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By Maurice Vaughan

GENRE: Thriller, Drama
LOGLINE: A depressed widow searches for her teenage daughter who gets abducted by sex traffickers.


Ultra low-budget Drama/Thriller

This script is a domestic version of the movie "Taken." The main character in this script is an ordinary mom instead of a retired CIA operative dad (which was the main character in "Taken").

Theme: Don't give up on those you love.

The script and full story rights are available for purchase (low price). Please message me through Stage 32 or Thanks!

The Synopsis:

Victoria Smith (a depressed widow and mom) has a big fight with Skylar Smith (her rebellious 15-year-old daughter), because Skylar is moving out to live with her boyfriend. Victoria tells her, “Don't have anyone call me if something happens to you!” Hurt by her harsh comment, Skylar runs away.

Victoria gets a visit from Detective Strong about Skylar's abduction. Victoria loses it.

Victoria falls into deeper depression while waiting for the police and the FBI to find Skylar.

Victoria starts to believe that the police and the FBI aren't moving fast enough to find Skylar, so she decides to search for herself. She arms herself with pepper spray and searches for Skylar. She searches and searches, passing out flyers that say there's a reward for info on Skylar's whereabouts. She loses hope and gives up searching.

A teenager tells Victoria where Skylar is. Victora follows the tip to a house that's owned by sex traffickers and fights a thug who's guarding it. She finds Skylar being held captive inside.

Photo of young lady by Connor Wilkins (used with permission through


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William Gunn

Rated this logline

William Gunn

An interesting twist on TAKEN. Good idea!

Luciano Mello

Rated this logline

Maurice Vaughan

Thanks for rating my logline and commenting, Mr. Gunn! The script focuses on a mom rather than a dad (like in TAKEN).

Maurice Vaughan

Thanks for rating my logline, Mr. Mello.

Justin Smith

Rated this logline

Orlando Taylor

I felt the logline needed to begin differently with information about the reason for he mother's depression.

Maurice Vaughan

Thanks for rating my Logline, Mr. Smith!

Maurice Vaughan

Thanks for your feedback, Mr. Taylor!

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