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By John Hamilton

GENRE: Thriller, Crime

Wanting revenge on his grandpa’s killer, a young man, working with a police detective, discovers the killer is the estranged son of the police captain, who covered up murdering the young man’s parents 18 years ago


A grandpa, Orso Ricci, is gunned down with a shotgun outside his front door, by a thug and first-time murderer, Marcus Jackson. Fino Ricci, the grandson, wants to exact revenge on the killer and track him through Brooklyn streets. Fino’s neighbor, Tony, witnesses the murder and gives a description of the driver and the car. Fino uses these clues to hunt down the killer. Sarah Trane, Fino’s fiance, and Marco Rodriguez, his neighbor and his grandpa’s best friend, tries to talk Fino out of this obsession with revenge.

Fino soon discovers, this serial killer, is the estranged son of the local Police Captain, Frank Jackson. The Police Captain, 18 years ago, as a police detective, murdered and covered-up the killing of his parents. Frank blamed the murders on a known, on-the-loose, serial killer, he later single-handedly put behind bars. This catapulted Frank’s career to become a Police Captain. Detective Miller exposes the murder and brings the Police Captain to justice. He also helps Fino bring the serial killer, Marcus Jackson, to justice. Fino can now be at peace knowing that the killers of his parents and grandpa are behind bars for life.

Rutger Oosterhoff

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John Hamilton

WOW! Thank you, Rutger. I apprecite you taking the time to read and rate

Rutger Oosterhoff

It has all the basics John.

John Hamilton

Thank you Dallas for taking the time to read and respond.

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