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By Cole J. Davis

GENRE: Sci-fi, War
LOGLINE: The truth is revealed like tumbleweeds twisting in time


We meet Abbaddon, leader of the Black Brigade.


SC11. INT. BLACK BRIGADE LEAD SHIP\EXT. OORT DISC - 2014 [COMMANDER ABBADDON IS STOOD ON THE BRIDGE. ABBADDON IS OVER SIX FOOT TALL AND SLIM. NUMEROUS FALLEN GOD BOMBERS AND FEMALE MINIONS ARE SITUATED AT POINTS AROUND THE BRIDGE WORKING AT CONTROL PANELS. THROUGH THE FRONT VIEW SCREEN WE SEE A DWARF PLANET COVERED IN ICE. A YELLOW LIGHT BEGINS BLINKING ON A PANEL. A DISTRESS BEACON SOUNDS A STACCATO BEAT. ABBADDON TAKES A LOOK AT THE PANEL.] COMMANDER ABBADDON “Our dear Patrick is a lost little boy. The prodigal son is about to come home to papa. FEMALE MINION “Who, sir?” COMMANDER ABBADDON “Patrick is the name I gave to my most devoted follower, the son I wish I could have. But then he began getting ideas, ideas that my way, our way was leading us down the garden path to destruction. He betrayed me, he betrayed the entire brigade. He’s opposed us from every angle ever since. He hated the life he had, the life I gave him. Eternal life, ever living, never dying, never aging, with one caveat; that he serve his master as a Fallen God Bomber. He wanted more, he wanted to return to the creator’s warm embrace. He thought he knew better than I, that I was mistaken. He found a way to erase who he was, wiping the slate clean, promising his allegiance to the one we oppose, God, Yahweh, Christ, the trinity; for ever more.” FALLEN GOD BOMBER “Sir, exactly why do we oppose that one?” COMMANDER ABBADDON “We oppose the one because he created the physical universes. Life must be enjoyed in the causal realms. The physical world is too prone to misery, loneliness, pain and death. We serve the ideal of releasing souls from their cycle of physical pain. Sure, those souls believe they’re learning on behalf of creator, but they’re merely innocents lost in the haze of a cosmic Stockholm Syndrome. That, my friends is why we do what we do.” FEMALE MINION TWO “What happened?” COMMANDER ABBADDON “Patrick found a way through creator’s grace to erase his entire timeline, his entire oversoul, the being who became Spring Heel Jack, the Patron Saint of Soldiers and the Patron Saint of Children. He went from Patrick, my beloved Lieutenant, greatest of all Fallen Gods, Baal consort to Ishtar; to the most beloved Omni being in the Garconer trinity. But all is not lost my faithful. For I’ve set Ishtar on his trail. I’ve Infected her with a cupid’s arrow virus, she sees nothing but him. It is doubtful that she’ll get her object of desire, but her torment is my fun. I captured the allegiance of a lonely outcast living like a leper in the distant evolutionary past of Incuba Five; that outcast was one of Patrick’s newly formed lifetimes. That lonely and broken soul, Patrick made new; made his way to Earth millions of years later, falling through a gravity well in nineteen thirteen Vancouver. Patrick’s parasitic form eventually found its way to Cole’s physical form. During that small window of time, Patrick travelled the pathway of Cole’s personal causal timeline, using the same neuronal structure Ifan now uses to pop back in time. Patrick took hold of Cole’s fifteen year old form, traumatized by his father’s murder, his brother’s abduction; warping him into a beloved minion.” FALLEN GOD BOMBER TWO “Sir, after three years, he repented. What changed? The loss of his cousin should not have been strong enough deterrent to shake Patrick.” COMMANDER ABBADDON “Those two days in nineteen thirteen whilst Patrick utilized Cole’s form, that was long enough to sustain him amidst Cole’s past for three years. The trauma of Tommy’s torture that was the universe enacting a material reality to wake the child that was Cole up. But those three years were all we needed. We know we lose Patrick in the end, but we succeeded in defeating his desire to be God’s greatest servant. We hurt him, we caused him to hurt others, that’s all that matters in the end, and if all goes to plan we can restore Patrick to his original magnificence. In the meantime, I‘m having a bit of fun at Ishtar‘s expense. When Patrick erased his original timeline, the creator granted him dispensation to work with his loyalist servants. This took Ishtar far out of the picture. Those memories still exist however, albeit not in the present timeline. I‘ve been tormenting Ishtar with memories of a universe that no longer exists, and just watch her squirm and make an utter fool of herself to a man whom has no interest in her, nor her way of life.” FEMALE MINION THREE “What happened to Patrick once he was banished from Cole’s form?” COMMANDER ABBADDON “Now that is an intriguing saga all on its own.” CUT TO: - SC12. EXT. GRAY STONE GALLERY- DAY - VANCOUVER - 12510 [JACOB HARRIS LEADS HIS WIFE LYN THROUGH THE CROWD ALONG GRANVILLE STREET. JACOB IS A FUTURE ITERATION OF COLE. LYN IS A FUTURE ITERATION OF EVELYN WAUGH.] COMMANDER ABBADDON “Jacob Harris would go on to continue his deft hand with a paint brush He only began to perfect lifetimes ago. His wife Lyn was once Ifan’s lost sister Evelyn, Cole’s cousin Tommy and later Pete.” [JACOB OPENS THE DOOR OF THE GALLERY. LYN ENTERS PAST HER HUSBAND. JACOB CLOSES THE DOOR BEHIND HIM.] CUT TO: -

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