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By Eve K.

GENRE: Fantasy, Sci-fi

The Air Isles and Continental Prides unite in the bounty of Captain Slagg’s ship and crew.  Abilene and Effie plot to overthrow the Blood Raven, and save Kael.  Miwa makes a deadly decision that threatens Shine Town’s survival.


Hell bent on vengeance, Captain Slagg orders the Blood Raven to a repair isle to get the ship ready for a suicidal encounter with his nemesis, Happy Jack. In doing so, he condemns Kael to death by denying him lifesaving medicine on a nearby isle, Eden. Effie and Abilene try to convince Slagg that Kael’s life and the Black Veil technology is more important than revenge, but Slagg is only interested in a showdown with Happy Jack. Abilene is forced to take on a leadership role in order to save her people from Slagg’s personal vendetta.

Back in the town of Independence, Duke Bloxham calls for a parlay between the Air Isles and the Continental Prides. A bounty is issued across the isles and prides for the Blood Raven crew and the capture of Kael.

Miwa finds herself in the middle of a dispute between rebels Nola and Axon. Axon has found a way to communicate with Kael, but it involves launching an old rocket with an aging warhead. Nola has discovered that the genetics labs are experimenting on exiles. Her hack into the secure system has put her in jeopardy of being discovered, and Miwa must now make a difficult decision to save her and the rebels. A sacrifice is made. And the aftermath will be devastating to all involved.


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