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By Stewart Fergus

GENRE: Horror, Romance

A post-graduation birthday party in the boondocks is thrown into chaos by a serious of gruesome murders. Overcoming mutual suspicion and recriminations, they realize they are up against a demonic entity that, through a series of possessions, threatens to kill them all. Jake grabs the reins of leadership in what looks like an impossible struggle. A horror story with a heart. TOP 10 FINALIST IN STAGE 32 CONTEST


Jake is an idealist who has spent several years doing voluntary work in Africa. When he returns to the US, he is invited to a party by friends and reunites with Bronwyn, the lost love of his life. He is determined to win her back. In a whirlwind of emotions, Jake senses that Bronwyn still has strong feelings for him, and his expectations rise.

However, when some kids hold a drunken séance, they accidentally release an evil spirit, the Vérbalek. The party is thrown into chaos by a series of mysterious and gruesome murders. They suspect one another. They must overcome mistrust, jealousies, and resentments to survive. It gradually becomes clear to them that they are facing a supernatural entity that is getting stronger with each kill.

Meanwhile, Jack’s aspirations of reuniting with Bronwyn suffer a series of blows. Firstly, he is blindsided by the arrival of Ryan, her fiancé-to-be. Then, at a moment of great stress, Bronwyn spills the secret that she is pregnant. In a moment of calm, he realizes that ship has sailed.

Finally, Jake is forced to assume the leadership role. He realizes there is only one way to stop the carnage. He not only saves Ryan’s life from the Vérbalek, but he also makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the woman he loves.


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Ian James Duncan

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Ian James Duncan

This reads nice. There are a few Jakes and Jacks in there.

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