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By Sean Milligan

GENRE: Horror

In the small village of Lynn, horrific abuse leads a Mother to kill.  After her brutal execution, violence escalates and the Men responsible for her death,  begin to believe she has returned.


During early 19th Century Lynn Massachusetts, Kelly-Ann Sullivan not only suffers abuse from her husband but three children as well. Her mental state fades and she murders her Husband "David" as he lays in bed and then continues on to her Children.

Davids' brother James and two associates, Willie and Isaac, find the deceased and capture Kelly-Ann as she tries to flee from a TRAP-DOOR hidden within the kitchen floor. One child, "Anna", cannot be found and when Kelly-Ann will not utter a word, it is decided to bring her to Clyde Thompson, a.k.a. the "The Reverend".

Except for "Elizabeth", wife of James, and her daughter "Roe", the Villagers of Lynn watch as a speechless Kelly-Ann is executed by being placed in a BARREL with NAILS being hammered in by the four Men and rolled down a hill into a gully.

A BRIDGE is erected under the surveillance of a surviving Anna. The Reverend and Villagers celebrate their hard work and how the Bridge will remind them of how they rose above the evil that lays beneath it.

As Roe and Friends play among the Bridge, Kelly-Ann's voice is heard once more and when a child is hit by a rock, Roe discovers her cousin Anna still lives.

While The Reverend hosts Willie at his home, he reveals his darker and sinister side. As Willie travels home, he stops at the Bridge to pay homage to Kelly-Ann. It will be his last night alive as he finds out that Kelly-Ann is still alive she?

Elizabeth has learned of the sighting of Anna from Roe and informs James, who heads to the Forest for answers the following morning.

Isaac learns of ARMS hanging from the Bridge and informs The Reverend of the news, who then asks Issac to be his eyes and ears for him as he has business to attend to.

James finds Anna in the Forest and is surprised when an Ax slices into him by the hands of Kelly-Ann.

During The Reverends' meeting it is learned he is a Slave owner of girls and has been for many years.

Issac takes it upon himself to be the watchman of Lynn and travels with his girlfriend Mary to the Bridge. They find what they were looking for as Kelly-Ann ascends the Bridge, though she has a plan for them as well.

Concerned and worried, the Villagers confront The Reverend at his Chapels' Door as a deceased Isaac is found upon the Bridge. Elizabeth informs The Reverend that James has not returned home. He means to calm their nerves and leads a search party into the Forest.

The Reverend becomes distracted and gets separated from the party as a Fire begins to burn in the Forest pushing him towards the Bridge. He travels to the Bridge suspecting a trap. As it is "revealed", The Reverend knows that Kelly-Ann lives, for they did not execute her but her twin sister Margaret, with whom he had sold to David many years ago. As The Reverend gets the upper hand on Kelly-Ann it is his forgetfulness that is his demise as he feels a Musket sting, shot by Anna.

Kelly-Ann informs Anna they will make one last visit to her Aunt Elizabeth. Kelly-Ann is able to kidnap Roe and awaits to see if Elizabeth will have the courage to save her. Once Elizabeth reveals her heart and viciousness, Kelly-Ann knows she will leave her daughter in good hands.



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