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By Robert Sacchi

GENRE: Action, Comedy

Two sisters see themselves as the women characters in an action/adventure movie.


It is a dreary summer day in Brooklyn, 1964. Alice, a 26 year-old housewife with two children, a rambunctious 4 year-old boy and a 14 month old girl. Alice has a difficult time taking care of her children. Meanwhile, MOLLY, Alice’s sister, a 30 year-old officer worker, is having a typical boring day at the office. She notices her 60 year-old co-worker and wonders if that will be her in the future.

Alice thinks back to her grammar school days. She reads to the class a make believe biography of a woman. That woman had two children and the next significant event in her life was her death. On the commute home Molly notices elderly women who seem to be older versions of her.

Alice and Molly go out to see a movie. The weather gradually gets worse as they can’t decide on a movie. They agree to stop at the next theater regardless of what is showing. The next theater is showing THE BULGARIAN CONNECTION. Each believes it is going to be a boring movie. They both imagine how the movie will be.

THE BULGARIAN CONNECTION is an action adventure movie with a tall, dark, and handsome man, BRUCE GOLD, as a secret agent taking on an evil international criminal organization. Alice and Molly soon imagine themselves playing the roles of the movie’s female characters. Sometimes they imagine themselves BRUCE GOLD’s partner, sometimes they imagine themselves as an innocent, and sometimes they imagine themselves as a villainess. Sometimes they imagine themselves working with their sister, and other times they imagine themselves as their sister’s mortal enemy.

After the movie Alice and Molly step out of the theater smiling. The rain has stopped and the streets look clean and colorful.

The movie closes with a series of pictures in chronological order that show Alice and Molly traveled to many interesting places and did many fun things during their lives.


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Nathaniel Baker

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H. Wolfe III

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Dustin Quinteros

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Dustin Quinteros

Do the "see themselves" in their imagination or is this literal. Lose women, we know that because they're sisters. :)

Robert Sacchi

In their imagination but what they imagine plays out on the screen. Point taken with the logline.

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