Sheikh Shahnawaz's Reel

TRICK - Short Film

A loan shark performs a magic trick for one of his customers.

THE NOWKA BAIS - Short Documentary

The Nowka Bais is a Bangladeshi boat race that takes place every summer in Birmingham. People come from all over the UK to celebrate Bangladeshi culture and heritage.

REVERSAL - Short Film

The death of an unknown man and the moments leading back from it.


Two childhood friends are tested when they meet with a local mob boss for their gang initiation.

THE WOODS - Short Film

A man wakes up in the woods with no memory of how he got there. He must find his way back home but the woods are not exactly what they seem.

GAMER - Short Film

A man battles with his addiction to FORTNITE, a popular online video game after he starts to see his in-game avatar in real life.

DUALITY - Short Film

A domestically abused housewife starts to experience schizophrenic episodes.

WITNESS - Short Film

A robbery goes wrong and 2 crooks must decide what to do with the witness.

BLACKMAIL - Short Film

A teacher finds himself being extorted when he receives incriminating photographs of him with a 15 year old student.

SLEEPLESS - Short Film

A man suffers from chronic nightmares and wears an anklet that electrocutes him whenever he falls asleep. After being awake for so long, he can no longer tell what is real and what is a dream.

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