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By Ryan Martinez

GENRE: Animation, Comedy

The government makes teenage clones of entertainment giants to save the Hollywood and music industry.


Pilot episode available upon request

Famous Again tells the hardships of being a high school teenager through the perspective of well teenagers. However not every teenager is the clone of a famous celebrity.

In Bright Stars High School every student is a clone of a once famous individual, however the school and all its students are shown through the eyes of three important teenagers.

STEVEN (17) - The clone of Steven Spielberg is your average teen trying to not only figure out his place but to also survive Bright Stars with as little to no damage as possible. While he may not know what his role is he isn't hesitant to help someone find theirs.

KURT (17) - Clone of Kurt Cobain and Steven's best friend. Kurt looks for new ways to scream his lyrics and music while also trying to become something greater than himself. While most see him as this grungy air head he's actually smarter and deeper than most people realize.

SOFIA (17) - Clone of Sofia Coppola a student who recently transferred out of the acting section and into the director's classes. Free spirited and full of spunk perfectly describe her and is the final piece in the trio of friends.

The pilot episode focuses on Steven trying to make a last minute film festival in order to avoid detention while Kurt makes a music festival behind the scenes. As the series goes on the trio tackle everything from identity to parodying an episode one would find in any teenage sitcom, until they find out the truth.

While it may seem like its poking fun at Hollywood, and it is. However, it's also a love letter to everything music and film has contributed to pop culture.

Aliza Knoll

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