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By Anton Guttenberg

GENRE: Drama

In an attempt to save his school, the lonely, career-obsessed president of the New York Academy of Art goes into the middle of the Rocky Mountains to the talented eldest son who hid his passion for art from his traditional hunters-family since he saw his father shooting himself. As the president reveals that he knows about his secret, the boy declares him as his enemy. Little do both of them know about their related traumas.


Benjamin Shulman, the president of the New York Academy of Art, ran away from home, when he was 16 years old. Being the young brother of the family, he constantly felt misunderstood and unloved by his parents, his teachers, his classmates and most importantly his elder brother. 40 years of fight later, he realises that, if he shouldn't take action, his Academy will go down the drain. In all those years he lost his pure understanding for original art. Over a few detours he finds out about this young artist from Colorado, called Jonathan Wood. He decides to go there only to get the door shut in front of his face. Jonathan, who has been hiding his passion for the fine arts from his well-known, traditional hunters-family, since he saw his own father shooting himself in the head. Being the eldest son of the family, Jonathan is trapped in his situation, of feeling deeply responsible for caring for his family and holding up the traditions.

Now that Benjamin showed up in his constructed heaven, his whole mask is in danger.

And Benjamin finds himself in the same brother-conflict that he had 40 years ago.

After Benjamin got rejected by Jonathan, he goes back into the little town, called Blankville. He tries to get a room, since the train system got shutdown du to the incoming snowstorm. But the hotel is completely booked out. In the lobby of the hotel Jonathan meets a woman, who kindly offers him a room on their ranch a little outside Blankville. After some hesitation, Benjamin accepts the offer and steps into her car. The closer they get to their destination, the more he realises that he is sitting next to Jonathan's mother.

At the ranch, Jonathan is deeply shocked, that he showed up again and declares him as his enemy and threatens him to hi death, if Benjamin should tell anyone the reason why he came to Colorado. Even though Jonathan's grandfather doesn't really trust Benjamin, Jonathan's little brothers and especially his mother quite like him. As the storm intensifies and Jonathan decides to bring the rest of the family from the mountain-house to the main Ranch, because he couldn't reach them by phone, his mother decides that he's only allowed to go, if he takes Benjamin with him. There's nothing Jonathan would like to do less, but he doesn't really have a chance.

Having started their mission, Benjamin sees a chance to finally talk to Jonathan alone and convince him to come to New York with him. But he still doesn't talk to him. In the mean time the family members, that they wanted to rescue have already arrived at their Ranch. They took another route through the mountains, because the one that Jonathan and Benjamin are on right now is, due to the weather conditions, more or less a guarantee for death.

Jonathan and Benjamin have no idea about the recent news and continue their way. After an hour of walk, a grizzly attacks them and Benjamin saves Jonathan's life by the skin of his teeth. Jonathan now finally opens up to Benjamin and telly him, that when he was 13 years old, his father committed suicide in front of his eyes, which makes him mentally unable to leave his family for something like art. Benjamin and Jonathan continue their way and get along quite well, until Benjamin confesses to him, that he cut the landline, that's why he wasn't able to call his family. Jonathan is deeply hurt by him and leaves him in the mountains. As he arrives home he tells his family, that Benjamin tried to kill him.

Benjamin, still in the mountains, freaks out, because he can't stand himself anymore. He finally dares to look into his past into his traumatic experiences as the youngest brother and we recognise a lot of similarities to the experiences that Jonathan had with his brothers, only that we now experience them from another perspective.

He finally decides to confront his past and goes back to the Ranch with the help of a map that Jonathan's mother gave him. He arrives at the Ranch and shares his past with Jonathan, who finally decides to also bury his past and move to New York City to become an artist.

Anton Guttenberg

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