Wisnu Adiprana's Reel


Wisnu Adiprana short film revolution 2006 - 2012. Unleashed Dark Patriot.


Film genre : Dance Art Directed & cameraman by Wisnu Adiprana Dancer by Prakash Derdaz

Tenggelam - Drowning film trailer

Synopsis : Following from prison and migrated out of the city Erik suddenly had a bad dream. His brother named Tito brutally murdered by a bastard boss narcotics, Roni. His little brother was kidnapped inhuman treatment will be hired by them. Erik realizes that his family lived in a bad neighborhood. Scared of what happened to his brother, Erik tried to save him, in many ways. Survived or not, it's all in hand Erik ... Directed, produser, story, writer, editor, cameraman: WISNU ADIPRANA Cast...

PELURU - BULLET film trailer

Film Synopsis : When the law of judicial democracy could not have acted fair, appear dark patriot organization based. They do justifies all means in complete fairness.. On the other side remain a mystery figure killing machine in action is always wearing a mask. Produced, directed, story, editor Wisnu Adiprana Musik soundtrack : -Asgardian - Tinggalkanlah -Fearless - Dis Cast : -Hasan As'adurrijal -Ahong Sudrajat -Prakash Derdaz -Hanav Alvaro -Fauzi Oze -Nauval Dyaksa -Nana Aditya -Wisnu Adiprana Visual Efek : -Detonation Films -Origins Revolution

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