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By David Whelan

GENRE: Thriller

It’s the eve of Immunity Day, a celebration of the end of sickness. But when one man coughs, eight strangers find themselves quarantined in a hospital ward. They soon learn they may be part of a larger conspiracy when one of them is killed.


It’s the eve of Immunity Day, a national and mostly worldwide holiday for the banishment of sickness. This year marks 40 years for the city, one of the first to be fully vaccinated by The Shot. After the celebrations, the hospitals usually administer the yearly shot as part of the ceremony. But that soon becomes an after thought after Frank, on a walk through the city with his wife suddenly coughs, his first in forty years.

Brushed aside at first as onlookers keep their distance, Frank and his wife are taken to the hospital by Paps, a concerned ex-military veteran from a war torn country. There, they are joined by Bernice, a doctor clearing out the ward that hasn’t been used in years, Sergei a delivery driver who delivers The Shot to the ward only as a precaution and takes away the old ones that are never used. Christian a part-time worker as he pays his way through college was having a quick joint.

Finally, David and Sana who were in the hospital and decided to take a walk through the abandoned ward, simply out of curiosity. The timing for them was unfortunate as once Frank entered the ward, it was quarantined off. Even Bernice was shocked, having only dealt with broken bones before, nobody has been sick in so long. But the 8 people, locked in this ward soon realise the isolation is worse than the potential outbreak as paranoia rises suspicion. When Frank dies during the first night, and Bernice finds a strange syringe in her jacket pocket, the paranoia soon turns to anger as a murderer is amongst them. But who, and what is to gain? It slowly becomes apparent that a larger plot is unfolding and these eight people are in the middle of it.

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