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New Carlisle, Ohio

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About Ryan

I have been writing features for eight years. Comedy is my genre of choice. I greatly enjoy writing rated R material, but find PG family friendly fantasies in the vein of Harvey, It's A Wonderful Life, and Field of Dreams to be a nice release. Very involved in quirky PG-13 coming of age dramedies. Is there anything better than touching the heart and tickling the funny bone all within 90 pages?

I try to focus on the business side BEFORE I write to make sure the idea will be fresh for audiences and familiar for producers. My scripts all contain three main attributes. 1. A strong original idea that will hook you in. 2. Marketable to reach as large an audience as possible. 3. Make it memorable so audiences will want to come back again and again like a comfy blanket on a cold day. Those are the DVD's I have on my shelves.

My goal has always been to entertain with funny and/or touching stories that provide a much needed release from the every day. I am excited to finally be able to share these scripts and ready to collaborate with other storytellers! Don't be shy. Especially if you are interested in stories that incorporate a little comedy. I am here and happy to help. Maybe I've got an idea or outline that is just right for you. I welcome any and all help to improve these scripts so they can ultimately be enjoyed by more than just me! Be sure to browse the loglines. Thanks for checking in. Come back soon for updates on my wall. Ryan

*Finalist in the 2018 Stage 32 & National Lampoon Search for Comedy Gold Screenwriting Competition



  • A Ride To Remember

    A Ride To Remember Drama Fantasy A good natured driver meets a woman in need and agrees to take on her friends as clients only to discover they are ghosts seeking an escort to the afterlife.

  • The Missing Peace

    The Missing Peace Drama A young man struggles through life writing books on depression when three women enter his life and alter his views on friendship, career, and love.

  • Up Late With Charlie Dickens

    Up Late With Charlie Dickens Comedy After hypnosis leaves him saying exactly what's on his mind, a struggling comedian lands a late night talk show that puts him back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

  • Heaven Help Me... Or Not

    Heaven Help Me... Or Not Comedy Fantasy A guardian angel questions his purpose which puts himself and his human assignment in the cross-hairs of a smooth-talking devil.

  • Misery Loves Company

    Misery Loves Company Romance Comedy An unlikely romance blossoms between a man with no luck and a woman with no character.

  • No Place Like Limbo

    No Place Like Limbo Comedy Fantasy A lost soul wants to free his wife from the monotony of eternal boredom in Limbo, but learns that if he succeeds, she will lose all memory of him and their life together.

  • Dawn Of A New Age

    Dawn Of A New Age Comedy Dawn's in a mid-life crisis when her top-rated jewelry show is turned into adult toy TV and now she needs her best friend's help to show everyone that this mom's still got game.

  • Five Reasons We Should Be Friends

    Five Reasons We Should Be Friends Comedy Drama After her father's untimely death, a lonely teen forces her way into the life of the depressed mortician starting a most unlikely and unusual friendship.

  • Folk Heroes

    Folk Heroes Drama A folk singer with a terminal illness seeks forgiveness from his former best friend for going solo and making millions off their work over the last twenty years.

  • The Anti-Social Club

    The Anti-Social Club Comedy Drama Five outsiders form a new school club that over the course of the school year has everyone talking about how weird, mean, creepy, and courageous they are.

  • Dying To Know You

    Dying To Know You Comedy Fantasy A funeral director's personal and professional lives are at stake when his recently deceased friends target him as their last good deed to get into Heaven.

  • Bobby & Francis Forever

    Bobby & Francis Forever Comedy Fantasy A skeptical sheriff questions his younger brother's sanity for befriending a guardian angel that only he can see, but even doubting Francis can't ignore the evidence revealing his town's good fortune since Bobby's return home.

  • Rebel Yell

    Rebel Yell Comedy A dee jay's punk rock style and take no prisoners attitude puts her on top of the ratings earning her friends, fans, and one very jealous rival at the station.

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