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By Artisan James

GENRE: Thriller, Drama

This story is me (as a writer/creator) putting my stamp & voice on bullying, homelessness, 

and other worldwide and ongoing epidemics. But of course... there is a TWIST. 

This script involves fictional characters, although some are inspired by real people,

being caught up in many different dilemmas in life (X the 2 mentioned above) and having to 

find themselves and ways to cope with their circumstances. 

Essentially... as what may seem like just another coming of age drama, which it is,

 ProjectGraffiti is more of a modern and visual tale that touches upon ongoing worldwide dilemmas 

in new... cinematic ways... as well as it being a throwback to CHILDHOOD all at the same time... 

while leaving the reader with a lot to think about when it's all over. 

It deals with childhood. Adulthood. Parenthood. 

Love. Life. Loss. 

And it has a fresh structure and visual flare when it comes to the screenplay... 

and how I tell this story... if CD is my showcase horror script... than ProjectGraffiti is a nice contrast to 



This is a work in progress. I hope to finish ProjectGraffiti this year.

I will eventually post an official logline-- condensed.

Artisan James

This script won't be ready until sometime next year ^

William G Chandler Jr

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