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By Rob Dunphy

GENRE: Thriller

In the midst of a doomed government double-blind placebo study, a small-town delusional Veteran’s hallucinations incite him to exterminate local drug dealers to protect his family. 

In the vein of Falling Down. (90 pages)


Script attached, 2nd draft. Feedback welcome.

A low-budget feature thriller featuring a small cast and few shooting locations.

Our protagonist is the primary cast member and there are several supporting cast members. The script was structured with a low-budget in mind. A small single family home can be configured for use in the majority of the scenes (60%). A private commercial office with a conference room is also needed (20%). The remaining shots (20%) are residential street and parking lots.

In effort to curtail spiraling costs a government agency decides to substitute placebo psychiatrics prescribed to PTSD veterans suspected of malingering.

Disenfranchised and disturbed veteran Eddie V stumbles upon DEA surveillance on the neighborhood drug house. A paranoid Eddie fumes when the investigation is seemingly closed. A chance encounter between his daughter and a drug dealer generates some friction which sets him off the deep end.

Eddie poorly conceives and executed an ambush. He kills them and walks out in one piece and with a bag of money. Eddie finds a short-lived deep satisfaction and inner peace. Soon the demons in his mind return.

DEA agent Jason Lo is a sly scavenger with a brilliant future. He has an eye to promote and pads his results such as the recruitment of confidential informants. He believes Eddie is up to something but he’s unsure, nevertheless, he recruits a reluctant Eddie and employs some shady leverage.

Eddie spooks and devises a poorly conceived coverup by ambushing a rival gang’s drug house. Sloppy craft and big mistakes worsen Eddie’s position.

Reluctant Eddie is compelled to continue killing drug dealers with the goal of keeping his family safe.

Jason grows increasingly aware Eddie may be more involved and leans hard on him. Eddie sees a glimmer of chance to walk away but finds himself killing more drug dealers.

An ambush goes wrong and Eddie ends up seriously injured and his friend is killed.

Eddie’s hospital stay gets him the genuine psychiatrics and his life back on track.

The government concocts another sly method to cut costs at the safety of the public.


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