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By T.R. Gough (Tommy)

GENRE: Drama

Five warring families fight for control of the Emerald Triangle’s lucrative marijuana industry as government policy moves towards legalization, and as water become more and more scarce, which family will end up on top?


This is the saga of a CRIME FAMILY who takes on the political and industry establishment, in order to change the negative stigmas associated with marijuana.

The Emerald Triangle is an hour-long serial drama, which unravels in a layered narrative, where FIVE WARRING FAMILIES fight for control of the region’s lucrative marijuana business.

The first season of ten episodes details the domestic war that is raging in the region over water, or better stated the lack there of. We begin in a state of chaos where the patriarch of the ‘green revolution’ is assassinated, leaving a vacuum of power, and activating century old alliances, leading to an unstable environment for all the residents of the Emerald Triangle.

The warring factions are separated in two camps -- pro-legalization versus anti-legalization. Marijuana farmers, politicians, law enforcement officials, gangs and ordinary citizens find themselves enthralled in a web of violence, neither side backing down and giving in to the other side’s demands.

The series arc throughout seven seasons will take the Emerald Triangle from a society descending into total anarchy to one of order with government regulation. Our protagonists are effectively looking to topple the status quo, to prove that a marijuana friendly society is the safest option available for everyone. They will stop at nothing to get there.

Tragedies happen in the Emerald Triangle universe, but none are meaningless. Each act of violence is a tactical move in the chess game being played by the government and its citizenry. The point of the series is to effectively show that what we are told is not necessarily true, or what is best for us. This series hopes to open viewers’ minds, to get them thinking for themselves, and formulating their own ideals of what a modern utopian society should look like in the twenty-first century.

The ‘green revolution’ is inevitable

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