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By David Whelan

GENRE: Thriller, Horror

When Cecilia and her friend are kidnapped, a desperate mother and her partner are thrust into the mystery of a  centuries old kidnapping cult. But when they are taken themselves, they must find a way to escape the dangerous leader and a mysterious woman in the woods whose wail terrifies all who hear it.


Every year 90,000 people are missing at any given time. Many return. Many are safe. But some of them are never found.

Cecilia and Mandy decide to stop for instructions on their way to a friends party where they meet with three average men in a diner. But when one gets the call that they need two more, Cecilia and Mandy are kidnapped.

Days later and still no call to home or sign of their whereabouts, Cecilia’s desperate mother persuades her ex-cop partner Peter to help her find her daughter against the wishes of the police who preach patience.

Connie knows her daughter, and she knows she always calls every day. Arriving in the area of her last known appearance, they soon attract the attentions of one of the men at the diner days previous and they are thrust into a large scale kidnapping operation that has been going on for over a hundred years.

Trapped in isolated community deep in the woods, they learn that this is no ordinary crime ring. The locals fear a mysterious woman known only as ‘The Lady’. When the lady wails she wants another sacrifice, but only for someone in the families that she has cursed.

Connie and Peter are reunited with Cecilia where it emerges that everyone that is kidnapped is forcibly married into the community so they can be sufficient sacrifices to the Lady. Mandy has unfortunately had her date with death.

With the help of Max Jnr, a sympathetic local they set about escaping the charismatic and dangerous leader Kavanagh who himself has a secret about the true origins of ‘The Lady’.

But the truth is far more horrifying than thought and once the Lady has wailed in the woods, there may be no escape. Connie, Peter and Cecilia must find a way to end the curse or face their deaths. It appears the only way to stop this, is to never say ’I Do’.

Elisabeth Johanna Bennenbroek

Hello. good story, I need more time to write, because now I am reviewing mails all days to get to memories of a rebellion designer. As in links in Facebook. And there seems to be a budget for your work, that is also good to hear.

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