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By Cole J. Davis

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller, War
LOGLINE: Like the layers of an onion, our world is more complicated then we ever knew.


Near future- university of Glasgow Cole Jacob Billington- doctorate student in theoretical physics from Canada. Working on a project replicating the effects of the ‘Montauk chair’. Love of his life, transgender man Cecil Smith, works on the project decoding symbolism. When they do a two way hook up to the device, they create the alternate timeline of the ghost wars. A world full of wonder and beauty but also horror and strife. An eternal war is catalyzed via unknown actions of Human explorers. 'Sibling Rivalry- First Act' on Wattpad


SC1. EXT. LONDON SKYLINE - DAY - 5050 [ON THE WESTERN SHORE OF THE THAMES, WE PASS OVER THE BBC HOLO STUDIOS. A HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGE OF A JESTER STANDING ON HIS HEAD, TUMBLING THROUGH A PORTAL OF LIGHT REPEATS ATOP THE ROOF OF THE BUILDING. BEHIND THE STUDIO WE SEE THE KING GEORGE THE TENTH THEATRE. THIS IS AN IMMENSE OPERA HOUSE. WE SEE THAMES HOUSE, IN NEED OF RESTORATION. BEHIND WHITE HALL WE SEE THE GALACTIC ALLIANCE SENATE HOUSE. THIS HAS A COLISEUM STYLE FAÇADE.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “There are worlds within worlds, lives within lives; our choices define us; good or bad.” [A SYSTEM JUMPER PERSONAL SHUTTLECRAFT CAREENS TOWARDS THE THAMES, OUT OF CONTROL.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “In the middle part of the fifty first century, humanity had reached a turning point in our development. Life on Earth, and to a lesser extent those Human outposts throughout the galaxy had reached the summit of the quantum technological singularity. Our spiritual selves merged with our biological and quantum selves; creating an ever evolving species. Our alliance with the spiritually adept Garconer brought us evidentiary proof of ultra-universal creatures they knew as Universal Archetypes. Darting in and out of Human history all along the timeline; the Universal Archetypes were Humanities‘ future. Lesser known to all but the highest adepts in cosmic studies are those beings known as temporal architects; designers of the quilt of life, arbiters of life contract disputes and mentors to the creative class.” [THE VEHICLE CRASHES TOWARDS THE THAMES.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “Known to themselves as Triniforms, these Universal Archetypes were born in another universe. Layers upon layers, wheels within wheels. Long past the stranglehold of the divided state of the gender binary reproductive system; Triniforms were the Aphrodite of the galaxy, rising from the ashes of their own former forms, born as the phoenix from their former selves.” [A CROWD OF GARCONER, HUMANS AND SENATORIALS RUSH TOWARDS THE SHORE LINE. THE GARCONER ARE DARK GREY HUMANOIDS. THE SENATORIALS HAVE ANGELIC WINGS OF BLUE, BLACK AND GOLD. THEIR MOUTHS CONTAIN TWO ROWS OF CANINE TEETH.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “The Garconer made a study of the Universal Archetypes, theorizing on their evolutionary development but lacking absolute proof. For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son. This fact was the key to the Triniforms’ existence. The Triniforms’ existence as mankind’s future heirs are revealed through the melchizedek codes found in the Torah, the Mabinogian and the Elysian mysteries. But most of all, the three fold nature of that same God revealed itself through its Triniform offspring.” [THE VEHICLE SLAMS INTO THE THAMES.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “The three fold God coalesced into the material form of a single being in three forms. Circles within circles, duality within worlds upon worlds. The first mover begat a three fold universe. The three in one divided into the many. The many begat duality; the concept of conflict. This gave rise to separation, judgement, cruelty, misery.” [THE IMPACT WAVE DRENCHES THE ONLOOKERS BY THE SHORE.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “The archetype of love is both the oldest force in creation, giving form to creation itself, as well as the first and last lesson we must learn as we travel through the chain of life. Through love, the universe begat physical creation; through love artists bring forth paintings, architectural wonders, literature, theatrical performances, love brings us divine meals, fashion, perfume, music, medical advances and the province of ideas. Love is the Alpha and Omega, the oldest idea, the last idea. The first and last question, the question that must be asked, but must never be answered, for with that answer comes an end to all things; what is love? Through knowing this, we bring the lesson to a close.” [THE VEHICLE SLIDES BENEATH THE WATER.] CUT TO: - SC2. INT. TEMPORAL BASE - DAY - LAKE DISTRICT - 8100 [A BATALLION OF TEMPORAL OFFICERS ARE STOOD AT ATTENTION IN A LARGE AIRCRAFT WAREHOUSE. ARRAYED IN THE CENTRE OF THE FACILITY ARE SEVERAL QUANTUM FLIERS- TRIANGULAR IN SHAPE, BLACK AND BUILT FOR A CREW OF FOUR. AMYTRIA MARCOS, BASE CRYPTOGRAGHER ENTERS FROM THE MAIN BASE. ENTERING BEHIND HER IS SHAMASH NOSGARTEN, BASE COMMANDER. THE OFFICERS SALUTE SHAMASH. SHAMASH MOVES ASIDE TO ALLOW ALLISON CREMWELL, HERITAGE MINISTER TO ENGLAND TO ENTER THE WAREHOUSE.] SHAMASH NOSGARTEN “At ease.” [THE OFFICERS STAND AT EASE.] SHAMASH NOSGARTEN “I’d like you all to meet Allison Cremwell, the nation’s Heritage Minister. These are my Eagles, as we affectionately call them. I’m giving Allison a tour of the base. As we are all aware of, the Divisionist forces have recently stepped up their attacks on the citizenry. They are presently focussing their energies on two separate fronts; the Ashtar Command, twin flame psyop in the twenty first century and the Annunaki gods psyop in ancient Sumer. Though I don’t like to talk about it, the sad fact of it is that my fraternal twin sister Babalous had unfortunate things happen to her, leaving her bitter and seeking revenge. She’s a lead instigator in the aforesaid psyops. The cold war is heating up over the skies of four thousand B.C.E. Sumer, and for that, we need increased funding from White Hall and a better public relations campaign. Tomorrow, we’ll be meeting with the minister of defense. Amytria, lets have you explain the dimensional nature of the cohesive timeline.” AMYTRIA MARCOS “Right, two millennia ago temporal travellers were constrained to a single timeline. Now we know that to take in a true accounting of the cohesive timeline, we need to know where the divergence points originate. I studied divergence points during my lifetime as Cora Fencis two millennia ago, but we were unable to traverse them. Now that lifetime is positioned in an alternate timeline. We have never experienced the Ghost Wars, Wales remains an integral part of the United Kingdom, and Scotland separated long ago. In order to pass through a divergence point into that timeline, we need to utilize the quantum transducers built into the Quantum Fliers. These vehicles are lined with a protective quantum foam lining, as sadly, bodily travel through a divergence point causes catastrophic quantum structural decay, resulting in our adversaries the Fallen Gods. In a case of curiosity killed the cat, man’s desire to traverse the dimensional field corrupted the souls of quantum pioneers such as James Malcolm and Cyril Abbaddon. Now, the battle we’re fighting in the fourth millennia B.C.E. is occurring in yet another divergence point. In our timeline, the events taking place in that other timeline, resonated through the divergence point, granting scribes with images they inscribed in cuneiform.” SHAMASH NOSGARTEN “I think that’s the gist of it. Thank you Amytria. Everybody, we’re on standby to head back into the fray at any moment from this point on. Amytria, walk with me as I continue the tour.” [SHAMASH EXITS, FOLLOWED BY ALLISON AND AMYTRIA.] CUT TO: - SC3. EXT. THAMES SHORELINE - DAY - LONDON - 5050 [MARK IBLIS IS LOADED ONTO A MEDICAL STRETCHER BY AN ANTI-GRAV FLOAT AMBULANCE AT THE SHORELINE. SEVERAL HUMANS ARE STOOD AT THE SHORELINE OPERATING THE ANTI-GRAV MECHANISM. MARK OPENS HIS EYES. NEARBY, THE SUBMERGED SYSTEM JUMPER IS BEING RAISED FROM THE WATER BY A CRANE. BEHIND THE MEDICS A CROWD OF PEOPLE; HUMAN, GARCONER AND STORNAWAY WATCH IN CONCERN. THE STORNAWAY HAVE CHALK WHITE SKIN.] MEDIC “I think he’s coming around. Hey there fella, are you with us mate?” MEDIC TWO “I have a feeling he’ll be up and causing mayhem in no time. No offence intended mate, it’s the way kids talk nowadays.” [THE STRETCHER IS PULLED PAST THE SHORELINE TOWARDS THE WAITING AMBULANCE. THE MEDICS LOAD THE STRETCHER INTO THE BACK OF THE VEHICLE.] CUT TO: - SC4. EXT. RHEIC TIDAL FLAT - AVALONIA - DAY - CAMBRIAN ERA [WE’RE ON THE SHORES OF THE RHEIC OCEAN. THE SEA IS SHALLOW. MANY SPECIES OF TRILOBITES AND MOLLUSCS CAN BE SEEN IN THE WATER. ON THE BEACH ARE MICROBIAL MATS AND CRYPTOBIOTIC SOIL. IFAN FENCIS APPEARS NEAR THE WATER. IFAN STUMBLES AS A SAND MOLLUSC CRAWLS OVER HIS SHOE. IFAN PEERS AT HIS E-READER. THE TEMPORAL APP. LISTS- 5080.11. 1.13.0 YALE TOWN. IFAN BENDS DOWN TOWARDS THE WATER. IFAN WATCHES A CLUTCH OF BLACK TRILOBITES GOBBLE PLANKTON JUST BELOW THE WATER LINE. IFAN TURNS AWAY FROM THE WATER. IFAN WANDERS UP THE DRY BEACH.] IFAN FENCIS “Trilobites in the water, cryptobiotic soil on the beach. How does that translate to fifty eighty common era? What, is there a virus in the APP.?” [IFAN CONTINUES WALKING FURTHER INLAND. IFAN LOOKS AT HIS E-READER. IFAN SETS A DISTRESS BEACON FOR CONTINUOUS DISPLAY LOCKED ONTO HIS QUANTUM SIGNATURE I.D. IFAN PRESSES ‘SEND.’ IFAN CONTINUES WALKING.] CUT TO: - SC5. INT. BLACK BRIGADE LEAD SHIP\EXT. OORT DISC - 2014 [COMMANDER ABBADDON IS STOOD ON THE BRIDGE. ABBADDON IS OVER SIX FOOT TALL AND SLIM. NUMEROUS FALLEN GOD BOMBERS AND FEMALE MINIONS ARE SITUATED AT POINTS AROUND THE BRIDGE WORKING AT CONTROL PANELS. THROUGH THE FRONT VIEW SCREEN WE SEE A DWARF PLANET COVERED IN ICE. A YELLOW LIGHT BEGINS BLINKING ON A PANEL. A DISTRESS BEACON SOUNDS A STACCATO BEAT. ABBADDON TAKES A LOOK AT THE PANEL.] COMMANDER ABBADDON “Looks like Ifan has fallen into our sticky web. I hacked into his latest temporal transport. Siphoned his quantum signature into a honey trap, a holo-painting of the Cambrian era. Our dear Patrick is a lost little boy. The prodigal son is about to come home to papa.” FEMALE MINION “Who, sir?” COMMANDER ABBADDON “Patrick is the name I gave to my most devoted follower, the son I wish I could have. But then he began getting ideas, ideas that my way, our way was leading us down the garden path to destruction. He betrayed me, he betrayed the entire brigade. He’s opposed us from every angle ever since. He hated the life he had, the life I gave him. Eternal life, ever living, never dying, never aging, with one caveat; that he serve his master as a Fallen God Bomber. He wanted more, he wanted to return to the creator’s warm embrace. He thought he knew better than I, that I was mistaken. He found a way to erase who he was, wiping the slate clean, promising his allegiance to the one we oppose, God, Yahweh, Christ, the trinity; for ever more.” FALLEN GOD BOMBER “Sir, exactly why do we oppose that one?” COMMANDER ABBADDON “We oppose the one because he created the physical universes. Life must be enjoyed in the causal realms. The physical world is too prone to misery, loneliness, pain and death. We serve the ideal of releasing souls from their cycle of physical pain. Sure, those souls believe they’re learning on behalf of creator, but they’re merely innocents lost in the haze of a cosmic Stockholm Syndrome. That, my friends is why we do what we do.” FEMALE MINION TWO “What happened?” COMMANDER ABBADDON “Patrick found a way through creator’s grace to erase his entire timeline, his entire oversoul, the being who became Spring Heel Jack, the Patron Saint of Soldiers and the Patron Saint of Children. He went from Patrick, my beloved Lieutenant, greatest of all Fallen Gods, Baal consort to Ishtar; to the most beloved Omni being in the Garconer trinity. He became Shamash, Amytria and Enki. Then Ifan, Cora and Evelyn. Cole, Tommy and Horatio. Pete and Cecil, Valerian, Tiberius and Cecilia. But all is not lost my faithful. For I’ve set Ishtar on his trail. I’ve Infected her with a cupid’s arrow virus, she sees nothing but him. It is doubtful that she’ll get her object of desire, but her torment is my fun. I captured the allegiance of a lonely outcast living a leper like existence in the distant evolutionary past of Incuba Five; that outcast was one of Patrick’s newly formed lifetimes. That lonely and broken soul, Patrick made new; made his way to Earth millions of years later, falling through a gravity well in nineteen thirteen Vancouver. Patrick’s parasitic form eventually found its way to Cole’s physical form. During that small window of time, Patrick travelled the pathway of Cole’s personal causal timeline, using the same neuronal structure Ifan now uses to pop back in time. Patrick took hold of Cole’s fifteen year old form, traumatized by his father’s murder, his brother’s abduction; warping him into a beloved minion.” FALLEN GOD BOMBER TWO “Sir, after three years, he repented. What changed? The loss of his cousin should not have been strong enough deterrent to shake Patrick.” COMMANDER ABBADDON “Those two days in nineteen thirteen whilst Patrick utilized Cole’s form, that was long enough to sustain him amidst Cole’s past for three years. The trauma of Tommy’s torture that was the universe enacting a material reality to wake the child that was Cole up. But those three years were all we needed. We know we lose Patrick in the end, but we succeeded in defeating his desire to be God’s greatest servant. We hurt him, we caused him to hurt others, that’s all that matters in the end, and if all goes to plan we can restore Patrick to his original magnificence. In the meantime, I‘m having a bit of fun at Ishtar‘s expense. When Patrick erased his original timeline, the creator granted him dispensation to work with his loyalist servants. This took Ishtar far out of the picture. Those memories still exist however, albeit not in the present timeline. I‘ve been tormenting Ishtar with memories of a universe that no longer exists, and just watch her squirm and make an utter fool of herself to a man whom has no interest in her, nor her way of life.” FEMALE MINION THREE “What happened to Patrick once he was banished from Cole’s form?” COMMANDER ABBADDON “Now that is an intriguing saga all on its own.” CUT TO: - SC6. EXT. GRAY STONE GALLERY- DAY - GLASGOW - 12510 [JACOB HARRIS LEADS HIS WIFE LYN THROUGH THE CROWD ALONG GRANVILLE STREET. JACOB IS A DOPPELGANGER OF SHAMASH.] COMMANDER ABBADDON(V.O.) “Jacob Harris would go on to continue his deft hand with a paint brush he only began to perfect lifetimes ago. His wife Lyn was once Ifan’s lost sister Evelyn, Cole’s cousin Tommy and later Cole’s partner Pete.” [JACOB OPENS THE DOOR OF THE GALLERY. LYN ENTERS PAST HER HUSBAND. JACOB CLOSES THE DOOR BEHIND HIM.] CUT TO: - SC7. INT. GRAY STONE GALLERY- DAY - GLASGOW - 12510 [A GALLERY WALL HOLDS SEVERAL HOLO- PAINTINGS. IN ONE, A MAN KNEELS BEFORE A STATUE OF A HEAD. BEHIND HIM STRETCHES A SANDY BEACH DESCENDING TO A SEA. WE SEE IFAN IN ANOTHER HOLO-PAINTING OF THE CAMBRIAN ERA. JACOB ENTERS THE ROOM. IFAN TUMBLES INTO THE ROOM, LEAVING BROKEN GLASS ON THE FLOOR.] JACOB HARRIS “What the?” IFAN FENCIS “Got to run.” [IFAN TAPS HIS E-READER. LYN ENTERS THE ROOM. IFAN DISAPPEARS.] COMMANDER ABBADDON(V.O.) “Darn it, that plan was all for nought. Got to up our game, boys and girls.” [JACOB WALKS OVER TO THE HOLO-PAINTING, GAZING AT THE BROKEN GLASS.] CUT TO: - SC8. INT. LONDON GENERAL EMERGENCY WARD - NIGHT - 5070 [MARK IBLIS, NOW A DOCTOR OF ORTHOPEDICS IS STOOD AT THE ENTRANCE TO THE WARD.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “Fifteen years after Mark’s accident, now a doctor of orthopedics; society around Mark began to change for the worse. He began noticing the large population of Garconer resident to London were becoming targets of Human Xenophobes. Mark began taking note of the higher numbers of Garconer coming into London General suffering injuries caused by assault and battery from the ever rising rate of hate crimes in the city. He began noticing a higher ratio of illness in that population directly linked to malnutrition, as employers began laying off long time Garconer employees due to customer complaints and a refusal to hire new youthful Garconer graduates.” [A GARCONER MAN IS BROUGHT THROUGH THE ENTRANCE ON A STRETCHER SUFFERING A SEIZURE FROM A DRUG OVERDOSE. OPEN WOUNDS, A CHRONIC SYMPTOM OF GARCONER DRUG ABUSE DOT THE MAN’S LIMBS.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “The Garconer mortality rate only got worse, as those youthful, jobless and angry, disaffected Garconer who ought to have great futures ahead of themselves, began to look to less desirable means of making a living. Soon, casualties began piling up, as more and more Garconer ended up inside the emergency room due to drug overdose, drunken fights and criminal enterprise gone wrong. In the law enforcement field, the city’s homicide rate had gone up five fold in the space of half a decade. The city’s East End once again became known for it’s historic blight of the refuge of the downtrodden. After centuries of working towards full gentrification of the district, the area slipped back to it’s ancient roots of sex workers and pick pockets and starving children.” [ON NEARBY SEATS, TWO POLICE OFFICERS ARE QUESTIONING A GARCONER MAN WITH A HEAD WOUND.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “When things got really bad, when the people in power began serving orders for all Garconer living in England to be rounded up and sent God knows where, where who knows what was planned for them; the large number of destitute Garconer finding themselves warehoused in row houses and ancient historic tenement buildings that managed to survive the near constant bombings of the area by the Germans three millennia earlier, found themselves trapped in the perfect trap. Once the nation, and later on, the world was embroiled in this horrifying sand trap of Human hate, and Mark watched impotently as innocents were rounded up; he began to wonder if it hadn’t been planned this way all along.” [TIME MOVES FORWARD. ITS DAY. MARK HELPS A STORNAWAY BOY WITH A CYBERNETIC RIGHT HAND GATHER HIS BAG FROM A CHAIR.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “By fifty, seventy seven, at the height of the conflict, war had moved beyond Earth, into the far reaches of space, where colonists had begun to fight back under the leadership of a mysterious and charismatic young man known only as ‘COE2009’.” [DOCTOR PATRICK O’ROURIC TAPS MARK ON THE SHOULDER, WHISPERING IN HIS EAR.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “London became a charnel house to those Garconer whom stubbornly remained in the city. Whilst the men had either already been outright killed or taken to Scottish labour camps where they were worked to death, they hadn’t touched the women and children. But new plans were afoot. The remnant Garconer still in London were to be delivered to the slaughter house, on an ancient patch of crown land on the very edges of the redrawn London County line.” [MARK IBLIS FOLLOWS PATRICK FROM THE WARD, TOWARDS PATRICK’S OFFICE DOWN A CORRIDOR.] CUT TO: - SC9. INT. OFFICE - LONDON GENERAL - DAY - 5077 [PATRICK HANDS MARK A TERRAIN MAP OF THE BRITISH ISLES. VARIOUS LOCATIONS ARE MARKED WITH BEACONS REPRESENTING SAFE ZONES. PATHS ARE MARKED LEADING AWAY FROM LONDON IN THE DIRECTION OF NORTHERN WALES AND GLASGOW. WALES IS DIVIDED INTO A NORTHERN AND SOUTHERN PROVINCE.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “Although he didn’t look it, Doctor Patrick O’Rouric had Garconer family members far removed in his bloodline. He needed to get them, as well as himself to safety. A safe harbour for Garconer was set up in the wilds of Mount Snowdon in Northern Wales. Doctor O’Rouric hoped Mark would be willing to put his life on the line in becoming another link in the chain that would help innocent people find their ways to safety.” [NODDING HIS HEAD, MARK PATS PATRICK ON THE SHOULDER. FOLDING THE MAP, MARK PLACES IT INTO A TROUSER POCKET. MARK TURNS TO GO.] CUT TO: - SC10. INT. CYRENE RESEARCH FOUNDATION - DAY - LONDON - 5580 A.D. [JAMES MALCOLM PETERSON, A DOPPELGANGER OF IFAN IS STOOD IN A GLASS ENCLOSED CORRIDOR SEVERAL STORIES UP. THROUGH THE GLASS WE SEE THE CENTRE OF LONDON. AN ENORMOUS SHADOW PASSES OVER THE BUILDING AND THE STREET BELOW. AN INCUBI CLASS BATTLE CRUISER HEADS OUT THROUGH THE STRATROSPHERE. ON THE STREET BELOW, A RECRUITMENT POSTER FOR THE ‘ALLIANCE CORPS’ IS STUCK TO A SHOP WINDOW. ON THE POSTER ARE THE WORDS- ‘KEEP OUR SPACE LANES FREE FOR TRADE. JOIN THE FIGHT AGAINST DEVON PRIME.’ TURNING SLOWLY TOWARDS THE RIGHT FROM WHERE HE’S STOOD, JAMES DRAWS IN A BREATH. DIRECTLY BEHIND JAMES IS STOOD CYRIL ABBADDON. CYRIL WEARS SHADES OF BLACK; BLACK T-SHIRT, BLACK TROUSERS AND BLACK ITALIAN DRESS SHOES. THIS IS TOPPED OFF WITH A BLACK WOOL SCARF AND A BLACK CRAVAT.] AMYTRIA MARCOS(V.O.) “Just as our lives are bound to others, our reality is likewise bound to others. Our actions in this reality create other realities, and those realities likewise have a similar effect on ours. This universe developed out of the triquetta formed from two parent universes. The new universe then split into a pair of identical twin universes; one carrying the function of the molecular particle, the other carrying the fuction of the molecular wave. Some time in the future, the two are set to become one, birthing a new universe. Once that happens, our Triquetta will transmogrify into a Universal Archetype, incarnating back Into the healthiest sentient individual in the universe, whomever that may turn out to be. In the mean time, our two universes are in constant conflict; brought about by souls born of both universes incarnating into their polar opposite.” [JAMES TURNS TO FACE CYRIL.] JAMES MALCOLM PETERSON “I just know we’re on the edge of the greatest scientific discovery our civilization has ever made. Forget space Cyril, if we can break through the dimensional wall, we have a whole new universe to discover. Think of what we might find.” CYRIL ABBADDON “As always James, know you have my full confidence, support and financial backing for your endeavour. Keep me apprised of your discoveries.” JAMES MALCOLM PETERSON “Will do.” [JAMES TURNS BACK TO GAZE OUT THE WINDOW AS CYRIL HEADS BACK DOWN THE CORRIDOR.] CUT TO: - SC11. EXT. HIGH STREET - DAY - BASILDON - 5077 [MARK RUNS DOWN THE CENTRE OF THE STREET.] DUTY OFFICER(O.O.V.) “Stop where you are!” [MARK CONTINUES RUNNING. THE OFFICER WEARS A RED COAT. A HEAVY, GREY GAMMA BLASTER IS STRAPPED TO THE OFFICER’S SIDE.] DUTY OFFICER “Sir, I said stop where you are!” [MARK TURNS, STOOD IN THE CENTRE OF THE STREET. ANTI-GRAV SINGLE OCCUPANT ROVERS SWERVE AROUND MARK. MARK GAZES AT THE OFFICER’S HARD, UNYIELDING EXPRESSION, EYES FULL OF FURY. THE OFFICER RAISES HIS GAMMA BLASTER. SIGHING, MARK RAISES HIS ARMS ABOVE HIS HEAD.] MARK IBLIS “Alright, alright! No need to get violent, you’ve got me.” [THE OFFICER STRIDES TOWARDS MARK. DROPPING HIS HANDS TO HIS SIDES, MARK RUNS UP ONTO THE WALKWAY UNDER A YELLOW STORE AWNING.] MARK IBLIS “No, please! I’ll cooperate, I’ll do anything. Just please don’t hurt me.” [THE OFFICER COMES AT MARK, SHOVING HIM INTO THE WOODEN PANELLING OF A KOREAN TEA SHOP.] DUTY OFFICER “GHOST lover! How do you like this, mate?” [THE OFFICER SLAMS A FIST INTO MARK’S FACE.] MARK IBLIS “Please! Stop it please!” [THE OFFICER GETS IN MARK’S FACE, GRIPPING MARK WITH A HAND BY THE SHOULDER. THE OFFICER HITS MARK REPEATEDLY IN VARIOUS PLACES ON THE BODY.] DUTY OFFICER “Oh, poor baby. The GHOST lover can’t take a little bit of violence. Just like your GHOST pals, eh? Bunch of wimps, the lot of them. Why don‘t you go join your GHOST pals you love so much on their home world, mate? Oh right, I forgot, they forgot where it was. How do you lose a planet? That’s what I’d like to know. Only a Garconer, eh? Stupid, the lot of them. ” [A SINGLE TEAR DROPS FROM MARK’S FACE.] DUTY OFFICER “You’re crying? Not man enough to take a beating? What are you, part GHOST?” [THE OFFICER KNOCKS MARK TO THE GROUND, ONTO HIS STOMACH. THE OFFICER KICKS MARK IN THE SIDE, PREVENTING HIM FROM GETTING UP.] MARK IBLIS “No, stop. Please stop this sir. It hurts so much.” DUTY OFFICER “Where are the GHOSTS hiding, species traitor?” [THE OFFICER KICKS MARK TWICE MORE. MARK ROLLS ONTO HIS BACK, GROANING IN AGONY.] DUTY OFFICER “Tell me where they are, Garconer sympathizer.” [THE OFFICER KICKS MARK IN THE RIGHT THIGH.] DUTY OFFICER “Tell me!” [MARK BENDS OVER, SPLITTING BLOOD ONTO THE WALKWAY.] MARK IBLIS “Go to Hell!” DUTY OFFICER “GHOST wannabe.” [TAKING MARK BY SURPRISE, THE OFFICER KICKS MARK REPEATEDLY. A FLASH OF LIGHT ENVELOPS MARK. WITH THE LIGHT, MARK WINKS OUT OF EXISTENCE.] CUT TO: - SC12. EXT. QUARRY - SMALL SCOTTISH ISLAND - DAY - 12510 [A BRISK WIND PASSES THROUGH THE QUARRY. JACOB HARRIS BENDS TO RETRIEVE ONE OF NUMEROUS BLACK SHARDS OF COAL LINING THE GROUND. THE OBJECT IS SHAPED DAGGER SHARP IN THE FORM OF AN ORNAMENTAL STAR. STOOD BY JACOB’S SIDE, LYN SHIVERS IN THE COLD. WRAPPED IN A WOOL JACKET AND GREY GLOVES, LYN HOLDS A BOX HALF FULL OF SIMILAR SHARDS OF COAL. PLACING THE BLACK STAR INTO THE BOX, JACOB WALKS A FEW PACES TOWARDS THE EAST. JACOB GAZES OUT AT THE SKIES OVER THE SHORELINE. JACOB LEADS LYN, SHIVERING, TO A SAILBOAT WEDGED BETWEEN TWO LARGE ROCKS.] JACOB HARRIS "We need to get you inside dear. Do you think you're coming down with a cold?" [JACOB TAKES THE BOX FROM LYN, PLACING IT INSIDE THE BOAT. LYN STEPS INTO THE SAILBOAT. 'THE CHRYSALIS' IS PAINTED ALONG THE SIDE.] LYN HARRIS "They say we're heading into an ice age Jacob. And you know my grandmother's people, the Cerengia were never acclimated to cold temperatures." [TUGGING THE CHRYSALIS FROM BETWEEN THE ROCKS, JACOB CLIMBS INTO THE BOAT.] JACOB HARRIS "There's a legend out of Edinburgh claiming the arrival of the Black Star was a portent of the coming ice age. When the meteor hit this island, inextricably forming coal due to its uranium content; the artists on the mainland at the ‘Arts and Electronics Gallery’ realized the Black Star was the answer to the Holo-painting creation engine. Mankind finally figured out how to use nuclear forces to create a semblance of life. This legend is in response to our scientific endeavours. It says that as result of artists creating an illusion of life, balance must be restored via a decrease in temperature. True life comes only through spiritual manifestation of the divine and not through scientific processes. We must move on from powering Holo-paintings via nuclear forces towards finding our own creative abilities. The Black Star is merely a stepping stone along a path to true manifestation via our minds." [THE WIND PICKS UP, PUSHING THE SAILBOAT CLOSER TO THE MAINLAND.] CUT TO: -

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