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By Rob Dunphy

GENRE: Thriller, Film-noir

A promising FBI agent risks everything when he murders the sexual predator who molested his daughter and now he must outsmart a team of investigators pursuing a serial killer he invented as alibi.


Newly minted FBI Agent Dave Robbins sours with an assignment to investigative child exploitation in San Francisco, CA. Through good results and luck Robbins rises quickly as turmoil with his bipolar wife Natalie and raising a young girl influences his judgment. A scandal at his daughter swim school spirals as the coach is accused of molesting many of the students, and bungling local police, and a lack of veritable victims lead to dissatisfactory charges. The coach is let free but forced to register as a sex offender. Although not verified, Natalie believes Madeline was abused and applies increasing pressure for Robbins to kill the coach. Robbins knows he be suspect and isn’t entirely sure of Natalie’s commitment or resolve. Robbins succumbs and commits to street justice. Robbins fabricates a serial killer to camouflage his plan. Robbins is determined to kill the coach, four offenders from Megan’s list, and a patsy whom would be believed to be the Megan’s List Killer.

Robbins work-skill, dexterity, and luck, play in his ability to juggle work on a new assignment, keep coworkers (his new boss, and his replacement on his former team) at bay, and develop his alibi (steering junior agents on his former team), while creating plausible deniability with his wife (she suspects he is going to kill the coach but still angles and lashes out), all play a role in this action drama.


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Eric Dickson

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