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By Donnalyn Vojta

GENRE: Mystery, Horror

A teen's bullies recklessly summon an erratic demon that puts him into a coma, and left with only his disembodied spirit, he struggles for revenge while also trying to protect his family.**

**Script earned a "DOUBLE RECOMMEND" from S32 industry reader. 


Different-abled, introvert Justin Johnstone has been getting a hard time from bullies at school. Receiving “special” treatment and coming from a loving family has historically incensed the lead bully Scotty…his home life being quite the opposite. Add to that, Scotty being humiliated by Justin’s sister in front of his classmates. Scotty’s about to blow a gasket!

It’s the teens’ summer before high school, and horror descends on the Johnstone family after Scotty and his ilk mess around with a Wicca Spell book and summon a demon to torture and kill Justin. This, however, is not your average devil minion. Nope! This thing emerges in a demented physical form, acts erratically and kills unexpected victims. Though the local police and parents become involved in this terrifying mystery, Justin is the only one who can “move” around freely enough to gather the necessary information to stop it—Justin’s in a coma, and his spirit must do all of the Earthly work. This is a wild-ride of surprises with a decent helping of action!

The movie's creature is based on an actual Wicca lore demon--The Buer. It can be drawn in different ways. Here is a link to one artist's rendering...

ESTIMATED BUDGET: Just under $5MM (per John Duffy (I) on IMDbPro)

Script available upon request. Thanks for checking out Shunned!

Donnalyn Vojta

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