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By Natalee Branham

GENRE: Horror, Comedy

Natalee Simone retired as a Serial Killer to follow her dream of running the illustrious Primetime magazine (the #1 Lifestyle Magazine in the world). Now, as Primetime's first BLACK executive, she is inches away from to relapsing to her murderous ways in the very micro-aggressive world of fashion and fame.


Triggered explores the beauty and exclusivity that is the black female experience, while shedding light on the many negative experiences black women face that often go unheard (sexism, racism, the demonization of our emotions, stereotypes, etc).

After almost getting caught for her barbaric crimes, Natalee vowed to never return to her old ways, but after 8 years of working for the illustrious Primetime Magazine she inches closer to re-claiming her title of “Serial Killer.” Between dealing with her very pretentious and racist boss, Brent Wiseman (30) and the very micro-aggressive staff that works beneath her, Natalee fights the temptation to gauge someone’s eye’s out.

While she may hate the people she has to work with, it has been Natalee’s dream to work at Primetime since she was 8 years old. With the help of her only friend Lumiere (29) and Assistant Luna (23), her goal is to be in control a mainstream media narrative, now even more so that pop culture… is black culture.

Natalee gets one step closer to her dream when she is offered Brent’s position as President after he is forced to stepped down due to his belligerent behavior. But after watching Brent win an award for her work and embarrassing her on one of Primetime’s biggest nights, Natalee finally snaps and bashes his fucking head in.

While Brent may have deserved his untimely death, will Natalee be able to evade getting caught and claim her new position as President of Primetime Magazine without increasing her murderous bodycount?


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