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By Zaigham Abbas

GENRE: Action, Fantasy

James only Human left of earth after vampires have take over he is forced to complete a task to ensure the safety of his family.


James begins to hide his entire family in the bunker in the basement he then pick up his gun as he gets ready to deal with the intruders. Mia walks in and offers he a choice with allows his family to live but he declines. Mia jumps on to him attempting to bite his neck but is stopped by Dimolian. He gives him a job to do or they will break into the bunker and snap their necks.

James enters the Castle of Dimolian and they enter the kings court and there is his given 2 assistance and a phone so he can contact them and his loved ones in the bunker. Timmy and Tony show their fangs and look at James as he is the last human that survived the vampire war a mural of the war can be seen behind the thrown. They leave the court before they do James has a timeline of week to bring him the stone of life from the Deadlands. Demolian hands him a bottle it holds false blood for the vampires.

They enter a town called Bloodmark and enter in the nearby hotel to rest for the night the vampires remove their heavy clothing that is covering them from head to toe. They drop their clothing and begin to plan their movement to enter the Deadlands each agree it is better to enter the land during the day to avoid the demon’s and the lost vampires are vampires that have been turned into half zombies. They turn in for the night and wait for day break James calls Linda and she informs him they are fine and his traps are holding them back for now.

We see Mia speak to Linda through the phone she laughs and stars to walk through the she begins to defeat large golems as she moves closer to the bunker. James wakes up and they head towards the Deadlands to find the soul stone. The drive through the sand dunes they are pulled down into the sand by the lost vampires. They battle their way out and the vampire’s punch and kick the lost one’s away.

Back in the tunnel Tommy watches the camera with Emily and Linda waits at the door as she hears footsteps coming from the end of the hallway but the walls collapse stopping Mia from advancing. Mia in rage calls Demolian informing of the current situation and he orders her to grab the family at any cost so Mia breaks the walls down and sends her minons in to take the family Linda and Emily try to fight back but it is a lost battle. They are taken to the castle and Demolian calls James informing him he has 5 days or they die.

James after stopping the bike near the cave where the stone is hidden as each walk into the cave we see the vampires are unable to enter the cave as they are stopped by demons at the entrance and give him the option to turn away or deal with trials in the cave. James accepts the trials and all 3 are allowed to enter cavern.

In the castle all of them are brought back to the king’s court and each of them are brought in handcuffs. Timmy is the only one without cuff and none of the vampires are able to touch him due to the mark on his hand put there by his mother.

The demon shows James the first trial the trial of blood he is put into a trance and they put him into the back in the war where his made the choice to let his family live in exchange for the lives of the last remain humans. He gives his life to protect the humans and wakes up in the cave they look at him tell him it has been a day. He gets up and the cave wall opens up leading to the next trial Thantos waits for them he looks at the vampires and laughs as he cuts the roof open letting light he looks at James and invites him to battle him James pulls out his sword and walks into the light reveling the mark of light. Thantos looks with joy and moves his hand in motion for battle the vampire go start to rap themselves with black clothing and prepping their guns.

Thantons put the vampire down and tell them not to interfere in the battle Thantos gives him the option to leave one last time but James refuses and defeats Thantos but he gets back up and enters James blade as his gradian spirt. They enter the third room but the vampires are stopped as only the living may enter the demons reappear.

James enter the hallway an angel can be seen holding the soul stone he looks at James but will not give it to him on the account he must complete one last task. He needs to kill the king of demons only then the soul stone will work once more the demons kill the vampire. The angel and over the stone in a neckless and gives him the opportunity to bring back the humans once more.

Gonzalo Garcia Santos

Thanks for connecting, Zaigham. Best Regards from Spain.

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