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By Florence Nahon

GENRE: Action, Drama

After years of protesting the war, the White Wolf teen is drafted into being a Legionnaire who battles with love of France, or the love from an Algerian Princess the Black Wolf priest tries to destroy. 


This script is set within the nineteenth century of France; a time of great upheaval. The story begins in a prison in Marseilles, where Edmond Morlaix, the story protagonist is counting down to end of his sentence, which he is serving for a simple theft. However, cruel destiny will ensure that he does not enjoy freedom for long. Our young delinquent, driven by his instinct to survive, will learn how to become a killer. White Wolf, Black Wolf, is the story of Edmond, the stereotypical bad guy, who is trying to look after his stepbrother Julien, an intelligent and successful young man yet undeniably weak in other areas of his life. After a long absence, Edmond returns from his misadventures to bury his mother and reunite with Julien. Julien offers him his unconditional affection, whilst Edmond, used to hiding his feelings, decides to entrust Julien’s upbringing to a priest, the antagonist, when he discovers his brother is the priest’s illegitimate child. Only just out of prison, Edmond commits a terrible murder in revenge of his prison mentor and feels he has to flee. He finds salvation with the Foreign Legion in Argelia. The two characters will never see each other again, but the antagonist is constantly working behind the scenes using his connections to power to keep Edmond and his criminal ways from his son and Edmond’s half-brother, Julien. Over the years, the two brother’s only bond is the exchange of letters, personal tales filled with tenderness and truth. Edmond feels only contempt for the monarchy and power structure that rule his native country. Yet he would prefer to die rather than see his country fall into enemy hands. Far away in Algeria, Edmond discovers the complexities of the heart, feeling deeply for the country he is fighting against and contempt for the country he is fighting for. Difficult choices and conflict constantly lie ahead, but even in Algiers, the power structure of France is pitted against him. This script recounts reconciliation between a man and himself. Redemption can be achieved, despite or unwholesome beginnings. The hero, Edmond, undergoes a transformation throughout the course of his story. He begins as a criminal and convict with absolutely no scruples, only to turn his life around. This entire script builds on the idea that even the most imperfect man can reform.


The protagonist is EDMOND, a young delinquent who lives in Aubagne, a small village near Marseilles, in France. At the time the story starts, he is in prison and establishes a close relationship with another significant character, an old man called METHUSELAH, who is serving a life sentence and who teaches him how to survive in jail. Edmond is seemingly emotionless and can’t forgive the people who cross him. It explains the many conflicts he faces, but mainly it shows how he tries to escape his past. A third character appears in the second part of the script; his brother JULIEN. Although very naive at the beginning of the story, he becomes very sharp over the years due to much of Edmond’s knowledge and his power of reasoning. A fourth character, ironically presented to be even more villainous than Edmond, and the antagonist, is a priest named FATHER ERASME, who goes to extremes to get rid of Edmond. He is taking care of Julien’s education while Edmond, chained to the destiny of his mission, is serving the French Legion in Algeria. LEILA is another significant character. She is a beautiful prostitute who works in a brothel in Algiers, but will soon fall in love with Edmond. Finally, Captain VON MEIER, a man of bad instincts, is presented as one of two main henchmen of the story. He represents the final product and willing outcome of a corrupt society and will be responsible of Edmond’s death.

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