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By Quentavius Francis

GENRE: Musical, Fantasy
LOGLINE: When Dorthy Gale from New York is forced to move to Westmoure, New Orleans, with her aunt Em and uncle Henry, she feels as if the weight of the world is on her shoulders. But when she meets her Great Aunt Silvia, said to be a witch amongst the town people, she is offered a drink by her which helps her with her sleeping disorder. And while she’s asleep, she finds that there is more to the land of Oz than what she’s ever been told.


Welcome to the Age Of Oz  Starting off where the original The Wiz left off in 1978, Dorthy Gale now suffers from sleep narcolepsy which time and time again can be an issue to most, but for her great aunt Silvia, rumored to be a witch, she decides to offer her a drink to help her get some sleep. Then she is taken back to the land of Oz, and there, she not only faces new foes alongside new and old friends, but also discovers herself as a young girl in the 80s. Growing up in a time of change; dreamers; and the acceptance of being a little different.  With these four new tales come new songs to further the understanding of the journey through Oz. Dorthy will face the wrath of the Wicked Witch, wart off two brothers from nearly destroying one another, stand tall in the battle against man and beast, and finally travel to the Forbidden Forrest in the County of Odds where she meets the Ozma The Mad, The Oddest Of All Odds and take down the darkest villain of all, Ozbleak.

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