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By Cole J. Davis

GENRE: Animation, Family, Romance, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: A man's words are his greatest tools in matters of the heart.


Excerpt from Calan Gaeaf 18 year old Cecil falls in love with teenage artist and writer Cole Billington through the written word.


SC1. INT. SYSTEM JUMPER\EXT. NEAR MARS ORBIT - 5050 [THE VEHICLE IS A SINGLE PERSON SHUTTLE TRAVERSING SYSTEM SOL AT 2 AU PER HOUR. THE PILOT IS AN ETHNOMORPHIC SEREN, A GREEN SKINNED CREATURED WITH YELLOW TALONED HANDS. TWO ELONGATED SPONGE-LIKE TENTACLES PROTRUDE FROM THE TOP OF THE PILOT’S HEAD.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “In the middle part of the fifty first century, humanity had reached a turning point in our development. Life on Earth, and to a lesser extent those Human outposts throughout the galaxy had reached the summit of the quantum technological singularity. Our spiritual selves had merged with our biological and quantum selves to create an ever evolving species. Our alliance with the spiritually adept Garconer brought us new knowledge of the evidentiary proof of ultra- universal beings they knew as the Universal Archetypes. Darting in and out of Human history from one end to the other, these are the creatures we’ll one day become. Lesser known to any but the highest adepts in cosmic studies are those beings known as temporal artitects; designers of the quilt of life, arbiters of life contract disputes and mentors to the creative class.” [PASSING BEYOND MARS’ GRAVITATIONAL FIELD; THE VEHICLE TURNS TOWARDS EARTH.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “There remained one last hidden form, a family of ultra- dimensional beings not beholden to a single evolutionary path or over soul. Long past the stranglehold of the divided state of the gender binary reproductive system; Ethnomorphs were the Aphrodite of the galaxy, rising from the ashes of their own former forms, born as the phoenix of their former selves.” [THE PILOT SEIZES UP. THE PILOT IS EXPERIENCING A STROKE. THE VEHICLE CONTINUES TOWARDS EARTH. THE PILOT CLOSES HIS EYES, BODY TENSE.] CUT TO: - SC2. EXT. LONDON MARINA - DAY - LONDON - 2002 [CECIL SMITH IS SAT ON A BENCH NEAR THE SHORE. CECIL IS ENGROSED IN READING A BOOK. THE BOOK IS ‘THE GHOST WARS’ BY COLE J. BILLINGTON. THE COVER IS BLACK. NEARBY IN THE MARINA, THE ‘CELIA‘ IS ANCHORED. CECIL‘S YOUNGER BROTHER MARK SMITH DANGLES A FISHING ROD OFF THE SIDE OF THE BOAT. MARK HOLDS A WINE COOLER IN HIS LEFT HAND. MARK‘S FRIEND MARGARET DRINKS LEMONADE.] CUT TO: - SC3. INT. SYSTEM JUMPER\EXT. NEAR EARTH ORBIT - 5050 [THE PILOT GUIDES THE VEHICLE INTO EARTH’S GRAVITATIONAL FIELD. THE PILOT’S FORM DISSOLVES INTO YELLOW LIGHT. A PAIR OF BODILESS SEREN HANDS REMAIN. ABOVE THE VEHICLE WE SEE TERRA PLAZA PLATFORM POSITIONED IN UPPER ORBIT. IN THE VEHICLE, THE PILOT’S HANDS TRANSFORM TO HUMAN.] CUT TO: -

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