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By Rob Dunphy

GENRE: Thriller, War

Torn between a reviled hometown and remarkable terrorist-hunting campaigns, an impassioned soldier must defend himself from an ex-girlfriend turned psycho-stalker bent on his ruin. 


Think of Apocalypse Now meets Basic Instinct.

Kraig was an outcast in high school. No one, including Kelly, knew he existed. Kelly’s life is souring at every turn, while Kraig evolving into the man of her dreams. Three years pass, Kelly, unstable, has baggage, and Kraig’s love is his Army family and combat action. Kelly pits her degenerate love interest against Kraig, whilst cozying with Kraig’s family, to position herself in what she sees as a no-lose position. Kraig’s not small-town anymore, and with strategy on his side, Kelly may have mistaken who is the underdog in this feature thriller.


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Aliza Knoll

Home how hometown makes it sound like the screenplay happens in Omaha but it appears to happen in "Iraq'?. Maybe change to home grown?

Rob Dunphy

The overall story is duel setting. We follow Kraig while overseas in combat as he develops into a leader, and when he intermittently returns to his rural New England town on leave and contends with his nemesis. Thank you for your comment.

Rob Dunphy

If you'd like a copy of the script, PM your email address. Best, Rob

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