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By Nancy Gail Fox Aka Fox-Taylor

GENRE: Historical, Documentary

Subject: "The River Farm Drive Mom"
The River Farm Drive Mom By Nancy Gail Fox Aka Fox-Taylor
GENRE: Biography, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Historical

LOGLINE: A mother’s devotion and determination heightens her psychic ability to save her daughters.


Subject: "The River Farm Drive Mom"

SYNOPSIS: The psychic mothers world collapses by stalkers who spy at the single mom and lovely daughters home on River Farm Drive and she figures out how the run slavery internationally to save her daughters lives. She does Angel Board readings and find out they are being framed and sold to slavery in the summer of 2008, a mom sober since 1985, a family Realtor with no enemies is shocked by stalkers and lies about her by predators trying to adopt her two lovely teenagers to sell them to slavery, a Ballerina actress and a hunter jumper sober teen, the mom tells the whole world by channel writing by her many guides and mind reads the spies who do this. She tells the whole world for four years and no one tells her a word of the danger, a thousand frame her to murder her daughters and her and she;s always alone reporting crime tips.

Subject: "The River Farm Drive Mom" By Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor

“The River Farm Drive Mom”

By Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor

Screenplay Treatment

This is a story about a mother who becomes a medium clear vessel of light at their house on River Farm Drive and writes for Jesus Christ and God Almighty who explain how slavery is run internationally. She is an overprotective mother and a rape victim and they are stalked on their superb cul de sac street one summer and the mom is worried someone is after her teenage daughters Jessica and Hannah Taylor, they live in a small town upscale community in the suburbs by Thousand Oaks, that she heard was supposed to be the safest city in the Country and they moved their quickly in 1997 for the safety of a family community and her daughters had a wonderful upbringing in Westlake Village and their mom Nancy Fox is a patient over calm person who is very in tune with her surroundings and their safety and quit working on movies to stay home with her daughters and was a full time mother when they were young and devoted her time to raising them and their happiness was what’s important and they moved to a track home with large flat backyard on a street that had many girls the same age as her daughters and she felt like a fish out of water there and culture shock in the conservative suburb town as she’s a movie industry personality and lived in Studio City for many years and was raised in Sherman Oaks,California living the trendy artist movie cultural life and her husband worked on films building sets and communicated from The Conejo Valley where they moved for the safety of their family and to be fifteen minutes from Malibu. Their marriage was rocky so she got her Real Estate license in 1999 to provide for her daughters as a single mom as she was separated in Jan, 2000 and she worked selling homes while her daughters were at school and she got up at 4 am as usual as she was used to this hour from being a “Costume Designer” on movies and television shows. She worked several hours emailing her Real Estate buyers listings each day so half her day was done before her kids got out of bed and she made them breakfast and drove them to school and volunteered in their classroom and was a very devoted mom and her younger daughter was four years old and she went to pre school half days three minutes from her office as her world revolved around them and she managed to provide by only working when they were busy at School and activities and also wrote a screenplay at four in the morning called “ Angel’s Anonymous” and is a metapsychical person whose spiritual,prays to God all the time and depends on him, as shes sober in AA since 1985 and was six years sober when her first daughter was born on Sept. 17th,1991 at Tarzana Hospital and she lived in Studio City then and they moved and bought a home in Valley Glen that had many artist movie film crew types on their street,and they had their second daughter Hannah Grace Judith Taylor on March 31st,1995 and one day sitting on the couch she saw the “ Westlake Village” sign flashing before her eyes as she's clairvoyant from time to time in her life and occasionally telepathic and has accurate psychic premonition dreams since she was young and could use the ouija board very fast alone spelling sentences out when she was a child on Ranchito Avenue in Sherman Oaks, California very close to their house in Valley Glen and they spent much time there by her mom’s house where she grew up by the Fashion Square Mall. She had many psychic dreams in her life that were exactly right and advanced her higher consciousness by being sober in AA so long and became a very spiritual person and always was calm and introverted and wise and worldly as a deep creative thinker with a big imagination and is a screenplay writer and read a higher consciousness book at age eighteen and in her twenties read metaphysical spiritual books and heaven was an interest to her and psychic readings and this was a hobby to her as she did her own tarot cards for fun in her twenties and I ching and read Astrology books, The Prophet and those television shows were her interest and also detective T V shows and her nickname was Nancy Drew as a natural detective and her father died when she was twenty one and when she touched his mug all the cups chimed in the cupboard and she jumped out of bed right before he died as she's a psychic medium inside and always has been her whole life and just relied on her intuition in her daily life and took it for granted as an insightful perceptive person and then becoming sober in the program of A A she learned to really rely on a power greater than herself and always prayed and wrote prayers to God and spoke to him outloud and turned it over to him and learned to align her will with God's will and did much spiritual work in her mid to late twenties at her townhouse/condo in Studio City by the L. A. River where she loved to hear the water rushing among pine trees with a view of Universal Studios from her balcony. In 2002 she was touched by the light at their house on Janlor Drive by an angel, who was her next door neighbor on Ranchito when she was growing up who she called her second mom and she had just been to her funeral at The San Fernando Cemetery and was crying as she drove in between driving her kids around and Shirley Mancuso wrapped her angelic being around her as she was half asleep and she felt the spirit of light and Shirley said “ I’ll protect you and your girls from heaven” and when she awoke she worried what do they need protecting from? And worried all the time and that was the nickname her ex husband gave her as he said worry wart is your middle name as she's over careful more than most moms and studied parenting and healed her own inner child in Adult Children of Alcoholics before she had her children and educated herself on raising kids without shame or guilt and learned to raise them with nurturing and a positive self esteem free spirit new age parent way by her study and did this work before she had them and knew for certain she would be a good mom and prided herself on it and worked her AA program by each night saying I know I was a good mom today and that is what is important is to know I did the best I could and that I am sober today and kept a clear consciousness with no guilt or shame of remorse as she learned in AA to not lie, cheat or steal, or manipulate and installed these moral values in her daughters Jessica and Hannah Grace Taylor. After Shirley touched her by the light of her angelic being she interrupted a psychic doing readings in Westlake Village on her Angel Board Alliance psychic tool and the woman was a mom from school, an acquaintance whose husband was a Real Estate appraiser that Nancy Fox worked with in Real Estate and she kept bumping into her wherever she went and she said “ a woman named Shirley keeps interrupting my Angel Card readings saying I have to speak to Nancy Fox and she kept urging Nancy to come for a Angel Board reading and finally she did after they were in the parking garage and the same elevator miles away from Westlake Village in Westwood and she knew that was meant to be and she should go and find out why Shirley was trying to reach her, at the reading they put their hands on the device together and the flame on the candle burned high and moved back and forth and they spelled out on the letters of the Angel Board “ Your put on earth to do goodwill and save humanity” and later her channel writing said “ to save the human race” so she bought an angel board and God spelled out to her on it and her Dad Doug Fox and she did her love life readings and it spelled “ Last man standing” and “ Ace in the hole” and many sayings such as these and it became a hobby she did at night when her kids went to sleep. She bought it after they moved to their house on River Farm Drive, she had dreams about the house before she saw it and when she first parked in front of it with her daughters she said “ Oh my God, this is the wide street I dreamed about and there was a horse sign on the corner” and she had other dreams of the hallway and her daughters rooms as if it was a steady cam point of view and she dreamed of her ex husband coming to see the house and running out the slider down the driveway and that happened exactly as her dream. When they first walked in she heard the church bells chime from the Catholic Church across the street and it felt so spiritual she knew it was the house and decided to buy it before she even looked at it and when she saw the house it was exactly the floor plan she dreamed about and her daughters loved it and she was looking for many years and writing offers on one story houses for her elderly mom from Sherman Oaks to live with them and that was her mom's old age plan. She wrote an offer and it happened easily and she knew it was meant to be and they moved in that summer of 2005 and her angel board landed in their driveway and she started doing it every night as a hobby. The family was victimized as in 2005 and 2006 their mailbox on a post in front of their house was knocked down and broken and her car was broken into in their long driveway on River Farm Drive and her daughters RAD Ballet bag was stolen and her Real Estate Portfolio and her mom’s diamond heirloom platinum rings were stolen from her house on Ranchito Ave and 2008 summer they were stalked out of nowhere cars were speeding around their street and parking in front of their mail box for hours and the mom wondered if a Realtor was after her business and said “I don't have any enemies, who in the world would be stalking ? “ and worried the people were trying to kidnap and rape her kids, who were teens as she does nothing wrong, is a quiet reserved person and being a rape victim and a psychic had a horrible feeling that something awful was going on so she did her angel board readings and it spelled out “ They take people to sex slavery by lying and its two or more liar conspiracy” and spelled “ your being framed” and then in 2009 spring she was slandered out of nowhere and when she slept and napped she kept dreaming of a 911 and was so worried about her kids, then her brother lied out of nowhere and lied she was suicidal and has never been in her life and is usually an over happy person and is sober more than half her life and leads a spiritual life and is a successful Real Estate agent who had a solid ten year all referral business that was ruined and her car had broken down and then DCFS knocked on their door the week her brother lied she was suicidal and when she did not have a car then her child support stopped and her mom's car license plates were hidden by siblings so she could not borrow it and she needed it to sell real estate and to drive her daughters around and someone took her moms will the same week from her house in Sherman Oaks and suddenly Nancy Fox was broke and stuck and frustrated and so worried as a single mom who's always running the ship so well and suddenly the rug was pulled out from beneath her and her child support stopped by lies told to DCFS as her sister lied she took meds and did not and did not need any and there was no prescription and she's a long time sober AA lady and anonymous callers lied to DCFS and called and described the 911 nightmares she had as delusions and they were psychic premonition dreams of something happening to her daughters and she has accurate psychic dreams since she was a child so of course she would take them seriously as she's a good mom and knew to heed the warning and so many suspicious things had gone on for so long she knew something was going on and thought of her angel board spelling “ a two or more liar conspiracy takes people to take them to sex slavery” and said “ I have to stop slavery internationally to save my kids and I am going to stop it completely so nothing happens to them” and became a medium clear vessel of light and started writing for God and Jesus Christ and wrote ten hours straight by hand for God one day ,one thousand pages in the summer of 2009 and faxed it all over the world for many hours and in 2010 she started emailing her channel typing out from many addresses explaining how slavery is run internationally and took buses to libraries and reported crime tips and stood on her feet all day at The Apple Store at The Sherman Oaks Fashion Square mall and then bought three laptops she carried in her purse and did her channel writing and emailing all day and night to stop slavery internationally.


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