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By Charley Warady

GENRE: Comedy

 An ordinary, unhappily married, "play-by-the-rules" lawyer in Chicago, meets his son's future in-laws. His world is rocked when he discovers his son's future mother-in-law is the soul-mate he's been looking for his entire life. She's drop-dead beautiful, and way out of his league. Besides, that would not be "playing by the rules." There's a catch. She feels the same way about him. A difficult and hilarious affair ensues, which leads to the discovery that their spouses are also involved with each other. Telling the engaged couple is not going to be easy.


Donald Roth thinks he can never measure up. A suburban husband, father, and seemingly successful Chicago attorney, his life has taken him in the direction of averageness. His chidhood Schwinn three - speed bike should have been good enough, but how could it be when what he really wanted was to set himself apart from the life that was expected of him? His seemingly indifferent and acerbic attitude always seem to get in his own way and keep him from where he wants to be - in the world of five speeds.

Then, unexpectedly, in a series of events precipitated by the engagement of his son, Zack, Donald's life begins to take a 180 degree turn. His underwhelming marriage to his wife, Emily, and the introduction of Zack's future in-laws, Zara and Foster, begin the process of self examination that might finally be the catalyst to go after what he thinks he deserves after all. The twists and turns that ensue, following the lives of these two apparently dysfunctional families, keep the reader chuckling and then laughing and then howling out loud as life presents itself on its own terms. Written with both amazing humor and yet thoughtful characterizations, this fast moving novel is aptly named.

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