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By Matthew Coles

GENRE: Action, Horror

When a down on his luck transit cop encounters vampires in the subway he must strive to survive and halt their evil plans.


One year ago in a subway station Deborah Baxter disappeared without a trace.

It was this event that lead to her husband (Tom Baxter) becoming an alcoholic and her daughter (Nikki Baxter) being taken into care.

Now finally Tom Baxter is about to discover the truth.

Tom Baxter is a cop, a lieutenant assigned to a small police station situated within the same subway station Deborah disappeared from.

His life torn apart by sadness and his drive is for three things, his need for alcohol, his daughter Nikki and finding his wife.

One night whilst trying to hold together his alcoholic tendencies and his estranged daughter, a woman appears from a tunnel carrying a baby. The woman is a mess and extremely distressed. While Tom tends to her his officers are attacked by a freakish looking man who also comes from the tunnels. This is no man though, this is a vampire.

Securing the vampire lackey in a cell and the woman in the police station Tom’s night really unfolds into an eye opening 48 hours for him.

He is visited by more vampires, his station is besieged by them and the truth is shown to him about his wife.

She was taken as part of an experiment to create a vampire half breed, the vampires knew nothing of her husband it is mere coincidence that he (Tom) now holds the key to the vampires survival. The child, the first and only full vampire bred to endure sunlight.

Tom must struggle with his conscience as he takes the child and swaps it for his wife only to be double crossed as she is already dead.

Not content with this atrocity the vampire ruler aims to kill Toms daughter (Nikki) as Tom killed the rulers first born as the police station was under siege.

Tom, now with the help of fellow officer and love interest Maggie Smith, must save his child and find the one he gave up.

His search deep into the subway system, unveils an entire brood for him to destroy and the last remaining full vampire amongst them. He won’t give up so easy.

Amidst the humidity, the dust and the dark Tom, Maggie and the child must push the boundaries of human endurance to destroy the vampire oppressor eventually exploding him in a sunlit fireball and save the future for us all. And as they walk into the sunset only one question is left unanswered. Will they try to raise the vampire child as a human?


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