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By Benny Jean-Baptiste

GENRE: Drama

It seems like another Saturday in Southside Jamaica, Queens for Trey who's dealing with the standard baby momma drama, systemic racism, and socio-economic disenfranchisement, but little does he know that this is the last day of his life.


Things begin with a taste of the true main character, the neighborhood of Southside Jamaica, Queens -- a harsh, but lively neighborhood with a plethora of various characters. Trey Jenkins, a 20-something-year-old Southside native, lays on the floor with flashing lights and a bullet in his head as a woman cries out. Things jump back to the beginning of his day.

He starts off in bed and gets a call from his best friend Swag, a big time neighborhood drug dealer, who invites him to the club later on. His girlfriend and baby mother, Joselyn presses him about spending time with her and his son Raekwon so he makes the promise that he'll go spend that night with her.

He makes his way to work and runs into various characters within the neighborhood, from the little kids that are usually up to no good, the old men who talk shit from their yards, the corner boys making their sales and the neighborhood crackhead who's always searching for her next hit.

When Trey gets to work he speaks to his boss, Mr.K about buying the laundromat from the elderly man. Mr.K suggests to Trey that he should take that money and invest in his education to make his out of the troubled neighborhood instead of spending his life trying to make a quick dollar in the hood. Trey lets Mr.K know that his exigent responsibilities as a father take precedence over everything else, making money his main motivation.

During his lunch break, Trey pays a visit to Joselyn and their son. Joselyn's mother shows her disdain for Trey, but despite that Joselyn shows her love for Trey and share moments of affection. Trey lets Joselyn know about his plan to hang out with his friends at the club which frustrates and annoys her. She invites herself, and they come to a compromise to make it a night out it, as well as spending some alone time before he meets up with his friends later on.

Trey makes his way home and preps himself for his night out. On his way to see Joselyn, he comes across two officers, Keating and Callahan, who are harassing some corner boys and Keating, the tainted veteran, redirects his energy towards Trey and begin to harass him. Keating antagonizes Trey, but Instead of stirring things up any further, Trey leaves peacefully and continues to Joselyn's. Once at Joselyn's place, they passionately have sex and end up speaking about his frustration of living in the hood. He lets her know that he has enough money to move them and Raekwon out to start anew.

Later on, Trey makes it to the club with his friends, Joselyn and a few of her friends. A shootout occurs in the club, cutting the party short and forcing Trey and company to head back to the neighborhood. During the ride home Trey vents to his friends about the pitfalls of living in Southside -- rehashing his angst and how no matter what they do that they'll be consumed by the terrors of their neighborhood.

They decide to grab some food at the local Chinese restaurant. While there the police are called on SP, one of Trey's close friends, as she's mistaken for being an armed robber and is roughed up by the same officers that bullied Trey earlier in the day. This draws the attention of the neighborhood and they voice their angst with their treatment and the police brutality. Tensions get high and in his foolish nervousness Callahan, the young rookie fires into the crowd killing Mook, one of the neighborhood kids.

Trey realizes that the mistaken identity of SP and the subsequent killing of Mook was all brought on by the sale of a jacket by Roc, a local drug dealer. Trey leaves the tragedy and finds Roc hanging out with his goons on the block and attacks him, confronting him for the death of Mook. Roc's goons quickly jump Trey and draw a gun on him, but Roc spares him and allows him to walk away.

Roc, thinking Trey will eventually snitch on him, follows Trey in a car who's on the phone with Joselyn as he walks to her place to spend the night with her and Raekwon. Roc hops out and shoots Trey, murdering him in cold blood. The neighborhood crackhead, Cece witnesses the shooting and tells Swag what she saw.

Things close with Trey's funeral, Swag and Trey's brother Darius, prepping their guns, and Roc being stalked by them before they kill him in a drive-by.

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