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By Ryan Martinez

GENRE: Romance, Comedy

A struggling writer faces lack of inspiration, unsaid feelings, and uncertainty while planning the wedding of his best friend in the hometown he left behind.



Script available upon request.

It Goes On - While most romantic comedies tend to repeat the same scenarios, It Goes On takes a detour from the usual. It focuses on the complications that come in relationships.

RAMON a writer stuck on the lower end of a show's writing staff wants to make a name for himself. While his writing is great in a technical sense his agent tells him there's almost no soul or sense of personality in his writing.

His agent tells him to take some time off. While Ramon pictures New York or Maine his agent sends him back home, to San Antonio, Texas. While not happy he's back home, he meets and catches up with family and friends. Including SAMANTHA his best friend and the girl he's been pining for.

However, Samantha is dating KEVIN. Kevin being a big shot defense attorney and wanting to look good purposes to Samantha and announces a wedding... in three months. While Sam is not happy about the rush she wants the relationship to work.

While trying to write and work on the personal script Ramon gets a call from Kevin that he's bitten off more than he can chew. He makes Ramon an offer of helping with the wedding plans since he know Sam won't be as mad if he picked someone she knew to help.

As the months and planning go on Ramon and Samantha discover several lessons. Samantha learns that she's in love with Ramon. While Ramon learns that while he does love Samantha he must let her decide who she wants to be.

It Goes On is a romantic comedy that shows the stress of not only planning a wedding but how unsaid feelings can entangle any relationship. It speaks about how in life and love they are uncertain and messy but that's what makes them beautiful.

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