Loglines & Screenplays by Richard Blumenthal

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GENRES: Thriller

Brain cells from a murdered undergrad are used in a telepathy experiment and reveal the killer's identity to her roommate, who becomes the next target. Thriller.  

MORE THAN AIR (a full-length stage play and a screenplay)

GENRES: Drama, Comedy

MORE THAN AIR: As they orbit the Earth on a space tourism flight in 2030, a husband and wife risk everything for revenge, scamming the billionaire passenger who wronged them during the pandemic, out of $100 million. Suspense, Humor.


GENRES: Romance, Adventure

Book Boy, a brilliant, young, black slave on a Cherokee-owned plantation in the Indian Territory, desperate for a life of freedom with his love, leads the daring escape and wilderness journey of 25 slaves. He is called Book Boy because has learned to read, despite the harsh Cherokee slave laws forbidding it. Inspired by actual events.


GENRES: Comedy, Mystery

In quirky Spoon Lake USA, high school couple, brainy CHUCK (17) and athletic, pole vaulting beauty CHASE (17), desperate to attend the same college,  hack their school's system and stumble on a video of TONYA (17) arguing with the social worker about her abusive stepdad and her mom's disappearance.  Adults won't help, so C&C unravel TONYA's mystery with humor, action,  and suspense! 

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