Artisan James's Reel

Tears for Fears - Shout (Instrumental Version)

Liking this instrumental... it just keeps getting better deeper into the song... This is my New Year's jam this year! 2019........2020 And Is it 2020 already? Oh.. my.. God.. Time is f****** flying! ...It's time.

TENET - Official Trailer

Am I intrigued? ...You bet! Great Visuals, what looks to be like solid performances, Action, Mystery, Suspense...There are even a few spooky shots in this trailer- most notably the ships moving backwards through the water (along with the water) as well as the man squirming after John David Washington's character in the hallway... in very creepy fashion... TIME X BACKWARDS?

#32, The Rise! (Take Two) Putting on the Hood... C D

This is a practice demo of me trying to create or invent a character... or what could be a new villain/ monster in horror! What I'm doing is just a template, a starting point, for concept awareness... See the TITLE REVEAL TEASER TRAILER to the screenplay -- an original horror thriller, slasher spec @ ...

Signature Wheel Kick... LIONHEART (1991)

One of the better Van Damme flicks... good soundtrack too...

#31, An Experience, PART ONE... C D

Stay tuned for two additional segments that reveal even more... including me speaking about the "double-whammy" effect of the script's original title and what it could really mean... & Don't miss the TITLE REVEAL TEASER VIDEO here @ >

Contemporary Death - Official Script Teaser [HD]

READ FIRST: This is a teaser to an original horror spec or a blueprint to what could be an original horror movie... not an existing horror movie. Title and body of work currently copyrighted under author. But it won't end here. In the coming months expect more info on this concept- ..and feel free to list your thoughts in the comments... what do you think of the script's original title? Did you find this teaser vid scary? Captivating? ...PRESS PLAY! + See more info on the CD SCRIPT, including...

Heart - These Dreams (Lyrics)

My Mother would always play this song growing up. It's always held a spot. The nostalgia is real with that opening solo...

#29, A GameChanger? ...P R O J E C T C D

I think so... and a game changer when it comes to creating suspense. In this video, I mention a few things about one of my scripts, a little horror spec that I've been cooking up.... a showcase script for myself and one that I believe could be my most commercial idea.. a potential word of mouth piece?.. like a Blair Witch Project or like a Paranormal Activity? Due to how scary and how captivating it is/ reads? Can't leave out original too. Although Projectcd is very different from say a Blair...

Coming for Dillon.... PREDATOR (1987)

The Predator running is absolutely terrifying …. we haven't reached this level in a long time... Just listen to it's hiss-like laugh echoing through the jungle ... not to mention the look on Carl Weather's face! ... Classic.

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