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By Joel Gordon

GENRE: Drama

A gifted, strong -willed Seminole woman escapes sexual enslavement to emancipate her people from white usurpers in Oklahoma Territory.


1838-1882 Sex slave and visionary Olanfa and her brother, Chitti, escape Florida’s Seminole swamps along Trail of Tears to Oklahoma where she fights to keep Indian burial lands away from white swindlers. She marries Townsend Jackson, an African American , raises a family and settles in Greenwood by Tulsa. Olanfa’s tubercular daughter, Sophronia, joins her mother’s struggle to preserve the Indian’s birthright by marrying her enemy. Olanfa dies, but the swindling continues.

1889-1921 Oklahoma Territory is opened to grafters and squatters under the banner of “Manifold Destiny. Mean-spirited Scottish dirt farmer, Gunner McAlister, brokers oil drilling equipment and adopts Indian children to swindle their inherited land rights. The discovery of oil sees the press of oil derricks flood the burial grounds. Gunner joins to fight in WWI where in Germany ‘he learns how Germans use propaganda to get American Negro soldiers to desert. He gets “religion” from a pastor-medic, returns to Oklahoma to see the Greenwood race riots, burning and massacre of June, 1921.

1931-1945 Gunner dies as the Dust Bowl grips four states. Gunner’s widow, Rani escapes with son Pogo to California where mother and son live peacefully until Pearl Harbor. Pogo enlists, Rani loses her business, ends up dying as a lost migrant worker. Pogo is discharged in 1945, full of religion and militancy, takes up the cold trail to find his mother.

Following clues and some intuition, he ends up joining migrant workers to Oklahoma where he becomes a militant spiritual leader for the band of migrants with some unusual talents. Pogo and Tillie marry, son Theodore is born, whose name means “God’s chosen one”, but chosen for what? They are now standing in Oklahoma and the ancient burial mounds kindle old memories.

1953-1985 The boy, Theodore, follows father’s footsteps, toting bible, guns, and his father’s hatred for governmental authority. Ted protects mother from father’s religious wrath but watches helplessly as she falls into alcoholic dependency. Ted blows up Federal Building because it stood on sacred Indian Burial Ground and believes it will fulfill his father’s resolve to thwart the crushing power of the Federal government.

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