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By Joan Tankersley

GENRE: Action, War
LOGLINE: Captain Edward Hume leads a volunteer-only, misfit squad of bomb disposal soldiers with a 10 week life expectancy to become unexpected international heroes in France during WWII.


The Kaboom Boys is the true, untold World War II action drama of U.S. Army Bomb Disposal Captain Edward Hume and his squad of misfit soldiers who sign up for death duty. During WW II the Allies and Nazi’s drop 3.4m+ tons of bombs across Europe and the UK. Of those, 10% fail to explode, all delay-action wire-ready to kill. BD men diffuse, detonate and clear bombs for the safety of all despite a dismal 10-week life expectancy. As Edward learns on the job how to lead, The Kaboom Boys combat Nazi terror becoming accidental heroes along the way. Edward imagines himself a better life than the slow death he faces working like his father and brother in a Pennsylvania coal mine. As the world around him rushes off to war, he saves several miners from near death in a mine collapse. Recognized as a leader he’s offered a chance to volunteer for bomb disposal (BD) despite his 4-F classification. Edward jumps at the chance to enter a BD world as part of a newly formed battalion. Escaping his high school sweetheart with "only a white picket fence on her mind”, he begins a journey into his destiny: the greater world. Training in the US and then in England with the RAF, his eyes are opened to his emerging strengths, eager to face the challenges ahead. But, all is not so simple. A constant tick tock of time increases pressure on Edward with a looming 10-week life expectancy, but he’s determined to get a grip on his gut-wrenching fear— to survive not for only himself but for the sake of his men. As the unruly squad becomes a team, Edward bonds with Bill, Charlie, Gene, Morty, Pete and Carl — sharing moments of testosterone and heartache. They develop a new-found love, a quest to Mont Saint-Michel. Crossing the English Channel and dropped onto Utah Beach The Kaboom Boys race into Normandy. They face unending obstacles, planted by the Nazis: on darkened convoy-filled roads, in destroyed villages, on chaotic battlefields, at a field hospital filled with the dead and dying, at an intense command headquarters and inside a blown-out booby-trapped chateau. Despite developing a romantic interest with a field hospital nurse — Virginia Brown — Edward notices tensions flare as Bill shows signs of instability — a pre-war undiagnosed PTSD. Bill's suffering jeopardizes the squad as he ultimately unravels. His tragic end shifts The Kaboom Boys into a high-gear heroic mission onto Mont Saint-Michel. That’s where bombs lay beached close by, triggering an international crisis that only Edward and The Kaboom Boys can handle. Ultimately to the mudflats of Mont Saint-Michel Bay where the Archangel Michael — the protector of warriors — observes The Kaboom Boys in the form of a glistening gold statue. In the treacherous tidal waters surrounding Mont St Michel, Edward forges a renewed confidence and faith in himself and the world discovers the greatness of BD Captain Edward Hume and The Kaboom Boys.

Barry A.A. Dillinger

Rated this logline

Joan Tankersley

Thanks for the stars Barry. Hoping to find a studio for this epic film. Maybe Canne will provide that producing/distribution contact

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