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By Alican Serbest

GENRE: Drama, Historical
LOGLINE: After the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, scientists, journalists and victims work against time and a secretive government to contain the leak and find their loved ones.


In 1986, an explosion in Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant changed the way people all around the world see nuclear energy. But few people know what actually happened that fateful night and how in the following days, the sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of people prevented a much bigger cataclysmic event that would affect the whole planet. The Day The World Changed focuses on three of these people: Lyudmila Ignatenko is the pregnant wife of one of the firemen who were at the scene first. When his husband and the other firemen disappears after that faithful night, she has to find him. But the whole town is being evacuated and she has no clue what happened to the firemen. Vassili Nesterenko, a renowned physicist, is the person assigned to contain the radiation leak. But how do you contain something you can’t even get close to? Surrounded with incompetent plant managers and politicians and on a race against time, radiation is only one of the things he has to fight against. Katya Adamovich is an ambitious journalist and a supporter of the state. She comes to Chernobyl to witness the experiment which results with the infamous explosion. But soon, she is going to learn this is just the beginning of her problems and the government will do whatever is necessary to keep things under wrap. As they fight their own battles during the aftermath of one of the biggest disasters in human history, their paths will cross in an unexpected way.


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