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By Zaigham Abbas

GENRE: Action, Horror

A spirt tired of human justice puts his justice into the land of the living and Thane and Desdemona are pulled into his form of justice.


Jameson starts in a voodoo shop and is collecting rage inducing pills and walks out of the shop.

Thane wakes up in a court that is ruled by a ghostly spirt he is being interrogated by the spirt as his dead wife is sitting in both looking down at him. As the judged forces him to face everything his had done to her how he shot her to death. We then see how he got away with murder and blamed his wife’s death on the brother and he got to walk free. He is then put through pain and forced to choose death or incarnation.

We then see Thane walk into a normal court and spill the truth out and leaves in cuffs entering the prison cell meets his new cell mate and sinks into his bed ignoring all the sounds around. As this take place back in the spirts court the Judge closes files and puts it in the fire next to him.

Desdemona Walks into the court asking him why he only deals with the cases of the dead and not of the living. He looks at her and then begins to speak on the many reasons he does not involve himself in the living as he requires a herald that is willing to do anything for justice no matter the cost or sacrifice.

Desdemona appears in front of Thane giving an opportunity to walk free if he finds 10 innocent that have been sent to prison wrongfully. She then disappears leaving Thane to pounder these thoughts. While doing so he is visited by the lawyer they have a small chat about him never leaving this place until Thane brings the following to his mid asking him to look for this person that forced him to speak the truth in the court. His lawyer Jameson walks away telling him ill look into it just to humor you.

As we see the lawyer is confronted by Desdemona spirt as she knocks him out and they wake up in the spirt court as he is forced to relive each moment where he sent the wrong person to the slammer letting the quilt leave he is the torment for each person you had killed them self because of what he chose to do. He then enters the prison determined to free 10 innocent to ease his mind.

Jameson comes to see Thane in the prison and when speaks to him Thane gives him a name of the judge that forced him to confess his crime. Jameson leaves the area thinking this is some joke and walks into his house. He is met by Alvar an angel who knocks him out and takes him towards the portal.

Jameson wakes up and we see what Amnon on the chair and he panics and tries to move but is unable to as his hands are stuck to a wooden chair. Then we shown the events that led to the death of Desdemona and her brother on in prison.

In the prison Thane makes a new friend named Badram he assists him in finding innocents in the prison. Thane keeps quite on the spirt of justice and helps Alan leave the prison as a free man. This attracts more people to walk up Thane and Badram in hope they can help them leaves as information spreads that a man is able to get them out of prison.

We see Desdemona find a new body in the ally with the help of Alvar she picks up a new body that looks exactly like her. We see Jameson drive to the court and hand over a file.

Back in prison Badram and Thane speak with eight out people and write down their names and case. Later Jameson come to visit Thane in the prison as they have their chat Desdemona enters the room scaring Jameson away.

They head back home and have a bit of fun before they are interrupted by Alvar who tells them they are required to come the court tomorrow they then continue to have their fun. They wake up the next day and wait for the portal into the court.

We see Jameson go back to the voodoo shop in hopes to escape the spirt he finds help from Dante who makes a point to drop on a herald and another that will capture Amnon. He summons a demon for back the demon name is Lilu.

Then we enter the court Amnon deals with each case punishing the guilty and freeing the innocent when the case comes of a man who raped Carr in prison his reproductive organs a ripped off and sent back to the prison to rot.

They take a break while they wait for Jameson to enter the court to battle as the battle begins Desdemona and Thane are taken out and Amnon comes back and changes the area into a coliseum and finishes last few cases then he battles Lilu and her horde of daemons wipes out all the demons and lets Alvar take care of Lilu and battle.

Once the battle is over Jameson is allowed to leave but dies moments after he leaves the court. Dante is forced to work for Amnon to stay out hell and Desdemona and Thane leave for a honeymoon and the world knows of Amnon existance.

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