there, Billington. Get your rear in gear.” [TYRONE GESTURES TO COLE AND CECIL.] GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “You two, come with me.” CUT TO: - SC18. INT. CPB ARMOURY - DAY - 1928 [COLE, CECIL AND TYSON ARE STOOD NEAR THE ENTRANCE. TYSON GOES TO THE MUNITIONS’ CABINET OPPOSITE.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Are we thinking there’s liable to be trouble, General? Do we really need to go in armed?” [TYSON UNLOCKS THE CABINET.] GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “Hopefully not, Captain, but you know we can never be too sure. Do you want one or not?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Why not; better safe then sorry, hmm?” [TYSON HANDS COLE A REMINGTON MODEL EIGHT. COLE CHECKS THE WEAPON FOR AMMUNITION, SAFETY ON. COLE GRABS A LEATHER HIP HOLSTER FROM A WOODEN SHELF. COLE PUTS IT ON.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Thanks.” [COLE PLACES THE WEAPON BY HIS SIDE.] GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “How’s your aim, Cecil?” CECIL SMITH “I’m completely comfortable with the use of firearms, General. I used to play soldiers with the local boys as a child.” [TYSON HANDS CECIL ANOTHER MODEL EIGHT.] GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “Off we go, boys. We’ve got little green men to contend with.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I doubt they’ll actually be green.” CUT TO: - SC19. EXT. ENGLISH BAY BEACH - DAY - 1928 [A GREEN ARMY JEEP IS PARKED AT THE TOP OF THE SHORELINE. TYSON STEPS FROM THE DRIVER’S SIDE OF THE JEEP. COLE SLIDES FROM THE BACK SEAT FACING THE SHORELINE.] GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “Step lightly, boys.” [TYSON STEPS CAREFULLY DOWN THE ROCK AND LOG STREWN BEACH. STOOD AT THE TOP OF THE BEACH, COLE WAITS FOR CECIL TO JOIN HIM. COLE GAZES TOWARDS THE WATER LINE. HALF SUBMERGED IN WATER, A CHARCOAL GREY SHUTTLE CRAFT IS SAT IN A SMOULDERING CRATER. HEADING TOWARDS THE WATER, COLE’S TROUSERS BECOME WATER-LOGGED WITH WET SAND.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Yowsers.” GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “Be a man, Billington, there’s no time for pussy footing around now.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Some day Tyson, that sort of talk will be verboten; nil quate’.” [CECIL HURRIES PAST COLE AND TYSON.] GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “Somehow Billington, I don’t think that time will be any time soon. Careful there lad.” [INSIDE THE CRATER, THE CRAFT IS SUNK INTO WET SAND, GLASS ROOF BLOWN OUT. A ROTAGARIAN CORPSE LIES SPLAYED IN THE PILOT SEAT. THE CORPSE IS FIVE FOOT; HIS SKIN A MIXTURE OF MUTED SHADES OF BLUE AND PINK. THE HEAD IS SMALL AND HAIRLESS, A PAIR OF SMALL, BONY HORNS JUST ABOVE THE EYES.] GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “Do you recognize this guy’s species, Cole?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I’m not sure.” GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “Careful! It might be radioactive.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I’ll be careful. I appreciate your concern, however. Sorry, don’t recognize the species, sir. It’s a big, wide universe out there. I haven’t seen everything.” GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “Shoot, that’s unfortunate. We have no way of determining what this fellow may have been up to. No way to know if he’s part of an invasion plan, or just happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I can check ship records, go through the computer guidance system, that sort of thing.” [COLE GRABS AN END OF THE SINKING CRAFT. COLE GLANCES OVER HIS SHOULDER AT TYSON AND CECIL.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Are you two going to give me a hand here, or am I going to have to make an impression of the Incredible Hulk?” [TYSON HELPS COLE LIFT THE CRAFT FROM THE SAND.] GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “Here we go.” CUT TO: - SC20. INT. CPB TECHNICAL INVESTIGATION ARCHIVE - DAY - 1928 [THE CRAFT IS LAID ON THE FLOOR. THE CORPSE HAS BEEN REMOVED. COLE IS SAT WITH ROBERT. ROBERT PRESSES A GREEN BUTTON ON THE CONTROL PANEL. A GREEN BURST OF GAMMA RAYS BLASTS A HOLE IN A FILING CABINET.] ROBERT CHU “We’ve got weapons, yes!” [GILLES DARTS THROUGH THE ENTRANCE.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “It’s all right, nobodies hurt.” DOCTOR GILLES FONTAINE “Good to know.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Gamma burst relay. Mostly used for protection against space debris; asteroids, meteorites, that sort of thing.” ROBERT CHU “Good to know.” CUT TO: - SC21. INT. CPB CORRIDOR - NIGHT - 1928 [COLE IS SAT ON THE STEPS SEPARATING THE MED LAB FROM THE TECHNICAL INVESTIGATION ARCHIVE. PARTS OF THE QUANTUM DATABASE FORMING THE CONTROL PANEL MOTHERBOARD ARE LAID STREWN ACROSS THE STONE STEPS. CECIL HOLDS OUT TO COLE A MUG FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH HOT TODDY.] CECIL SMITH “Hot Toddy, sir?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Lovely idea, Cecil my man; don’t mind if I do.” [CECIL HANDS THE MUG TO COLE.] CECIL SMITH “You sure like to make a mess, don’t you sir?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “You know it. Did anyone ever tell you, that you have the sweetest smile? By the way, call me Cole. None of this sir, nonsense; I would like to be on equal footing with you here.” CECIL SMITH “Sure thing, Cole; Do you actually know what you’re doing here? I can’t make heads or tails of it.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I’ll tell you this Cecil. It certainly ain’t anything made anywhere on Earth at this point in history.” CECIL SMITH “And the alien?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I have no idea. Doctor Fontaine hasn’t finished his full autopsy yet. We need to get the results of the chemical analysis back first. Even then, there’s not much to know, when there’s no record of the species on the books.” [CECIL KNEELS NEXT TO COLE.] CECIL SMITH “Have you ever seen anything at all similar to this guy?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “No.” CECIL SMITH “I suppose you’ve gotten pretty good at knowing your way around quite a large assortment of alien tools, then Cole?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I can hold my own, you betcha Cecil.” CECIL SMITH “I bet you can.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Unfortunately, this one seems to have me utterly stumped.” CECIL SMITH “I can see that, does that happen often, sir?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “You want to know what truly stumps ol Cole Billington, Cecil?” CECIL SMITH “Hit me.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “The fact I have grandchildren and great grand children, but still look barely thirty. Do you wanna see?” [COLE RETRIEVES HIS BLACK LEATHER WALLET. FLIPPING THE WALLET OPEN, COLE REVEALS AN ASSORTMENT OF BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAGHS. IN THE TOP PHOTO, BABY SAMAEL HAS BLOND TRESSES, CURLS HAPHAZARDLY FALLING INTO HIS GREEN EYES. SAMAEL’S MOTHER ANNALISE IS NORWEGIAN; HAIR BLOND, EYES GREEN. COLE HANDS CECIL THE WALLET.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “That top photo is of my son Emelio’s wife, and my grandson Samael.” CECIL SMITH “What a sweetie.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “They both are.” [COLE FLIPS TOWARDS THE NEXT PHOTO. WE SEE A BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO OF EMELIO STOOD BESIDE SIX YEAR OLD JULIE, SMILING IN HER TAFFETA SUNDAY BEST.] CECIL SMITH “This is your son?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Forty three years old; doesn’t look a day over twenty. Cecil, would you do me the honour of having dinner with me one of these fine days?” CECIL SMITH “I’d love that, Cole.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Wonderful! Let’s do that.” [CECIL TAKES A SEAT NEXT TO COLE.] CUT TO: - SC22. INT. CPB LOUNGE - NIGHT - 1928 [ITS NEW YEAR’S EVE NINETEEN TWENTY EIGHT. [COLE IS STOOD BY THE TABLE. ON THE TABLE, APPETIZERS ARE SPREAD OUT. COLE HOLDS UP A GLASS OF CHAMPAGNE. TYSON IS SAT ON THE COUCH, ARM AROUND HIS BLOND, FLAPPER WIFE.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Here’s to the greatest boss a man could ever ask for. May he lead us towards a better future!” GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “Thank you Cole, that was very nice.” [TYSON GIVES HIS WIFE A KISS. MAGGIE WHISPERS IN COLE’S EAR. CECIL IS STOOD NEARBY, EYING MAGGIE WITH DISTASTE.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “You’re drunk, Mags, leave me be.” [MAGGIE HUFFS, HEADING UNSTEADILY TOWARDS THE COUCH. MAGGIE PLOPS HERSELF DOWN NEXT TO THE MONTGOMERYS.] MAGGIE RUTLEDGE “Nice night, eh?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Having fun, Cecil?” CECIL SMITH “I’m actually a tad bored, to tell the truth Cole.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “That’s too bad, is there anything I can do to liven things up a bit?” CECIL SMITH “You want to go somewhere private, somewhere the two of us can talk?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “What did you have in mind, Cecil?” CECIL SMITH “Your place, or mine, Cole?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “You tell me.” CECIL SMITH “I’d love to see your home, Cole.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Alright.” CUT TO: - SC23. INT. COLE’S KITCHEN - DAY - YALE TOWN - 1929 [THE SUN SHINES THROUGH THE WINDOW. COLE AND CECIL ARE SAT AT THE TABLE IN THE CORNER. PLATES OF EGGS AND SAUSAGES ARE SET BEFORE THEM.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Lovely day out there, eh Cecil?” [CECIL FIDGETS, LOOKING READY TO BOLT.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “What’s wrong? You’re not disappointed, are you?” CECIL SMITH “You were fine, Cole.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Just fine, that’s it?” CECIL SMITH “It’s not something I really enjoy. Not in this body. I don’t know how I ever can. It’s not you Cole. You were lovely. I just can’t really get all that enthused about something I’m not that into.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Oh.” [COLE PLACES A COMFORTING HAND ON CECIL’S SHOULDER. COLE MOVES AWAY, TAKING THE PLATES TO THE SINK TO SOAK.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I can live with some cuddling.” CUT TO: - SC24. INT. THE AFRICAN SAFARI CABARET BAR - NIGHT - 1931 [COLE IS SAT ON A ZEBRA TONED COUCH IN A CORNER. CECIL IS CURLED UP NEXT TO COLE. COLE AND CECIL KISS. DRAG QUEEN IANA FERGUSON WEARS A SILVER COCKTAIL DRESS. IANA COMES TOWARDS COLE AND CECIL, HOLDING A SMALL PIECE OF WHITE PAPER IN HER HAND. A SHOP ADDRESS IS WRITTEN ON THE PAPER.] IANA FERGUSON “Hello lovey, are you enjoying the show?” CECIL SMITH “You’re doing great work, girl. Keep it up.” IANA FERGUSON “That thing we were talking about earlier?” [IANA HANDS CECIL THE PIECE OF PAPER.] IANA FERGUSON “Here you go honey. Try these people on Pender. Should be some help, what little there is.” CECIL SMITH “Thank you Iana.” [CECIL REACHES UP, GIVING IANA A HUG.] IANA FERGUSON “Glad to help, Cecil.” [IANA PULLS AWAY.] IANA FERGUSON “I’ve a show to put on.” [IANA HEADS TOWARDS THE STAGE.] CUT TO: - SC25. INT. COLE’S DINING ROOM - NIGHT - 1931 [COLE PACES THE ROOM. CECIL IS STOOD BY THE TABLE.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Come on, Cecil. You don’t need to spend what small amount of money you have on worthless herbal remedies that will do you a load of squat. That stuff is worthless, and you know it.” CECIL SMITH “I don’t know anything of the sort, Cole.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Come on Cecil, the shopkeeper is preying on your desperation. Please don’t waste your money. Honey, you know I think you are perfect just the way you are. Don’t do this to yourself.” CECIL SMITH “Cole, this is not about you, so don’t try to make it about you, alright?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “No, you’re right. This isn’t about me. It’s about your mother, and your flipping brother. If you hadn’t opened your doors, allowing them to live with you, this wouldn’t bother you so much. Never have I hated anyone so much, since my youth. Your brother is a real bastard, Cecil.” CECIL SMITH “We had a proper father once Cole. He died a hero in Europe.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Yes, yes. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re in this state right now because of those two jerks; slamming home the biological reality on a daily basis. Georgia Smith is a guest in your home, and you’re covering her living expenses, the least she can do is be kind.” CECIL SMITH “She doesn’t think she’s being cruel Cole. She believes she’s doing her motherly duty to help me face reality. The only thing I’ve ever wanted in this life was to be a man. That’s the one thing I can never have.” [COLE MOVES UP CLOSE, WRAPPING HIS ARMS AROUND CECIL’S WAIST, STAGE WHISPERING IN HIS EAR.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “You already are a man Cecil, inside where it counts. Nothing your mother will ever say, can take that away from you. I love you Cecil; it hurts seeing how you allow your mother to torture you like this. This herbal remedy, it’s pure quackery. I don’t want to see you waste your money on a scam.” CECIL SMITH “You will never understand, Cole. I would never want you ever to have to understand. It get’s under your skin, this need to make the body match the man I am inside.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Come on love, I think it’s time for my favourite comedy radio show to go to air any minute now. That should cheer you up, hopefully.” [COLE KISSES CECIL ON THE FOREHEAD. COLE MOVES TOWARDS THE RADIO SAT ON A CABINET ACROSS THE ROOM.] CUT TO: - SC26. EXT. THE YELLOW ORCHID CHINESE HERBALIST SHOP - WEST PENDER STREET - SUNRISE - 1931 [A BOARDED UP ABANDONED MARKET IS TO THE LEFT OF THE SHOP. ACROSS THE STREET, OFFICER DWAYNE GOODACRE AND OFFICER JAMES MCGILL ARE SAT IN AN UNMARKED SQUAD CAR. FROM THE DRIVER’S SEAT, DWAYNE OBSERVES CECIL APPROACH THE SHOP ENTRANCE.] OFFICER DWAYNE GOODACRE “We’ve got movement out front.” OFFICER JAMES MCGILL “Let’s be on the move.” CUT TO: - SC27. INT. THE YELLOW ORCHID CHINESE HERBALIST SHOP - DAY - 1931 [CECIL ENTERS THE SHOP.] CECIL SMITH “Mister Wu? Are you back there?” JERRY WU(O.O.V.) “Just a moment lad.” [JERRY WU STEPS THROUGH THE BEADED CURTAINS COVERING THE ENTRANCE TO THE BACK ROOM, CARRYING A LONG, NARROW, WRAPPED PACKAGE.] CECIL SMITH “How much do I owe you, Jerry?” [JERRY PLACES THE PACKAGE ON THE COUNTER.] JERRY WU “I’ll tell you what, lad. Since you do good work, working for the government, I think I’ll give you a ten percent discount. How does that sound?” [DWAYNE AND JAMES BURST THROUGH THE SHOP ENTRANCE, SERVICE REVOLVERS AT THE READY.] OFFICER JAMES MCGILL “You’re coming with us sir. It’s a woman.” OFFICER DWAYNE GOODACRE “I think you’re right, James. Come on Miss, we’re bringing you into police custody on suspicion of Opium trafficking, as well as violation of the dress code laws for this province.” OFFICER JAMES MCGILL “Tsk, tsk, you must have been in such a hurry to make your purchase this morning that you forgot about the required one item of female clothing loophole that would have allowed you to slide. Come on!” [JAMES GRABS CECIL ROUGHLY BY THE SHOULDER, FROG MARCHING HIM OUT THE DOOR.] CUT TO: - SC28. INT. FRONT PROCESSING AREA - EAST END RCMP CONSTABULARY - DAY - 1931 [JAMES GRIPS CECIL FIRMLY, LEADING HIM THROUGH THE ROOM FILLED WITH TWENTY CONSTABLES AND A FEW CROOKS. A RECEPTIONIST IS SAT BEHIND A GLASS DIVIDER. JAMES LEADS CECIL PAST THE RECEPTIONIST, INTO A HALL TO THE RIGHT.] CUT TO: - SC29. INT. WOMEN’S JAIL - EAST END RCMP CONSTABULARY - DAY - 1931 [JAMES ENTERS THE CELL BLOCK, SHOVING CECIL IN FRONT OF HIM.] OFFICER JAMES MCGILL “Get in here, freak! I don’t care if you do work for the government; I think people like you are the scum of the Earth. In you go, bitch!” [JAMES SHOVES CECIL IN THROUGH THE OPEN CELL DOOR OF THE CLOSEST CELL. CECIL TRIPS OVER THE METAL GROOVE IN THE FLOOR OF THE CELL DOOR OPENING.] OFFICER JAMES MCGILL "You need a good man to put you in your place, bitch! You'll get your phone call in a while." [JAMES SLAMS THE CELL DOOR IN CECIL’S FACE, SLAMMING THE BOLT INTO POSITION. JAMES WALKS AWAY WITH A MACHO SWAGGER.] OFFICER JAMES MCGILL "Fucking dyke." CECIL SMITH "I've got a man, sir; what a man he is." CUT TO: - SC30. INT. FRONT PROCESSING AREA - EAST END RCMP CONSTABULARY - DAY - 1931 SC47. INT. FRONT PROCESSING AREA - EAST END POLICE CONSTABULARY - DAY - 1931 [STOOD IN FRONT OF THE RECEPTIONIST BEHIND THE GLASS, COLE HAS HIS WALLET OUT. COLE HANDS THE RECEPTIONIST A BUNDLE OF BILLS.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “There you go, Miss.” [JAMES HEADS INTO THE CORRIDOR.] OFFICER JAMES MCGILL “Hey freak! Mister money bags is here to give you your freedom. Not that you deserve it, or anything.” CUT TO: - SC31. EXT. EAST END RCMP CONSTABULARY - MAIN STREET - DAY - 1931 [COLE AND CECIL EXIT THE BUILDING. COLE’S ARM IS DRAPED OVER CECIL‘S.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON "Good God, Cecil. How could they do this to you? You're just a..." CECIL SMITH "I'm just a what, Cole; a woman? Nice to know where I stand in this relationship with you, isn't it? That's all I'll ever be to you, isn’t it? You'll never be able to see me as a man, will you Cole?" COLE JACOB BILLINGTON "No! Cecil, that wasn't what I was going to say at all. I was just going to say you're a tiny little thing. They had no right to rough you up like that, darling." CECIL SMITH "That's not making me feel any better, Cole." COLE JACOB BILLINGTON "I know. I know, Cecil." [CECIL SHOVES COLE AWAY IN FRUSTRATION.] CECIL SMITH "You don't know, Cole! How can you ever know? You're a man, a man who no one ever would dare accuse of being anything less. You don't know what it's like to wake up each morning, having to look down at the body you're in, to see a woman, wishing you could see a man." COLE JACOB BILLINGTON "What exactly were you aiming for in China Town Cecil?" CECIL SMITH “You know what I was looking for Cole. We’ve talked about it often enough.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “You were after that Herbal remedy, as an Androgen booster?” CECIL SMITH “You know it.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Cecil, it won’t work. Not like that.” CECIL SMITH “I’m just about at the end of my rope, Cole. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. If you have any suggestions I can actually use, I’m all ears, toss them my way.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Honey, it hurts me to see you suffering. I promise you, I’ll do my best to take your mind off what troubles you. Let your man Cole, take your troubles away.” [COLE KISSES CECIL GENTLY ON THE LIPS. CECIL PUSHES COLE GENTLY AWAY.] CECIL SMITH “I’ve got to go, Cole. We both do. I can’t go into the bureau looking like this. There’ll be too many questions. People will make assumptions; it’ll look bad on you.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “On me? Why would? Do you really think people think that poorly of me; I’d beat my partner?” CECIL SMITH “It’s not you, Cole. It’s the times we’re living in. It’s the way things are. Men beat their wives with impunity. I may not be your wife, nor see myself as a woman, but life is what it is.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “It’s not right, Cecil. It’s sick, the way the most vulnerable citizens of a sentient species are beaten into the dirt.” CECIL SMITH “It’s all right, Cole. The world is the way it is. There’s nothing we can do about it.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “There is Cecil, I promise you, the world will be different in the future. I’ve got to tell you, Humanity may have tried to wipe my father’s people from existence, at least they treated their women better.” CECIL SMITH “God Cole, that’s horrible! But you‘re forgetting one thing.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I know, but it is what it is. What am I forgetting?” CECIL SMITH “That I’m not a woman.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Right, of course not.” CECIL SMITH “Come on tough guy; let’s get out of here before the cops think of something else they can charge us with.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Let them try.” CECIL SMITH “Cole, we don’t need this. Not now. Just take me home, okay?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “You’ve got it.” CUT TO: - SC32. INT. CPB LOUNGE - DAY - 1931 [TYSON IS STOOD BY THE TEA SERVICE. COLE ENTERS FROM THE CORRIDOR. CECIL ENTERS BEHIND COLE.] GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “Cecil, what the blue blazes happened to you?” CECIL SMITH “I got in a fight, sir, with a constable.” GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “You what?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Don’t ask.” [TYSON PULLS CECIL ASIDE. COLE LOOKS THROUGH A NEWSPAPER.] GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “Are you still feeling up to this evening’s festivities, Smith?” CECIL SMITH “It’s Cole’s Birthday, we’ll make it a good one.” GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “You’re a good man. Billington, I’ve got a mission for you two.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Oh? I do love me some missions. What’s the what?” CECIL SMITH “This should be interesting. What have you got for us, General?” GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “There’s been word of some strange, glowing sea creature similar in appearance to an Irish Merrow, singing to fishermen, just off shore from the university. I want you two to go out in a boat, do a bit of off shore fishing for a few hours. Do a few circuits around the bay; see if you can’t scare up a sighting or two.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “How come this is the first I’m hearing this odd little tale?” GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “That would be why I’m the general, and you’re merely the captain, Billington.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I guess so, Montgomery.” CUT TO: - SC33. INT. THE CPB SPARROW COMPANY CANOE\EXT. OFFSHORE THE ENDOWMENT LAND - DAY - 1931 [COLE AND CECIL DANGLE FISHING LINES OFF THE SIDE OF THE CANOE.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I don’t hear anything, do you Cecil?” CECIL SMITH “I don’t see anything either, Cole.” CUT TO: - SC34. INT. CPB LOUNGE - DAY - 1931 [CALVIN HELPS ROBERT ATTACH A BANNER TO THE CEILING ABOVE THE TABLE. THE BANNER STATES- ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE. MAY YOUR 121ST YEAR BE BETTER THAN YOUR 120TH’. GILLES PREPARES FRUIT PUNCH AT THE TABLE.] DETECTIVE CALVIN EDWARDS “Does that look alright, Robert?” ROBERT CHU “Pretty much.” CUT TO: - SC35. INT. THE CPB SPARROW COMPANY CANOE\EXT. OFFSHORE THE ENDOWMENT LAND - DAY - 1931 [COLE PULLS UP HIS FISHING LINE. A CUCUMBER FISH STRUGGLES TO FREE ITSELF.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “We can’t eat you.” [COLE TOSSES THE CUCUMBER FISH INTO THE WATER.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I think we might as well head back to shore, Cecil. Whatever this creature is, he’s not being friendly today.” CECIL SMITH “That sounds about right.” CUT TO: - SC36. EXT. UBC CHEMISTRY BUILDING - DAY - 1931 [COLE AND CECIL WALK ACROSS THE LAWN TOWARDS THE ENTRANCE.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I still want to know why I’ve never heard about this singing sea creature until today.” CECIL SMITH “I’m sure you’ll get your answer eventually Cole.” CUT TO: - SC37. INT. CPB LOUNGE - DAY - 1931 [CECIL ENTERS FROM THE CORRIDOR, SWITCHING ON THE LIGHT SWITCH. TYSON, ROBERT, CALVIN AND GILLES JUMP FROM THEIR HIDING PLACES AS COLE ENTERS.] GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY\ ROBERT CHU\ DETECTIVE CALVIN EDWARDS\ DOCTOR GILLES FONTAINE (IN UNISON) "Surprise!" COLE JACOB BILLINGTON "You guys did all this for me? You remembered my birthday?" CECIL SMITH “Happy birthday Cole. There was no sea creature. It was a ruse.” GENERAL TYSON MONTGOMERY “There may be something out there after all. Most likely not an Irish Merrow however.” [COLE GOES TO THE TABLE, PICKING UP A GLASS OF FRUIT PUNCH.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON "Where's that cake I smell?" CUT TO: - SC38. INT. SMITH RESIDENCE - DAY - GAS TOWN - 1935 [MARK SMITH IS STOOD IN THE ENTRANCE TO THE SECOND FLOOR APARTMENT. COLE IS SAT, ARM WRAPPED AROUND CECIL ON A GREEN COUCH IN THE CORNER OF THE SITTING ROOM.] MARK SMITH “What are we going to do?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Would you like me to arrange the funeral?” CECIL SMITH “That would be nice, love.” [COLE AND CECIL KISS. COLE GETS TO HIS FEET.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I’ve got to go to work. If you could get me the list of details for the funeral that would be Jim Dandy.” CUT TO: - SC39. EXT. EAST VANCOUVER CEMETERY - DAY - 1935 [IFAN IS STOOD WITH CORA BEHIND A TREE. ITS RAINING. IN THE DISTANCE WE SEE REVEREND BROADBENT STOOD OVER GEORGIA SMITH’S OPEN GRAVESITE COLE IS STOOD NEXT TO CECIL. A FALLEN GOD BOMBER MATERIALIZES NEAR THE TREE. JOLENE BRINOVICH MATERIALIZES ON TOP OF THE BOMBER, KNOCKING THE MAN TO THE GROUND. JOLENE INJECTS A HYPODERMIC NEEDLE INTO THE BOMBER’S LEFT SHOULDER. THE BOMBER FALLS UNCONSCIOUS. JOLENE AND THE BOMBER DEMATERIALIZE.] WE’RE AT THE GRAVESIDE NOW. EARTH IS TOSSED ATOP THE COFFIN. UNDER THE TREE, IFAN AND CORA DEMATERIALIZE. COLE AND CECIL WALK PAST TYSON, STOOD WITH MARK AND MEREDITH. COLE AND CECIL REACH THE TREE. COLE KISSES CECIL ON THE FOREHEAD, PLAYING WITH HIS BANGS.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Come on, I’ve got a surprise for you.” [CECIL LOOKS TOWARDS THE GRAVE SITE. THE COFFIN IS NOW NEARLY COVERED IN WET EARTH.] CECIL SMITH “Will I like it?” [COLE RUNS A FINGER DOWN CECIL’S ARM.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I hope so, Cecil.” [TAKING ONE MORE LOOK BACK TOWARDS HIS MOTHER’S GRAVE; CECIL TAKES COLE’S PROFFERED HAND.] CECIL SMITH “Alright, carry on, McDuff.” [WE SEE A STUDEBAKER, PRE- 1928 SAT IN THE FAR CORNER OF THE PARKING LOT.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Remember our first mission, out at English Bay?” [COLE OPENS THE FRONT PASSENGER SIDE DOOR OF THE VEHICLE FOR CECIL. CECIL GETS INTO THE VEHICLE.] CECIL SMITH “Of course, how could I forget that poor sod.” CUT TO: - SC40. INT. STUDEBAKER - DAY - 1935 [COLE PLACES THE KEY IN THE IGNITION.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I’ve placed a down payment on one of the cottages out there. I’d like you to share it with me, Cecil. What do you say; will you move in with me? This place is huge, Cecil. It’s got three bedrooms upstairs. The first floor has a fully equipped stainless steel kitchen, and an old fashioned sitting room. You’ll love it. It’s amazing.” CECIL SMITH “It sounds great, Cole.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “It will be.” CUT TO: - SC41. EXT. COTTAGE - ENGLISH BAY - DAY - 1935 [COLE PULLS HIS VEHICLE INTO THE DRIVE OF THE LARGE STONE AND WOOD THATCHED COTTAGE. ACROSS THE ROAD, THE TIDE IS AT ITS LOWEST MARK OF THE DAY. A PAIR OF CENTURY OLD TREES ARE SET TO THE SIDE OF THE DRIVEWAY IN FRONT OF THE COTTAGE. THE FRONT LAWN IS FRESHLY MOWN. CECIL STEPS FROM THE VEHICLE.] CECIL SMITH “Wow! You’re right, Cole. It really is beautiful.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Glad you like it Cecil. Come on; wait until you see the interior.” [COLE TAKES CECIL’S HAND. COLE LEADS CECIL UP THE FRONT WALK. THE SEASONS CHANGE BEFORE OUR EYES. CECIL IS SAT ON A LARGE ROCK AT THE TOP OF THE BEACH ACROSS FROM THE COTTAGE. THE TIDE IS LOW. CECIL IS ENGROSSED IN A MYSTERY NOVEL. COLE IS STOOD A FEW FEET AWAY. COLE JUGGLES A PAIR OF SAND DOLLARS. RUSSELL, A JACK RUSSELL TERRIER BOUNDS PAST COLE. THIS DISTRACTION CAUSES COLE TO DROP A SAND DOLLAR ONTO THE SAND. THE TREES LINING THE ROAD TURN FROM GREEN TO SHADES OF BRILLIANT ORANGE, RED AND YELLOW. THE SEA IS AT HIGH TIDE. WAVES SLAP AGAINST ALGAE STREWN ROCKS.] CUT TO: - SC42. INT. BILLINGTON\SMITH RESIDENCE - DAY - 1939 [COLE ENTERS THE COTTAGE. IN THE SITTING ROOM OFF THE FOYER, CECIL IS SAT IN A CHAIR IN THE CORNER. CECIL’S BEEN CRYING.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Russell! Here Russell, Russell! Come here boy.” RUSSELL RUNS TO GREET COLE, YIPPING. COLE SCRATCHES RUSSELL BEHIND THE EARS.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “You’re a good boy, aren’t you, puppy? Yes you are.” [COLE STICKS HIS HEAD INTO THE SITTING ROOM.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Cecil? Would you like to talk? I’m here for you, you know, love. Darling, what’s wrong? I want to help you, if you’ll let me.” [RUSSELL BREAKS THROUGH THE SPACE BETWEEN COLE’S LEGS, TRAMPLING OVER HIS BOOTS, NEARLY CAUSING COLE TO TOPPLE OVER BACKWARDS.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Russell! You almost knocked me over. Like a feather. Are you going to tell me what’s wrong, or am I going to have to play twenty questions to get it out of you?” CECIL SMITH “I’ve gotten orders to take up a new post in Ottawa.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “What?” CECIL SMITH “They’re transferring me to the Holding Facility over there. They need someone with my skills to work with residents speaking neo planetary languages. You know, there’s individuals from fifteen thousand years up the timeline over there?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Can you turn them down?” CECIL SMITH “I already tried. It’s either this, or I’m out of a job.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Those bastards! I’ll come with you.” CECIL SMITH “Really Cole, you’d do that?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Of course Cecil, I love you. I’m not about to lose you now after eleven years. We’ll make a go of it in Ottawa. It’ll be great. You’ll see.” CECIL SMITH “You know Cole, this could be a good thing. Once I’ve worked out of Ottawa for a few years, I could get a referral to London’s Time Line Investigation Unit. I hear they’re doing amazing things over there. They’ve mapped the planet’s languages for the next one hundred thousand years. Of course, that’s assuming the Germans don’t garner a foothold on the British Isles and the mouse scares the elephant off.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Don’t worry; Hitler’s minions will scurry home with their tails between their legs eventually. I’d wait another decade before heading across the pond permanently though, if I were you.” CECIL SMITH “Thing is Cole, that’s the time line you came from. What if this is a world where the allies lose?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “It’ll be okay Cecil. Everything will turn out for the best.” CUT TO: - SC43. EXT. UBC CAMPUS FIELDS - DAY - 1939 [CECIL IS STOOD ON A ROADWAY, OBSERVING YOUNG MEN TRAINING FOR THE FIELD OF BATTLE. COLE APPROACHES CECIL.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “The Premiere’s acting completely irrational Cecil.” CECIL SMITH “No transfer to Ottawa for you then?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “No discharge from service either. I’m an alien from the future, I might decide to sell my off world, future knowledge to the Nazis for the cash.” CECIL SMITH “They really don’t know you at all, do they Cole?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Its not about the money; its what you do with it. Those with the greatest wealth have the greatest responsibility to give back to the community. Plus, considering what happened to my own people, why would I help propagate that onto other groups?” CECIL SMITH “They don’t trust you.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “They’re just scared.” CUT TO: - SC44. INT. BARLEY’S PUB - NIGHT - GAS TOWN - 1939 [COLE IS SAT WITH CECIL AT A TABLE IN THE CORNER BY A WINDOW LOOKING OUT ONTO WATER STREET. COLE AND CECIL ARE BOTH DRINKING BAILEYS. COLE HOLDS HIS GLASS UP TO CECIL’S.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “To Geraint Smith, he goes to the Angel’s tonight.” CECIL SMITH “To Geraint Smith.” [CECIL CLINKS HIS GLASS AGAINST COLE’S. CECIL TAKES A SIP.] CUT TO: - SC45. EXT. BILLINGTON\SMITH RESIDENCE - DAY - 1939 [COLE AND CECIL ARE SAT ON A BLANKET ON THE LAWN. A PICNIC BASKET IS SET BEFORE THEM. COLE FEEDS CECIL A BLACKBERRY.] CUT TO: - SC46. EXT. CANADIAN PACIFIC TRAIN STATION - DAY - 1939 [COLE IS STOOD WATCHING CECIL’S TRAIN PULL AWAY FROM THE STATION. CECIL IS STOOD AT A WINDOW, STARING AT COLE, EYES BRIMMED WITH TEARS. COLE WATCHES CECIL GET FURTHER AND FURTHER AWAY.] CUT TO: - SC47. INT. CPB LOUNGE - NIGHT - 2014 [PETE IS SAT WITH SERA ON THE COUCH. THE WINDOW BEHIND THEM IS FOGGED WITH RAIN.] PETE ROSCHILDE “What happened next?,” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Before Cecil left for Ottawa, he bought a set of journals. He kept one, giving the other to me. We’d agreed to write in them every day and once we were able to meet up again, we’d allow the other to read what we’d written. We met up for Christmas.” PETE ROSCHILDE “How was it?” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “It was both awkward and amazing. Awkward, because we hadn’t seen one another in months, even if we did manage to speak on the phone about once every two weeks; sending each other letters on a weekly basis; but also amazing, because the moment we caught sight of one another, we knew nothing changed. We were both still madly in love with one another; that would never change. No matter how long we had to wait in between visits. They say after all, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I was given orders not to leave the province for the foreseeable future, so Cecil came back to the city for his holiday break. It was a little odd, since I’d finally managed to get my son Emelio to come pay me a visit with his family. We had seventeen year old Julie and thirteen year old Samael, along with Emelio and his wife all there, when I was trying to reconnect with Cecil; I was trying to reconnect with Emelio and the kids as well, all at the same time. It was pretty good, all things considered. Remember Pete, there was a war going on.” PETE ROSCHILDE “How could I ever forget? My grandparents escaped through the skin of their teeth from the camps.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “I know, you told me once both sets of your grandparents managed to get out of Germany just before the onset of Kristallnacht, in the winter of nineteen thirty eight. You may never have been born otherwise.” PETE ROSCHILDE “I think I’m going to be sick.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “No, don’t do that.” PETE ROSCHILDE “You know, when I was a teen, I attended a few years of Hebrew school at the local Congregation Schara Tzedeck on Oak Street; and when I was fifteen, I literally was sick once, when we did the module on the history of Germany’s horrific treatment of the Jews throughout the thirties and forties.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “You poor boy. You know, once the news of the Reichstag fire of Berlin, and the removal of key civil liberties in Germany hit the newsstands in February of nineteen thirty three; I tried devising a means of saving a few lives. I worried about the consequences of changing history, but I figured whatever I managed to do was what was always meant to happen. In the end, I realized there wasn’t much I could do, really; beyond putting pressure on the federal government to allow more asylum seekers in. They were hell bent on blocking passage into the country by anyone truly needing it. During the war, they accepted all sorts of British children in danger of being bombed, but the poor Jewish children of Germany; the ones truly needing saving, they didn’t care one whit about them. It seems things take so long to change for the better. I’ll never understand people’s unwillingness to bring about a better world. How does it benefit society to be so uncaring about the world around oneself?” PETE ROSCHILDE “You care so much, that’s why I love you Cole.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “I’m guessing we should skip ahead a bit to after the war.” PETE ROSCHILDE “That would be nice.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “By the nineteen fifties, Cecil was in his fifties, whilst I looked to be in my mid thirties. Cecil grew tired of the ever growing age discrepancy, and he started looking closer to home for a partner who wouldn’t make him feel so old. We agreed to widen the playing field; we still considered each other our primary partner; we still had our semi annual reunions, but Cecil had a man in his age bracket he began seeing on a regular basis. As well, by the time the nineteen sixties arrived, I settled myself quite comfortably amidst a ménage’ trios between a man and a woman. Cara and Martin were a married couple tracking the path of the temporal scale running across the Atlantic on behalf of the Americans. We have a sort of Devil’s Triangle formation that occurs with the gravity wells in the region. Three vulnerable regions, all interconnected, form a lopsided triangle. Vancouver, North Dakota crossing the Atlantic all the way to Cardiff. The pair worked as independent operators in the city, with the CPB’s expertise on hand as they needed it. Through meeting them I came up with the gravity wave detectors. That relationship lasted approximately twenty years; it was never about love, it was just a bit of fun. But it made the nights a bit less lonely. You know the saying, ‘If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” PETE ROSCHILDE “You were lonely.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Utterly, when Cecil died in nineteen seventy nine, at seventy nine years of age, I kind of lost it. I was a wreck all through the eighties, you can get Bailey’s word on that. It was a wonder I wasn’t let go back then, especially when the recession hit.” PETE ROSCHILDE “Are you going to be alright love? I need to pack some of your clothing to take to Sera tonight.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “You bring her some of my swankiest duds, you hear, Pete?” PETE ROSCHILDE “I’ll do that.” PETE EXITS INTO THE CORRIDOR.] CUT TO: - SC48. EXT. S.S.P.C. - DAY - BISHOP’S CASTLE - 2014 [EVELYN DRIVES HER VEHICLE TOWARDS THE REMAINS OF THE CASTLE. THREE TUNS BREWERY HAS BEEN TRANSFORMED INTO THE SHROPSHIRE PATROL COMPANY. THE LOGO ON THE YELLOW FRONT AWNING STATES- ‘BISHOP’S CASTLE SECURITY’. EVELYN STOPS THE CAR, PARKING AT THE CURB. EVELYN STEPS FROM THE VEHICLE, LOOKING TOWARDS THE NORTHWEST. EVELYN STEPS UNDER THE AWNING, REACHING FOR THE DOOR.] CUT TO: - SC49. INT. S.S.P.C. - DAY - BISHOP’S CASTLE - 2014 [EVELYN ENTERS THE SECURITY CENTRE. ACROSS THE ROOM, A GREEN LEATHER COUCH IS SET AGAINST A WALL. TO EVELYN’S RIGHT, A WALL IS LOADED WITH AN INVENTORY OF SECURITY ACCOUTREMENTS. THERE ARE RACKS OF MICRO CAMERAS, SOUND EMBELLISHERS, BUGGING EQUIPMENT, MOTION DETECTORS, SECURITY CAMERAS AND ALARMS. OPPOSITE THIS IS THE CHECKOUT COUNTER. MIRABELLE GREER, ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTOR TO THE S.S.P.C. IS STOOD BEHIND THE COUNTER.] MIRABELLE GREER “D.I. Waugh I presume?” D.I. EVELYN WAUGH “We spoke on the phone last night. It is an honour to be under consideration.” MIRABELLE GREER “I fear you’ve been misled Evelyn, the access code to the Commonwealth Network was sent from an unknown source. We have no clue who this ‘Brother from another time zone’ is. Now that you’ve been given access, we will consider you for secondment. If nothing else, this business in Cardiff needs to be dealt with. Best case scenario, the hacker felt you had information we can use. Worse case scenario, the hacker works on behalf of the Shadow Network, a criminal organization based in Glasgow, with international tendrals Reaching to San Diego and Shanghai. Here’s hoping it’s a case of the former.” D.I. EVELYN WAUGH “Alright.” [MIRABELLE STEPS AWAY FROM THE COUNTER.] MIRABELLE GREER “Let’s discuss things in my office.” CUT TO: - SC50. INT. CPB LOUNGE - DAY - VANCOUVER - 2014 [SERA IS SAT AT THE TABLE FLIPPING THROUGH A CAR MAGAZINE. COLE IS SAT ACROSS FROM SERA, WEARING WHITE SILK TROUSERS AND A CARAMEL, CASHMERE SWEATER. ALSO SAT AT THE TABLE ARE BRITTANY, REGINALD AND BAILEY. PETE ENTERS THE LOUNGE FROM THE CORRIDOR. BEHIND PETE ENTERS DOCTOR JEROME MARSTERS, EARLY FIFTIES, DEPARTMENT HEAD OF THE UNIVERSITY’S ANTHROPOLOGY PROGRAM.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Hey Jerome, what brings you to our little operation?” DOCTOR JEROME MARSTERS “Pete has apprised me of the situation. As I hear it, you’re in need of a dive team; I know just the people to ask.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Do tell Jerome. I’m all ears.” [JEROME TAKES A SEAT NEXT TO SERA.] DOCTOR JEROME MARSTERS “I’ve a friend working at the University of Victoria as a Marine Archaeologist. If your little organization would be so kind to cover the cost, I can get him to bring his team out here as soon as the weather clears up.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “That’s excellent news Jerome. How are you, Sera?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “All things considered, Cole, I’m doing great.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Good to hear it. Pete love, perhaps you should get yourself off to work. You must have a lot of things to do, with that new development project you’ve snagged yourself.” PETE ROSCHILDE “Good idea; you know what Cole? I’ll give Latisha your regards.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “You do that, Pete.” [PETE EXITS THE ROOM. SERA TURNS TO JEROME.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “You and me, man. We need to get this deal with the dive team squared away right away. Step into my office, we’ll deal with all the logistics.” [JEROME GETS TO HIS FEET.] DOCTOR JEROME MARSTERS “You’ve got it.” CUT TO - SC51. EXT. COAL HARBOUR MARINA - DAY - 2014 [IT’S A NICE SUNNY DAY. THE WATER IS CALM. SERA LEADS PETE DOWN TO THE MARINA FROM AN UPPER LEVEL. DOWN BELOW, JEROME IS STOOD ON THE SEAWALL, ARMS IN THE AIR, MOTIONING TOWARDS SERA AND PETE. ACROSS FROM JEROME, LEANING AGAINST A CEMENT WALL, WE SEE THE DIVE TEAM SUITED UP. THIS CONSISTS OF DOCTOR GARRET BABINGER, DARRELL BELFAST, NEIL HENDRICK; AN AFRICAN CANADIAN MAN, WILLIAM EDMUNDSON; AN INUIT MAN FROM NUNAVUT, GREG KARTHEISER; A CURLY HAIRED ITALIAN IN HIS LATE TWENTIES, AND BRUCE HANSON; A LOCAL MAN. STOOD PARALLEL TO WHERE THE GARCONER PRIDE IS ANCHORED ARE THE RASMUSSENS. GERALD AND COLE ARE STOOD ON THE DOCK, LIFE JACKETS ON.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Hey Jerome, feel free to come aboard.” [SERA GESTURES FOR THE DIVE TEAM TO FOLLOW HIS LEAD. GARRET, DARRELL, NEIL, WILLIAM, GREG AND BRUCE FALL INTO LINE BEHIND SERA. PETE AND JEROME TRAIL BEHIND.] DOCTOR GARRET BABINGER “Nice to meet you, Captain Billington. I’m Doctor Garret Babinger, this here.” [GARRET REACHES OVER, PLACING A HAND ON DARRELL’S SHOULDER.] DOCTOR GARRET BABINGER “Is Darrell Belfast.” [GARRET GESTURES TO NEIL.] DOCTOR GARRET BABINGER “Here’s Neil Hendrick. Then we have William Edmundson from Nunavut, Greg Kartheiser and Bruce Hanson; a local boy from Mount Pleasant.” [SERA REACHES GERALD’S SIDE ON THE DOCK.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “These two lovely people are Sera and Gerald Rasmussen; and this is Pete Roschilde, my partner. Welcome to The Garconer Pride’; ain’t she a beauty?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “She really is.” [PETE, GERALD, JEROME, GARRET, DARRELL, NEIL, WILLIAM, GREG, BRUCE, AND COLE CLIMB ABOARD THE SHIP ONE AFTER THE OTHER. SERA IS THE LAST TO BOARD.] CUT TO: - SC52. INT. GARCONER PRIDE\EXT. COAL HARBOUR MARINA - DAY - 2014 [THE GARCONER PRIDE IS EIGHT METRES IN LENGTH. A STACK OF LIFE JACKETS ARE PILED UNDER A CABINET OF EMERGENCY SUPPLIES. PETE HANDS A LIFE JACKET TO SERA AND ANOTHER ONE TO JEROME. PETE PULLS ON HIS OWN LIFE JACKET. WE SEE SERA STOOD BY THE ANCHOR LINE, WEARING HIS LIFE JACKET.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Let’s get this show on the road. Pete, come here and help me bring this anchor up.” [PETE PEERS OVER THE SIDE OF THE BOAT. THE GRAPNEL ANCHOR GLISTENS BENEATH THE SURFACE OF THE WATER. SERA AND PETE BRING THE ANCHOR UP. WE SEE SERA TAKE THE WHEEL. SERA CAREFULLY GUIDES THE GARCONER PRIDE BEYOND THE HIGH WATER MARK OF THE INLET.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “This is where the item would have gone down. You’ll need to take extreme precaution while handling any of these objects, gents. We don’t want this to happen again. At least you’re all men.” CUT TO: - SC53. EXT. BURRARD INLET - DAY - 2014 [BENEATH THE WATER, GARRET, DARRELL, NEIL, WILLIAM, GREG AND BRUCE SIFT THROUGH SILT AND ROCKS.] CUT TO: - SC54. INT. GARCONER PRIDE\EXT. BURRARD INLET - DAY - 2014 [AN ASSORTMENT OF UNUSUAL OBJECTS HAVE BEEN PLACED INTO A CARDBOARD BOX SET ATOP A STORAGE CABINET AT THE SIDE OF THE BOAT. THE BOX IS HALF FULL. THE CARDBOARD BOX NOW OVERFLOWS WITH WET OBJECTS. SEVERAL ITEMS ARE RELICS OF THE EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY.] CUT TO: - SC55. EXT. BURRARD INLET - DAY - 2014 [BENEATH THE WATER, THE BODY SWITCHING GIZMO IS SETTLED IN THE SILT. WE SEE A HAND REMOVE THE OBJECT FROM THE SILT. WE SEE GREG BREACH THE SURFACE, THE OBJECT IN HIS HAND.] CUT TO: - SC56. INT. GARCONER PRIDE\EXT. BURRARD INLET - DAY - 2014 [GREG CLIMBS OUT OF THE WATER. GREG PLACES THE BODY SWITCHING GIZMO ON TOP OF THE OTHER ITEMS IN THE BOX.] GREG KARTHEISER “I bet that’s it, is it?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “That’s it alright, the little machine of evil.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “All right then, let’s head ashore.” CUT TO: - SC57. INT. CPB LOUNGE - DAY - 2014 [COLE IS SAT ON THE COUCH. GERALD IS SAT NEXT TO COLE. THE CARDBOARD BOX IS SAT ON THE TABLE. THE GIZMO IS SAT ATOP A PILE OF PAPER TOWELS. NEXT TO THE CARDBOARD BOX. SERA IS STOOD NEAR THE TABLE.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “This is going to be awhile. I need to allow the gadget to dry out. Who knows how long that’ll take; you’d best be off, you two. Go on, go out and make a living.” GERALD RASMUSSEN “I’m not leaving my wife’s side, Billington. I’m staying right here by Sera’s side, no matter how long it takes.” PETE ROSCHILDE “I’ll be off I suppose.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “I’ll see you later love.” [WE SEE EMPTY TAKE OUT BOXES PUSHED TO THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE TABLE. THE BODY SWITCHING GIZMO IS ATTACHED TO COLE’S E-READER. POV. COLE’S E-READER: THE SCREEN SAYS ‘MANUFACTURER’S GUIDE’.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Alright.” [SERA STEPS AWAY FROM THE TABLE, TAKING THE GADGET WITH HIM.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Come sit with me on the couch Sera. We need to be comfortable when we do this.” GERALD RASMUSSEN “Sounds like an excuse for a bit of cuddling Billington, if I ever heard one.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “She’s wearing my body, Gerald. It’s not like I’d get much out of it.” [SERA AND COLE TAKE SEATS ON THE COUCH.] CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Let’s do this. We’ve got to do exactly as we did before. We’ll be knocked unconscious; I’m not quite sure how long that‘ll be.” [SERA EXTENDS THE GADGET TOWARDS COLE. COLE GRIPS THE GADGET. THE GADGET LIGHTS UP RED HOT. SERA DROPS THE GADGET WITH A SHRIEK. SERA SLUMPS OVER ONTO COLE.] CUT TO: - SC58. INT. COLE’S PERSONAL OFFICE - CPB - NIGHT - 2014 [COLE IS SAT BEHIND HIS DESK. SERA IS STOOD IN FRONT OF THE DESK.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I‘ll see you tomorrow Sera.” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “Sweet dreams Cole.” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Perhaps; give Gerald a kiss, okay?” CONSTABLE SERA RASMUSSEN “I’ll do that, you be good to yourself Cole, you hear?” COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I’ll try.” [SERA KISSES COLE ON THE CHEEK. SERA EXITS THE OFFICE.] THE END.

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