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By Zaigham Abbas

GENRE: Horror, Fantasy

A child out for vengeance after she learns of the death of her mother by hands of supernatural psychopath.


A body hangs as killer gloats on his latest victim as he starts to move he turns back and punches the body then changes to sensually touch the body. He is then interrupted by the spirt of the woman he has killed he laughs at the spirt mocking her how great warrior fell to him like was just some sick joke. In the back we can see a family photo with blood covering it there is nothing but blood pouring.

The ghost then makes a pact with the killer break her mentally she is all your but you are not allowed to kill her or fight her unless she battles you. Also, you are under no circumstance to use your supernatural abilities. I will not use mine in exchange. Also, no harming my husband at all he can’t defend himself. The cost of breaking the pact was loss of supernatural abilities for a while. Also, the ghost can only speak to Leona no one else was also part of the pact. A symbol is drawn on the ground both step in a mark is formed on Clay but not on Emma as she is dead.

We go 5 years into the past and see Emma hiding items around the house clothing a bottle of some sort and a golden armor she found on the lawn. As she sees the item she goes to the temple of the sun through meditation and has fight with the sun goddess you tell her the fate of her daughter. She leaves the temple in anger and moves back to her body and goes to Leona to find her awake so she tells her a few stories and they fall asleep.

We see Leona in the backyard practicing kickboxing and fighting with her weapons overall in the middle of training she is interrupted by her mother who is there to give her a warring. As Leona turns to hit her hand passes through the Emma and Leona sees what has happened and falls to the ground. As she looks up Emma’s disappears and James is there who looks has her. She gets up and informs him of what has happened and that they are in danger. James just looks at her and begins to laugh and ignores what she has said but Leona makes a run for it into the house James’s follows her closely behind.

As they enter the house on the back wall is nothing but a giant blood angel that has the writing all must die. They panic and Leona grabs the phone and ends up call the cops she begins to speak but the line is cut and static can be heard the she takes James cell phone there is no bar just no signal.

At that moment Jason walks in and looks at Leona and give her a hug she panics and tries to show him the painting on the wall he ignores it as if he can’t see it. James pulls and take her to the garage to grab the cars so all of them can leave. As they enter the garage the cars are covered in red paint and the tiers have been slashed. They move towards the exit and find the car tires of Jason’s car is also cut same story no way out and they are trapped.

Leona and James move back into the house and take Jason into his room letting him rest for the time being. Leona and James move through the house to pick up weapons to help them in the fight to come. As they move to the attic to collect a baseball bat a recorder is found where they hear Clay voice for the first time he tell them to move to the basement.

As they enter the basement they find a box that is filled with Emma’s hand with her ring on it. This is followed by the door closing and being locked by Clay he mocks them for a while before unlocking the door and leaving.

In the cop car both detective are moving towards the house after the call cuts.

They leave the basement through the small window in the side of the wall rather than walking out of the basement. We see that as they start to move James is in shock and moves towards the side but stand there for a while. Leona is guided by Emma to a false floor in the living room to collect a bottle of chloroform. As Emma leaves we can see James walk in with fear in his eyes he takes a seat in the kitchen and Leona joins him for a bit. Then she hears scream form the top floor but is stopped by James as he hopes the pact can be broken so does not let her go to the aid of her father. After a few moment they move to the stair and find blood on the floor and the walls.

Leona rushes to the top leaving James behind a weaken Emma comes and speaks to James tell him to collect items to help in stopping Clay. Back in Jason’s rooms she walks in and finds her mother body strung up and Jason on the ground without his finger. The finger can be found in Emma’s mouth with another recording that is in her stomach this fear was dangerous and James walks in with dead black lily’s and gives it to Leona who places on under her mother’s body and puts the rest rubbing it against her sword. They take Jason down to the couch where Leona and Jason both a taken by Clay through dark magic present in the recording when it was played.

A battle takes place in the mind of Leona also on the outside where Leona fights with a controlled Jason. As the fight goes on James follows Emma’s instruction to put a mark on her free her from the mind control. But the battle becomes more intense and also has a larger dark sense to it that he has no choice but to sit back and watch these two go at it with superhuman strength.

Back in Leona mind she is trapped in a school and is being told a story that is dark and gruesome and full of pain. Each second feeling like hell as he manipulates her in an attempt to break her. There is so much darkness but a little light on the other side is attracts Leona towards it without another hope she rushes towards the light. Then the mark of the sun appears on her hand which glows and helps her escape.

When she come’s too she sees a beaten and bloody Jason as James was in the far corner on the side who could not even get involved in the battle. Leona picks up Jason and put him back on the couch and then collapses on to chair as she is brought a medication for her pain. As she sits down Emma tell her that her bed can heal her pain as it can help her heal so James helps her up and takes her to her bedroom.

As they walk up James look over to see Clay as he runs up to Leona’s room as he opens the door he ends up on a table and is told a story of the devil’s daughter. He then moves and ends up in Leona’s room where he hides and draws a moon on his hand. Which then gives him the shield to save himself from Clay all he does is try to save himself but is thrown out to the garden.

In the cop car both detective speak about Emma and how she saved them once upon a time and her ability to defeat power monsters.

Back in the real-world Leona enter her room and put James body on the ground and moves to sleep on the bed as she goes into a trance to join James to bring him back to the real world. As she joins him in there she pulls out her sun blade and begins to battle Clay.

Emma in the real worlds sees the marks appear and also watch Clay tie up Leona and drags James. As Leona come out with James his head is being crushed and then his neck is snapped like twig and Clay walk out giving her a chance to joins him. As he leaves we see a mark glow on his body brings him back but he is full of fear and collapse next to Leona and just sleeps next to her for a moment.

As they wakeup Leona stand up and moves towards the door but is stopped by James and his moon shield and Leona draws her sun sword. Before things can escalate Emma stops them telling them that there is more to what they are holding they have a chance to beat Clay. Emma tells her to collect the armor as it will help her control her power to the sun.

As she enters Jason’s room to look for the armor she rips the wall down but the body of her mother is missing from the wall. As she puts on the armor and walks towards the attic to mediate to enter the temple of the sun so she can grab the power from the goddess. While she mediates James goes to her room to collect soil that can drain magical energy.

The class crashes and breaks in the middle of the house as we see an empty couch we see James runs towards the attic and waits on the edge hopping Leona comes out soon as he sweats and collects a helmet that give him temporary invisibility. In the temple Leona walks towards the goddess and then speaks to her for bit before she takes the seal accepting her new ability and power to exterminate the darkness. As she wakes up and breaks the roof to jump at Clay to begin their battle. As James walkdown to the ground invisible to join the battle.

In the mist of Leona land, a blow and take away his power but he escapes to the basement before she follows him she notices the that James is full of blood and has no strength left in his body. As she put him on the couch and follow rushes to the basement for her last battle.

As she goes down she removes the cap on the chloroform bottle and dumbs it on Clay mask as he struggles to breath he drops his mask then hides in the shadow but as the light touches off his face it is revealed we see that it is the father who is Clay. We see the cops finally enter the house after the hour is done and go down stairs to basement as James guides them by his hand and passes out.

We see Leona collapse as we see Clay loom over her and is about to cut her or let her forget what happened and join him. The cops come in and are immediately thrown out like dolls while he torments her as she sinks into the floor. Emma’s goes to the temple and call out the goddess to help her warrior as she will die. The goddess accepts and goes to Leona’s body to battle Clay.

The battle starts in the basement and heads towards the dark realm where Clay has the advantage to the mountain peak where the sun is blazing down on the battle field. In Leona’s mind Clay messing with her to break her he shows the reason the temple is empty the reason her mother did not have any means to protect her. He then shows her how he torched and mutilated her mother which snaps Leona into blazing rage where she takes over and starts to destroy Clay but she is calmed by the goddess to so a daughter does not have to kill a father.

They end up in the basement once more where Clay escapes to the garden and is caught by the goddess and then is stabbed through the chest and left to die but Clay rises and is shot in the head by the detectives. Leona takes over and picks up James and takes him to the ambulance outside to and joins him as he falls asleep she holds his hand.

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