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By Jake Cambron

GENRE: Sci-fi, Thriller

After a former Marine witnesses an alien ship crash to Earth while hunting, he must try to prove what he saw before a cover-up can be accomplished. But will anyone believe his story coming from a man suffering from severe PTSD hallucinations? 


Harrison Weber lives alone in his cabin in the foothills of Colorado Springs. A survivor of a brutal attack when he was a Marine, he suffers severe PTSD that has hindered his relationship with his family. The only things that matter now are what he can do alone, like hunting. One day on an early morning hunt Harrison is stunned as he witnesses an alien spaceship crash to Earth on his hunting grounds. He gets a first-hand account and video of seeing the ship, but isn't sure if anyone will believe it's real coming from him. A mysterious object (orb) from the ship is taken away by Harrison. He gets help from his close friend Dwayne to help open up the object and confide in.

Meanwhile a group of soldiers and FBI agents are working tirelessly to study the object and protect it from being viewed by the public.

Harrison's estranged wife Holly is a reporter who is tasked with covering the "plane crash" and takes their two children out to see him as she does her work. Her report is stymied at every turn as the soldiers and FBI agents close up leaks in the investigation.

After finally opening the mysterious object Harrison is able to be tracked by the alien. As he gets back to his cabin to store the object in his bomb shelter he is confronted not only by the alien but Burke and his agents. Who will take control of the orb now?


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Elischa Spies

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