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By David Whelan

GENRE: Thriller

In a society crippled by an economic bust, the government decides they must reduce the legal systems budget. Four people thrown  together in a room, must sort their differences out however inhumane that may be and see first hand, just how deadly cutting costs truly are.

A Broken Country. A Broke Government. A Bloody Justice System.


Requital is the story of four people who have been captured against their will as a result of their crimes. Set in the future where the world has spiraled into economic chaos; the law has new ways to deal with criminals, a way that cuts back on budget for law enforcement. On this day, these low rated criminals who at heart are decent enough, just unfortunate in some cases, are placed in a room, locked up and asked five questions at seven minute intervals. Each of the characters are vaguely connected as their crimes were against another's friend or family member. It's the way it is, to get them to sort each other out and skip expensive trials and jail maintenance.

The new law allows people to solve their differences and pay penance amongst themselves regardless of how violent. In time, they turn on each other, realising their past and the scene turns to an eerie melting pot. The purpose, let them even kill each other and wash their hands of the sentence. In the end, the door opens, and those left can escape through a mysterious empty building where they still try to out do each other.

The result is more violence, a hatred driven by their new foes past endeavours and those who watch just wait to see the outcome so they can ready the room for the next group of unwitting participants. Requital is the story of society gone wrong, the need to get things done however inhumane they may be.

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