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By Renee N. Meland

GENRE: Sci-fi, Thriller

When reincarnation becomes a proven fact, society uses genetic segregation to decide if you are virtuous or evil based on who you were in your previous lives. But when a teenage girl with anger issues discovers her past is a lie, she must find out the real story before it gets her killed. 


In an age where reincarnation has been proven scientifically, your past becomes your future. When you are born, a chip is installed in your wrist, and when it is scanned in any public place, a green, yellow, or red light categorizes you as a “good” or “bad” soul. That light becomes the basis of your life, inviting either discrimination or opportunity.

Social interaction was never Silence Vaughn’s strong suit. Aside from hanging out with her one and only friend, she had always preferred staying in the background. But since the light in her wrist showed green, she was able to exist in the background all through high school. So, when she starts getting blackouts, something only common in the worst souls, she has no idea why. That’s when her mother informs her that she is not a Green, but a Marked, someone who used to be one of the vilest people in history. Her not-so-dead father had switched his genetic history with hers on the day she was born, giving her the carefree existence that came with a clean past life background. But when her true genetic identity comes out, she must go on the run with the help of London Romero, a young man with something special in his blood that could hold the key to her future. Silence realizes that she must step out of the shadows and take control of her own destiny, or risk her freedom, her sanity, and ultimately, her life. Together, she and London find out that the line between truth and perception is razor-thin, and their version of both could change humanity forever.

Nathaniel Baker

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Adam Jestin

Interesting idea. What exactly the main character is searching for is a little too vague to me. Is she trying to find out who she was in her past lives? Good job setting up the stakes, though.

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