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By Tommi Trudeau-Street

GENRE: Not selected

A sweet, crazy, and absolutely, HILARIOUS Romantic Comedy by Tommi Trudeau.




Cast in Los Angeles | Released In Los Angeles

Feature Film | Starts: Late Summer, 2012 | Loc: Los Angeles

Exec. Producer: Tommi Trudeau

Format: HD - Sony F23

Electronic Submissions Only

Note: We plan to use someone from CSA for this project. Please DO NOT submit via Stage 32.

Project Notes: Delinquent Genius Films, is now casting "EDDIE THE LOSER" a Romantic Comedy, (our first feature film) scheduled for production in late summer, 2012. The project will be shot in and around the Los Angeles area.

Eddie Valchek - Lead / MALE / 25 TO 35

Eddie is a homely, overweight loser who lives with his mom. He has never held a job, and drinks too much. Eddie has been in a coma ever since he got drunk six months ago and ran his junky car into a telephone pole. After awaking from his coma, he finds out that he has been dreaming that he was a movie star and slowly comes to the painful realization that in reality, his life really, REALLY SUCKS! Eddie decides to do whatever it takes to return to his coma; to a life that even though it's a dream, is infinitely better than his. Even though he tries some incredibly crazy stunts, Eddie is unsuccessful in his attempts to return to his coma. After one particularly crazy and funny stunt, a passerby, Stacy Meek, rescues him.

Stacy Meek - Lead / FEMALE / 21 TO 35

Stacy is a simple, kind, sweet, gentle girl whom Eddie falls madly in love with. After a whirlwind romance, they are soon married and have a simple honeymoon in a second story room at a rundown motel.

Uncle Stan - Supporting / MALE / 45 TO 70

Required Skills - Dialects: American Southern

Uncle Stan is a hard-core ex-Marine. (Think of the Drill Sergeant in Full Metal Jacket) He previously owned a failing auto repair shop in West Hollywood until the bad economy brought him to the life-changing realization that deep inside, he has always been a woman! After crossing this Rubicon, Uncle Stan shut down the auto repair shop and converted the building into the most successful gay bar in West Hollywood called, "The Automatic Tranny". Outside of the heavy lipstick and Farrah Faucet wig, Uncle Stan has absolutely no feminine features whatsoever and still acts pretty much like a Drill Sergeant.. He runs the club with the love of his life, Reginald.

Reginald - Supporting / MALE / 35 TO 55 / 6' 0" - 7' 0" / African American

Reginald is a very intelligent, big, tall, handsome, and very muscular man who is Uncle Stan's better half. Together they operate the most successful gay bar in West Hollywood called, "The Automatic Tranny".

Since Eddie has never actually had a girlfriend and pretty much hangs out at the Automatic Tranny all of the time, (because he gets free beer..) Reginald and Uncle Stan are CONVINCED that he's gay and are constantly trying to set him up with Hugo, their very nice, (Leather Clad) friend..

Hugo - Supporting / MALE / 25 TO 45

Hugo has a big handlebar mustache and is the leather clad friend of Reginald and Uncle Stan.. As if Barry and the Russian Hooker were not bad enough, Hugo also develops a "Fatal Attraction" for our hero Eddie and in the end of the movie, gets a HELL-OF-A-BEAT DOWN by the kind,, sweet, and gentle Stacy Meek.. When Stacy finally fights for her man, she throws an ass-whipping on Hugo that he will NEVER forget!!!

Barry Sanders - Supporting / MALE / 25 TO 35

The Russian Hooker - Supporting / FEMALE / 35 TO 55 / Caucasian, Eastern European, Scandinavian, Slavic / Balkan

Required Skills - Dialects: Russian

NUDITY REQUIRED. She's been around the block.. (Several Times!) Weathered, drugged up, worn out, and BAT-SH#T CRAZY!!! She takes a liking to our hero, Eddie and when he meets the love of his life, Stacy, her "liking" turns into a full-blown obsession!! Glenn Close in 'Fatal Attraction' ain't got nothin on this CRAZY B#TCH!!

Note: Must be comfortable with nudity - There is a VERY FUNNY scene where The Russian Hooker breaks into Eddie's room NAKED and attacks him with an ax! They end up running down the street with her NAKED violently swinging the ax while chasing Eddie in nothing but his tightie whities!!

Bob The Cop - Supporting / MALE / 50 TO 70

Bob is kind, sweet, and should have retired years ago.. For over 30 years, Bob has had a big crush on Irma and thinks of Eddie as his son. (Is he Eddie's real father?? hmmm..) Bob is the only reason Eddie is not dead or permanently incarcerated!

Irma Valchek - Supporting / FEMALE / 50 TO 70

Irma is Eddie's Mother. She is the quintessential codependent. Where Eddie is concerned, she is possessive, manipulative, controlling, and also in complete denial about his drinking problem. She waits on Eddie hand and foot but refuses to even speak with her now homeless husband. You might say that she has "Anger Issues" over being abandoned by Hue so long ago.

Hue Valchek - Supporting / MALE / 50 TO 70

Hue is Eddies Father. He is a raging alcoholic. When Eddie was 8 years old, Hue had a major mid-life crisis and quit his job. He bought a sports car and decided that he needed his freedom and moved out of the house. He bought some polyester suits and started hitting the disco scene. Two months later, he fell on hard times and took up drinking. He has been a homeless person living in his sports car ever since. He still wears those worn out polyester suits.

Story Line: Bret Martin is a famous movie star. He has every material possession that the heart could possibly desire and is constantly surrounded by beautiful women. One day, while driving his Ferrari down PCH, Bret is broadsided by a garbage truck leaving him in a coma. Bret awakes from his coma to find that his real name is Eddie Valchek, a homely, overweight, loser who lives with his mom, has never held a job, and drinks too much. Eddie has been in a coma ever since he got drunk six months ago and ran his junky car into a telephone pole. Turns out, Eddie has been dreaming that he was a movie star and slowly comes to the painful realization that in reality, his life really, REALLY SUCKS!

Alice Albrecht

Sounds hilarious. Love the odd characters.

J.P. Dumont

Original concept with fabulous character descriptions. I see the story; I see the movie. Absolutely, rocks! Just reading above is as though you've thrown open a window to gloriously cold mountain air! Nice work!

Old Account

This sounds fantastic. Good luck with it!

Leamon Scott

Ironically, this story has some similiar elements of my novel: A Seed for Cora Lee. Not a claim of plagarism at ALL. My story is about a New Orleans woman whose experience with a demonic rapist, spirit world and a dubious pregnancy are revealed in her awakening in Charity Hospital. Available on - Leamon Scott

Douglas Spaltro

" That sounds WICKED funny!" (yup, native New Englander)

Tommi Trudeau-Street
@Douglas Spaltro

Hi Douglass.. Nice to meet you, my friend!

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

I sense charm. What's the unstated ingredient in Eddie that The Russian Hooker responds to? Maybe he was very overweight etc but not homely and he lost weight while in a coma and hasn't caught up to the fact of his new look?

Tommi Trudeau-Street
@Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

Hi Katie Ellen... Eddie is a Terminally, Sweet Guy.. The Russian Hooker is Bat-Shit Crazy and has been abused all of her life.. She has found the nicest man she has ever met and if she can't have him... NOBODY CAN!!! Thus, the Bat-Shit Crazy Part...

Keverne Eason Mapp

Would be interesting to see that Eddie was actually in a coma induced by drink,as he sleepilly rubs his eyes in the first morning rays of sunlight,reaches over to light a cigarette,rolls back onto the pillow and looks towards the cieling,snaps his head to one side to discover that there's a woman snoring next to him,the keys to a luxury sportcar are laid on the side table,he looks at the matchbook from which he lit his reads,'The Automatic Tranny' slowly the pieces of the puzzle fall into place,he is aware that there's an imposter occupying his body,someone posing as him,a guy that pretends to write strange and rather whacky scenarios called 'Tommi Trudeau',a strange mix of a trisexual half French,(as his surname will have us believe....),and a quarter Aboriginie....the woman in the bed rolls over and in a very sleepy velvet voice and says,'Tommi,when are you going to call Eddie for my paycheck....mmmm?',Tommi takes another huge drag from his cigarette,holds it in,then blows it out the smoke into the camera that just happens to be placed above his bed,(absolutely nothing to do with his sexual tendancies at all,I assure you!)......'Awe I dunno,Eddie might have millions...but I think he's a bit of a loser honey,I might even write him into a film I'm working on.....',Tommi shrugged,with a kind of 'I know what I talking about darling,now just go back to your beauty sleep' tone that gets you no cuddles in the morning. She then rolls back over and pouts,still half asleep and murmored....'Tommi....just call,okay?'. Tommi then grumpilly stubs out his cigarette and mumbles under his breath.....'......I'll call him alright,I'll call him - 'Eddie The Loser'. Just having fun! Like your reels

Tommi Trudeau-Street
@Chavela Sturgis

Thank you, soooo MUCH Chavela!

Tommi Trudeau-Street

Thank you, Vonn!

Mark LaFever

This is hilarious! Is the Barry Sanders character meant to be a reference to the NFL player or is it just a name coincidence?

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