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By laureano bonett

GENRE: Action
LOGLINE: "THE WATSON CASE". Written by Laureano Bonett Llach 1- Description of the project: "The Watson case", is a story to make a film about 90 minutes of duration. Genres: Action. The place of the story is L.A. in USA. 2- Synopsis: It's the story of Mirna Sanchez, a Latin journalist of Telenoticias Channel. She convinces to Bill Watson to get her an interview in the Jail but the father of the three guys, who Watson killed them while they were abusing him when he got 12 years old, Bob Raines with two mercenary men and a black woman kidnap Watson to judgment in the same house where he lived and obliged to remember the sexual game that kids played with him but, Mirna and Alberto, her camera man, rescue and carrying him to a motel. Peter and Danny got them there too. They are two crazy fugitives from justice who escaped from jail. Now, they want to kill Watson in that room after to burn black woman, into the car of Bob Raines, then Peter shoots to Bob with his gun while he gets Watson in his hand. Alberto gets the gun of Bob Raines and shoots to Peter on his arm. The police cars arrive there so they capture two fugitive men with Bob Raines. Later, Watson gets out from the jail, three years after, falling in love with Mirna. 3- Principals personages: 1- Mirna Sanchez: She has 30 years old. She is a beautiful latin and so smart woman. Also, she can do all the things to get her purposes. 2- Alberto Perez: He is tall with muscles. He is the camera man and Latin too. Also, He supports the ideas of Mirna. He has 25 years old and so smart too. 3- Billy Watson: He has 30 years old. He is so timid and so friendly. Also, he is regretted to have killed three young men. 4- Claudio Molina: He is the TV editor. Sometimes, he is so cowardly in difficult times. He likes to be in the place of the action. Also, He is so friendly with Mirna and Alberto. He has 25 years. 5- Juan Ortiz: He has 50 years old. He is the director of Telenoticias Channel and he looks like so elegant but, he is so cowardly too and doesn't like to be in the place of action. Also, he likes to impose his thought and authority. 6- Bob Raines: He is the father of three kids that Billy killed. He his tall, strong because he worked in the army of USA. He breaths hate in all his body and nothing can't stop him to kill Billy Watson. He gets two mercenary men and a black woman to accomplish his revenge. SCREENPLAY "THE WATSON CASE" BY LAUREANO BONETT LLACH Scene 1: Day.interior and exterior. Helicopter to jail. A helicopter is approaching to jail so up in the air. The sound of its screw propeller we can hear. Cut to: Scene 2: Day.exterior.backyard.jail. The prisoners see the helicopter on the air flying over the place. Cut to: Scene 3: Day.exterior.platform of a building.jail. So up the helicopter arrives and gets down to the platform of the building. Mirna gets out and the Director of the Jail, 50 years old, receives her with two guards. They have rifles in their hands. The Director smiles to Mirna and he guides her inside. Cut to: Scene 4: Day.exterior.backyard.jail. The prisoners with their uniform, orange color, see the helicopter on the platform of the building. Peter and Danny look each other then to the guards all around of the backyard. Cut to: Scene 5: Day.interior.hall.building of the jail. Mirna walks with the Director of the Jail and two guards who get guns in their hands. Director of the Jail: (Smiles) It's a pleasure to meet the most outstanding woman of Latin Journalism in America. You are welcome to my Jail. Mirna: (Serious). You are so kind but I need all the things to talk with your prisoner. Watson. Billy Watson. Director of the Jail: (He stops to walk and sees her). Mrs. Sanchez, are you sure?. He is so dangerous. A man who killed three men and cut their penis with his teeth. Mirna: Could I call to the Mayor of L.A. to do that? If that's a problem, I am not afraid from him Mr. Grant. What do you say? Director of the Jail: (Serious). If you want that Mrs. Sanchez, follow me. You can't threaten me with the Mayor. You want the fire. I advised you. I don't want to see your skin burned with that fire. Mirna: You are so kind Mr. Grant. I won't forget your advice. (Mirna sees him so serious, then she smiles and walks back him. The guard opens the grates and closes with the keys after Mirna and The Director of the Jail get into the place). Cut to: Scene 6: Day.interior.cell of Watson.jail. The guard opens the grates with his keys and Billy is sitting in the bed reading the Bible. He takes off the lens and gets up. Mirna sees him and smiles. Director of the Jail: (Serious). Mr. Watson. This is Billy: (Interrupts him) I know. She is Mrs. Sanchez. Mirna Sanchez. I am so glad to meet you. Mirna: I see; you know me so well. I am here to meet you and ask you a favor. Billy: A favor?. I can get all the favors that a pretty woman wants to give her. Mirna: (Smiles) I know you can do it. I would like to talk to you alone. Director of the Jail: (Mirna and Billy see him. He gets a bad face). But Mrs. Sanchez. I can't let you alone with this man here. You can talk to him with my company. Mirna: (Approaches him so serious) You have to let me here with Mr. Watson. I need to talk to him and I am not afraid of him. (The guard aims him with his gun). Director of the Jail: You should do. You are my responsibility. Billy: Come on Mr. Grant. I can't break her neck in front of you. (He is so serious then smiles with Mirna). Director of the Jail: (Tells to the guard). We can wait outside. (The guard closes the grates of the cell). Mirna: (Smiles and sits in the bed near Billy). Now, we can talk. I am going to purpose to make a TV program here with you, telling the truth to all the people. I want to hear the truth too. Face to face with a TV camera in front of us. Billy: (Thinks) You need a TV show with me. I can understand. Mirna: I am interesting in your story for the absolution you received it from the Mayor of L.A. Specially, the change in your personality. Billy: (Thinks. She gets up from bed). My life was so hard and It wouldn't justify that I did. I am regretted. Mirna: I can see it in your eyes, so I need you can tell that on TV. Billy: I can tell that God preserved me from death. This is not a problem to me. If you need more rating with your TV show you can bring the TV camera here. Mirna: (Jumps so happy) You make me so happy and I am sure you are not going to repent to give me the exclusive. (Mirna gets out of the cell and the guard closes the grates then he sees Watson reading the Bible sitting in the bed). Cut to: Scene 7: of Director.jail. Mirna is standing in front of the Director of the Jail. He is sitting in a chair. Director of the Jail: (He is so nervous and gets up of the chair). You are making me crazy with your stupid TV show. This is a jail, don't forget this. You can't do all you want and break all the security system in this place. Mirna: I need you move all your men in this jail. Tonight, I am going to make a show with Billy Watson and nobody, listen so clear, nobody can't stop me with stupid excuses. I don't know anything about how you manage this place. Don't bother me with the things I want to do if you don't want have any problem with the Mayor. Director of the Jail: (Shouts) Don't threaten me with the Mayor. You can't tell me the things I must to do. Don't cry anymore if you want to get a show here. Do it. I am warning you and you don't want to hear me. Mirna: I'd appreciate to let me work so free. Thanks. (She gets out of the room and the Director of the Jail breaks a pencil so angry). Cut to: Scene 8: Day.exterior.platform of the building.jail. The pilot of the helicopter turns on it and Mirna approaches and gets in next to him. The helicopter gets up and gets away. In the yard, the prisoners see it, especially Peter and Danny. They are 30 years old. Peter: Did you see that? Danny: I saw it Peter and I know that you are thinking. I like your idea. I taste it and I like it. (Peter smiles). Cut to: Scene 9: of edition.Telenoticias Channel. There are many TV screens and the control of edition. In each TV screens, the face of Mirna says in Spanish words about the interview with the images of Billy Watson in prison. Voice and image of Mirna on TV screen: No se pierda esta noche la historia de Billy Watson, el hombre que fue perdonado por el alcalde de Los ￁ngeles de ir a la c£mara de gas por haber asesinado a tres hombres y haberles cortado con sus dientes sus miembros viriles. Solo por Telenoticias Channel. Las noticias de Am←rica y todo el mundo en espa￱ol. Mirna: (She sees her images on TV screens and smiles). Yeah. It's ok. I like it Claudio. Claudio: (He is sitting in a chair in front of TV screens). If you want any change, you know I can do all the things you want Mirna. Mirna: No. (She kisses his head) You are so wonderful. You are a genius of the image. You know I like to work with you. Our Latin people in America are putting their eyes and ears with this great story. So, I need to see Alberto. Claudio: Alberto is in the office of Mr. Ortiz. You missed the meeting. Mirna: (Worried).Ah, I forgot it. Our Chief must be so angry like a hungry lion. I need to get an excuse. Claudio: (Mirna is getting out of the room). It's easy for you to get it. Conquer him with a kiss. Mirna: It's a great idea. (Claudio smiles and searches images with the control of edition). Cut to: Scene 10: of the Chief Telenoticias Channel. Alberto gets out of his chief's office and stumbles with Mirna. The door has a notice: "Management, Telenoticias Channel". Alberto: (Surprised). Mirna!. Where were you?. The Chief is annoying. Mirna: Excuse me. I forget it and you know I don't want to give excuses. Alberto: The other channel is showing the protest about the indult of Watson case. Mirna: (Surprised then she smiles). You can run with your camera. I was in the jail and I got the exclusive. The story of Billy Watson and I can use the protest outside to make a big and a great story. Alberto: (Smiles). It's so great. Well, this could change the face of the Chief. I hope that. Mirna: Claudio made the TV commercial. You can go there to record some images from the protest and I can talk with our Chief, taking a deep breath. Alberto: Yeah, see you later. Mirna: Tonight is the show. Don't forget it. Alberto: Ok. Good Luck. (He gets away and she opens the door of the office and gets in, then closes the door). Cut to: Scene 11: Day.exterior.gates of the jail. The people with bill-board say: "Kill to Billy". Another: "Don't indult the Assassin". Other: "Cut his head with teeth" and "Watson is dead". People say so angry: Kill the Assassin. Billy Watson should die too soon. Then a car exploits and burns two people with flames. They shout and two men help them with their jackets to extinguish the fire on their bodies. Alberto arrives there in a taxicab. He records the images with his TV camera. Cut to: Scene 12: of the chief. Telenoticias Channel. Mirna is sitting in front of the desk, looking her chief. He is sitting too so serious with angry in his face. Juan: Mirna, you can't do all alone. Don't forget, I decide the contained of the news. I know you are my best journalist but you are not indispensable. Mirna: Yeah, I know but I told you I was going to get the story of Billy Watson. Juan: And I know you got it. Smile please. There is nothing to stop when you desire something. I support you and I really know you are going to get a success with that interview. I hope so. Only I ask you to get inquire in Watson personality to show the truth. Mirna: Yeah. He looks like another man with other heart and mind. Juan: Don't forget dear Mirna, this kind of people usually lie or have two faces. Don't let you deceive. He is so smart and our mission is taking off the mask. The question is when he gets out of the jail could kill again. Mirna: I am going to get a support of psychologists tonight. Juan: Well, you have so much work to get all ready. (She smiles). Good luck. Mirna: (She gets up and smiles). Thanks. Mister Ortiz. No lo voy a defraudar. (She gets out of his office and he turns on TV with its control. He watches the protest in front of the jail and the images of the car exploited. Also, sees the name on the screen: "Telenoticias Channel"). Voice of a journalist man: Aun siguen las protestas frente a las instalaciones de la c£rcel municipal en Los ￁ngeles por el caso Watson. Un carro exploto y dejo heridos a dos manifestantes. Cut to: Scene 13: Day.interior.cells.jail. Peter is in his cell, in front of the Billy's cell. Danny is in the next cell to Watson. Peter: (He talks with envy). Come on Watson. The Mayor saved your life and now a journalist woman is looking for to show your story on TV. What are you going to tell her? Are you going to make all the people cry in front of TV screen?. (He cries to make fun of Watson). I am so sad to all that I did. I am not the man that I was. I swear. (Laughs). Danny: Watson is going to go from here a few years. You can help us to get out from this hell. We are innocent like you are. We are a victim of our passions. This world waits us to share the happiness and the freedom. Come on Watson. You can't talk any damned word. (He is so angry). Billy: (He reads the Bible sitting in the bed). Don't be jealous friends. (He gets up and approaches to the grates). Jesus can change all your life when you learn to bend your knee. Don't pay to be so bad only to be so good, so you can go to heaven with the angels. Peter: Be quiet Watson. Don't say stupid things in our ears. We don't believe the words you say. I hate your face Watson so, you can't get away from here without taste a beat of my strong hand. Danny: Come on Peter. I want to see how break the bones of his stupid face. Nobody can save you anymore Watson, any Angel from heaven, any devil from hell. Come on, you can suck my long penis or seize it with your teeth. (He laughs with Peter). Peter: Come on Danny. I want to see how you do it Watson. (Laughs). Come on guards. Open this cage. Watson got a need to supply. Guard: Shut up. (He beats the bars of the grate with his lace-bobbin). Both of you. Danny: You are going to protect him too?. Peter: He is a garbage. Now he thinks he is a star because a journalist woman is going to get an interview on TV. Danny: We can be a star too Peter. We can tell our stories to show on TV like Watson. You are so smart, eh so, you can get out of here so quickly when you want. Guard: Don't bother anymore to Watson. (Billy sits again in the bed to read the book) He is a new man, isn't?. Billy: Some people didn't believe in what they saw but only they will do when they learn these words. (Showing the Bible). I pray for your souls everyday to get escape from hell and the fire that never extinguish. Peter: You are a crazy man. Later, we can watch you on TV telling stupid things that nobody can understand. Danny: Yeah. He always says stupid things. (The guard beats again the cell with his stick of wood). Cut to: Scene 14: of edition.Telenoticias Channel Alberto gets into the room carrying the video cassette in his hand, and then he takes it to Mirna. Alberto: I am ready. All the equipment is in the van. Mirna OK. We need to go before the dawn to get the connection. I am ready too. (He smiles). Cut to: Scene 15: Day.exterior.TV channel.street. The van arrives to the principal door of Telenoticias Channel and Mirna with Alberto get out from that building and get into the van. Claudio drives the van so gets away of that place. The music of the scene is pop and continues to scene 16. Cut to: Scene 16: Day.interior and exterior.van.street. Claudio drives the van. Mirna and Alberto are in the back seat so serious. They put in their pocket the ID from Telenoticias Channel. The van gets away in the streets. Cut to: Scene 17: of meeting in the jail. Alberto puts the camera on the tripod in front of two chairs, behind there is a flag of USA, then he puts a tripod with a spot light near of the chairs. Mirna: (She gets in). We are ready. The guards are going to bring Mr. Watson here. Alberto: Yeah, it's ok. We start in five minutes. Don't forget it. (He sees his wrist-watch). Cut to: Scene 18: Bob gets into the black large van with Brandon, Devin and Jodi. Two men with the girl got 30 years. She is black with short hair. Bob drives it away so fast. The music is dramatic to scene 21. Cut to: Scene 19: Night.interior.cell.jail. The guard opens the cell and Billy gets out so the guard closes the cell then both walk through the hall. Peter and Danny see him to get away of the hall. They have a bad face of envy. Cut to: Scene 20: Night.exterior and van.street. Bob drives the black van, next to him, Jodi. Brandon and Devin are in the back seat. They get in their hands guns 38 mm and machine-guns. Cut to: Scene 21: of meeting.jail. The guard walks near of Billy, both get into the room of meeting. Mirna smiles him when he sees the lights and the chairs in front of TV camera. Alberto smiles him too and moving his hand to salute. The guard stands on the open door. Cut to: Scene 22: Night.exterior.jail. The black van arrives to the jail. Bob stops it then Brandon, Devin and Jodi get out so armed with long and short guns. Bob: (He sees the jail so rude). I am ready. Jodi: Come on guys. The show waits for us. Brandon: I want to be there to start the show. Devin: This is a great surprise to that man. Cut to: Scene 23: of meeting.jail. Mirna is sitting in a chair next to Billy too. Alberto is next to the TV camera on tripod and a big TV screen. The guard armed is next to the open door. Mirna: Welcome Mr. Watson to our meeting. Now, we are in a special room in the jail of L.A. to cover all the story of Billy Watson. Billy: It's the first time to be in front of TV camera to tell that I was wrong. (Nervous). Mirna: It is ok I understand. First, you can tell us how did they hurt you?, about the Raines Family. Why did you kill Bob's Kids?. Billy: Mister Bob Raines was a father to me when he adopted me as a son. I got twelve years when I lost my parents in a car accident. Their sons: Michael, Steven and John had 14, 15 and 16 years old. FLASH BACK TO THE PAST. (Michael, 14 years, closes the door of the bedroom then Steven and John approach him. Billy, 12 years, next to them with so afraid). Steven: We are going to play with Billy to be a doctor. John: And you Billy, you are the patient. (Michael pushes Billy to the bed and takes off Billy's clothes). Michael: Come on, Billy. Don't be afraid. It's only a play like the video tapes of Dad. (Steven, John and Michael take off their clothes). Billy: No (Afraid), No Michael. Don't do it. No please. (He shouts). END OF THE FLASH BACK Mirna: How many times did they abuse you?. Billy: (With cries in his eyes). Until I got 16 years. (Alberto sees him through the TV screen). Cut to: Scene 24: Night.interior.principal gate.jail. Bob with Jodi, Brandon and Devin shoot against the guards of the jail. They died to try to kill them and their bodies, almost 30 guards, fall down on the floor. The music of this scene is dramatic and continues to scene 27. Cut to: Scene 25: Night.exterior.platform of the building.jail. The helicopter arrives to the platform of the building and the Director of the Telenoticias Channel gets out of the helicopter to get into the jail. Cut to: Scene 26: Night.interior.cells.jail. Peter has a little hook in his hand and tries to open with it the lock of his cell but the guard walks through the hall. Peter stops to work in it and hides the hook. Cut to: Scene 27: Night.interior.Director's office.jail. The alarm of the jail sounds and the Director gets up of his desk with so afraid. He was watching the interview with Billy on TV. Bob and Jodi, Brandon with Devin get into the office and aim him with their guns. Director of the jail: What's happening here?. Who are you?. Bob: Do you remember me?. Director of the jail: (He thinks). Ah!, you are. Bob: Mr. Bob Raines and I am here to visit Mr. Watson. He is still here, isn't?. (They watch on TV the image of Billy and Mirna). Image and voice of Mirna on TV screen: Nobody can't help you?. Could you tell this to Mr. Raines, Bob Raines?. Billy: I can't. They threatened with death if I told something to somebody. (Bob is so angry then shoots to the TV screen. It exploits and the Director of the jail gets so afraid). Cut to: Scene 28: Night.interior.cells.jail. The guard 2, walks through the hall when the alarm sounds to all the jail. He is scared when sees Peter's body suspended by the sheets in his cell. The guard opens it so quickly with nervous but Peter jumps over him, then takes his gun and shoots to the heart of the guard. He takes the keys when gets out of his cell and helps Danny, open his cell with the keys. Danny smiles and kisses him so Peter pushes him away. Peter: (He is so angry). Ah, don't fill me with your spittle. Danny: I knew, you didn't go away from this hell without your friend. You are so kind, Peter. (The other prisoners shout). Prisoners: Hey, open my cell, please. Peter doesn't be so bad. Open it. Peter: (He is so angry). Shut up all of you. Don't bother me again stupid prisoners. Danny: Yeah, corrupt you in the hell. We are going to the paradise again. How do you see it?. We are free again. Prisoners: Both of you are damned. (Danny laughs then walks back to Peter). Danny: Don't be so hurry Peter. How do you suppose we can get out of here?. Peter: Use your imagination Danny. Your mind. Danny: What?. (He is so confused). Cut to: Scene 29: of meeting.jail. The alarm of the jail continues sound. Mirna talks sitting in a chair next to Billy. The Director of Telenoticias Channel gets into the room and the guard aims him with his gun. Billy: They hurt me so much so I was growing with hates in my heart. Juan: I am her Chief. (He says it to the guard). (Mirna moves her hand to the guard so he puts down the gun). Cut to: Scene 30: of edition.Telenoticias Channel. Claudio is sitting in front of edition control. There are many TV screens with the images of Mirna and Billy. Images and voice of Mirna on TV screen: I know you were unhappy living there but you didn't try to run away?. Did you think that possibility?. Images and voice of Billy on TV screen: I thought it sometimes but they advised me not to do it, because they were looking for me to hurt. Images and voice of Mirna on TV screen: But, if you had told that problem to Mr. Raines, he could had done something. Images and voice of Billy on TV screen: I don't think so. He couldn't have done something for me because he never believed in my story. Cut to: Scene 31: of meeting.jail. Mirna and Billy talk sitting in the chairs. Alberto is next to the TV camera on tripod. The alarm of the jail sounds then Bob shoots to the guard next to the door of the room and Billy sees Bob with so afraid. Mirna loses her control. Bob: I don't believe in your story Billy Watson. You killed my three Childs so you have to die for your crime. It's the Justice and I am the Judge here. (Bob, Jodi, Brandon and Devin aim him with their guns. Mirna can't understand like Alberto). Mirna: Please, we are on air. You have to respect the testimony of my interviewer. Mister Watson is only the victim like many young people and children in the whole world are suffering and living this same case. (She gets up to tell it. Her chief is so afraid of them). Bob: You can't tell me anything about this problem. Now, we are here to make you pay for all your sins Mr. Watson. He wants to be like a little sheep. Billy: Mr. Raines. (He gets up but Bob pushes him to sit down) I didn't want to do it. Bob: Oh no!. Who told you can kill them?. The devil inside in your mind or your black conscience?. Mirna: Come on Mr. Raines. Who are the killer?. You killed the guard right now in front of TV camera and many men to stay here. (She gets up from chair). Bob: Be quiet lady. You must to stay in silence to hear the true story of Mr. Watson. Why did you wait so much time to kill my sons Mr. Watson?. Come on, could you explain us?. You can tell us. Billy: (He takes a breath). I moved to an apartment of a friend when I was 20 but they followed me to that place and tried to do it again but I was filled with angry. FLASH BACK. Michael: (22 years old). Hi Billy. We are going to play the game. The same play again with you. Do you remember?. Billy: (20 years). Get out of here. (He is so angry, takes a clasp-knife but it falls down on the floor). Steven: (23 years). You can't run away Billy. Enjoy it with us. John: (24Years). Now you are living with a man here. It proves you like to do it. You must to get the play with us too. (John pushes Billy to bed so he gets up so fast and cut the penis of John with his teeth then the neck of Michael with the knife. Steven beats his face and John tries to open the door of the bedroom but he can't because feels so nervous without strength. Billy cuts Steven's heart with the knife and runs to push the knife into the John's stomach). John: (He shouts). No Billy. Don't do it, no please. (He falls on the floor died and Billy sees his hands with blood, his mouth and lips are dirty with blood too.). END OF THE FLASH BACK. Present time. (Bob aims the head of Billy with his gun. Jodi aims to the Director of the jail. Devin aims to the Director of Telenoticias channel and Brandon tries to abuse of Mirna). Bob: (He is so angry). You lie, damned dog. Do you know a pray to tell it in front of millions people that are watching you on TV?. Brandon: Chief. You can give me, like a gift, this pretty woman to make the love with her. Mirna: Let me alone, dirty man. No te me acerques ni me toques. Alberto: (He runs to Mirna so angry to defend her). Get away from her; o te quieres morir ya mismo. Brandon: What do you say?, indio latino. (He beats Alberto's face with so angry then Alberto beats his face. Brandon aims Alberto's head with his gun and Mirna hugs Alberto). Mirna: Don't shoot him, please. We can do all you want. (Alberto sees him with hate. Brandon smiles). Brandon: I know you will do what I want. I know. Cut to: Scene 32: Night.exterior.platform of the building.jail. Peter and Danny look out their heads next to the door and see the helicopter. They laugh and get out, shooting to the pilot. The alarm of the jail sounds. Cut to: Scene 33: of meeting.jail. Jodi and Devin get the arms of Alberto while Brandon beats Mirna's face. He takes off her blouse and kisses her teats. The Director of the jail and the Director of Telenoticias channel see each other. Bob aims to Billy with his gun. Jodi and Devin laugh and Mirna shouts. Mirna: No please, get away from me, animal estupido. Degenerado. No mas. Billy: Let her alone, please. You come here for me. Bob: Have you seen a play with a man over the body of a woman?.. No, only you like to play with men. Billy: (He is so angry). You don't know anything about me. Sometimes, I think you knew always your sons were treating me. Would you enjoy to see them to play against with me?. Bob: (He beats Billy's face). You can't say any word assassin. Today is your last day. (Billy gets up and approaches to Mirna so quickly to help her. He beats Brandon's face then his stomach too. Brandon with angry shoots and Billy evades the bullet. The Director of the jail receives the shoot in his arm. It hurts him and gets down on the floor. The Director of Telenoticias Channel helps him). Juan: Please, stop this war here. You have damaged all the TV transmission and all the police are waiting for you outside. Bob: You are wrong man. We are several tickets to get out from here. You and your beauty Mrs. Sanchez. I am so smart little man. Could you pay for your life right now?. (He aims to Juan with the gun). Alberto: You can't get outside alive. Lo comprendes cabron?. Bob: You will see it. Peace of shit. Cut to: Scene 34: Night.exterior and interior.platform of the building.jail. Peter and Danny are in the helicopter but they are worried. The alarm of the jail sounds. Peter: Damned. You don't know how to fly. Danny: No, I thought you were the master man. You can tell me how to move this shit Peter. Peter: Someone is approaching Danny. Shut up idiot. (They hide to the back side of the helicopter. Bob aims to Billy with his gun, also Jodi with Mirna, Brandon with Alberto, who takes his TV camera, and Devin with the Director of Telenoticias Channel. They approach to the helicopter and Bob wants to be a pilot. All get into the helicopter, so they discover Peter with Danny. They aim with their guns. Jodi is next to Bob). Brandon: Bob, here there are two vagrants. Come on boys, I want to see your hands. Come on, don't be so afraid. Bob: Get out of here right now. I am sorry guys. This matter is personal. The time is so short to the judgment. (Brandon and Devin push out Peter with Danny from the helicopter. They shout when the helicopter starts to rise from the ground). Peter: Hey. Don't be so selfish. We can run away together. I hate those men. Danny: (He is so sad). I don't want to stay here in this hell anymore. I don't belong to this place. (Peter holds on the base of the helicopter and Danny makes the same and laughs). Peter: Hold on so hard Danny. Danny: Ja, ja, ja. We are free Peter. We are free. (The helicopter flies away from jail). Cut to: Scene 35: Night.exterior.jail. The police cars arrive to the jail and they approach to the door with their guns and get into the place while the helicopter flies away. Peter and Danny hold on the base of the helicopter. Cut to: Scene 36: Night.interior.helicopter.air. Bob is the pilot and Jodi is next to him and kisses him so happy. Brandon and Devin aim with their guns to Mirna, Billy, Alberto and Juan. Mirna: Where are we going to?. Bob: In a place far away from the police. There, we can keep talking the same thing. Jodi: I'd like to hear the judgment of Billy Watson. Dear, I hope a long sentence to the killer. (She laughs. Bob smiles). Bob: I hope so darling. I hope so. (The helicopter flies away on the air). Cut to: Scene 37: Night.exterior.Building.Telenoticias Channel. Claudio gets out from the building and gets into his car with a TV camera. It's an old Porsche. He puts his TV camera back so he can drive away from that place. Cut to: Scene 38: Night.exterior.abandoned factory. Outside the city. The helicopter arrives near the factory. Peter and Danny jump before it takes the ground and run away, then they hide in a building near the factory. Bob with Jodi and Brandon, Devin, Mirna, Alberto, Juan, Billy get out of the helicopter. Alberto takes his TV camera. Bob: Get them into the factory. We are going to play this game until the dawn. Brandon: Yeah. I like it Bob but Mrs. Sanchez is mine before the dawn. (He smiles her and Mirna is so afraid). Come on. Move!. Move!. Jodi: (Outside with Bob). We are going to kill them here?. Dear!. Bob: (He kisses her). After the judgment. Nobody can stay alive. Cut to: Scene 39: Night.interior.abandoned factory. Billy and Mirna are worried with Alberto when see two chairs in front of a tripod and a big screen. Alberto takes his TV camera on his hands. Brandon sits Mirna in a chair and Devin sits Billy too next to her. The Director of Telenoticias Channel is so afraid while Brandon and Devin aim to them with their guns. Bob and Jodi get into the old factory smiling. Brandon: You can put your TV camera on the tripod. Stupid Latin. (Alberto obeys him). Bob: Yes, Sirs and Madam. We are going to record all the Watson case in this place with TV camera to get all the Latin and American audience in their sits watching the public death of Billy Watson. (Mirna sees Billy with so afraid. He keeps the calm). Cut to: Scene 40: Night.exterior.abandoned factory. Peter and Danny talk so hide. Peter: This is our opportunity to exploit this place. Danny: Yeah. I want to see Watson dies in the flames. We can loose it. Peter: This is our revenge. I always hate his face. Danny: Wait Peter. How could we exploit this place?. We are here like a desert. This is a Sahara. Peter: Use your imagination Danny. Start to search anything. Danny: Anything?. Are you crazy?. You are insane man. The desert is making you an insane. We can do magic in this place. (They try to search anything in all the place ). Cut to: Scene 41: Night.interior.abandoned factory. Mirna and Billy are sitting in the chairs in front of TV camera. Bob, Jodi, Brandon and Devin listen next to the Director of Telenoticias Channel. Billy: You have to go away them. I want to get a deal with you if you let them away. After the judgment you can kill me here but you must to promise me you let them go away. Mirna: (Bob smiles). You are so insane Mr. Raines. You don't have a justice in your hands. Do you want to become a rude criminal?. Do you want to pass all your life in the jail or to give a sentence of death?. Alberto: That man doesn't have a brain. His heart is like a rock so hard that couldn't see the reality. You know you can die here when the police come to this place. All of you won't go to escape from here. Bob: Shut up son of a bitch. Now, starts the judgment. Juan: Come on Mr. Raines. It's ridiculous. You are a smart man. Jodi: (She aims to Juan with the gun in his mouth). You want to die right now old man. (Juan shivers and cries). Here, both of you can do all that Bob wants to. Nobody can help you or can hear you. (She smiles). Brandon: Come on Bob. I am so sleepy and in my dreams I see Mrs. Sanchez without clothes waiting for me in a large bed. (He smiles her but Mirna is so angry). Do you like to be alone with me pretty woman?. We can dance Salsa or cha cha cha under the white and smoothly moon. What do you prefer?. Eh!. Devin: She doesn't want to speak any word to you Brandon. She hates you, I see it in her eyes. Don't waste your time for a stupid Latin girl. Maybe she is so high for you. Only we can see on TV always at night speaking stupid and foolish words we can not understand. Alberto: (He moves his head to Juan). We are an impediment for all you desire to do here. Come on, you are so smart Mr. Raines. Juan: Yeah. We can't talk about your plans if you let us free. The problem is only with Mr. Watson. He is here in front of your eyes and you can do all you want to him. Please, let us to tell him goodbye. It was a pleasure to meet him. Yo quiero seguir viviendo. (He is crying). Tengo familia e hijos que alimentar, por favor. I want to live. Mirna: (She gets up). Yeah. You win Mr. Raines and you got what you have been looking for. Please, we can give you so much time to run away for another country or move until the moon if you want but please, let us free. Far away from the dreams of your man. (She sees Brandon). Brandon: What happened with my dreams?. Bitch!. You don't like it?. Finally, you have to accept my proposal. Alberto: Eh!, (He sees Mirna). She is joking, a little joking. Playing a game. Ya tu sabes. Brandon: I would like to play the game with you, Mrs. Sanchez. (He takes her arm so hard. She hurts him). Bob can't do all you want. We come here for a purpose to kill Mr. Watson with all the witness and I see three. Devin: Don't forget the TV camera. Now, we have four. Jodi: I am so boring to see this stupid picture dear. (She aims to them with her gun). Who is going to be the first to kill?. The time is running and I can't wait anymore. (Alberto, Mirna and Juan see each other with so afraid). Bob: I am thinking. Who do you choose?. Jodi: (She thinks moving her gun). I like, (She thinks) the old man. (She aims to the Director of Telenoticias Channel). Because, he has a stupid face and soon or later he should die so he has many years on his skin. (She approaches to him) Do you want to be first, old man?. Or be the last one. Juan: (He is so afraid with sorrow). Please, I have three sons and a daughter. A young wife is waiting for me at home. Don't kill me. I didn't make you anything too bad. I am so innocent (On knee), please for God. I got so many responsibilities and so much time to live. I would like to see my grandsons to grow next to me. Don't break my heart of pain. (Jodi beats his face with her gun and breaks Juan's lips. He sees blood on lips with his finger). Jodi: I don't like men without brave. You are a stupid man, chicken man. Brandon: (He sees his watch on pulse). It's going to be the dawn in a few minutes. Don't think so much Bob. Remember, I like the woman. My penis is so excited for her. Mirna: I got some loathsomeness nightmares in my life and you are the one. Brandon: I take that as a accomplished. I understand like you meant to say. Mirna: Thanks to God. I thought you didn't have a brain. Alberto: Shut up Mirna. They can kill us immediately. We want to live not die. Mirna: I can't shut up my mouth. He is so dirty and I don't support this anymore. I'd prefer to die before to make the love with the beast. Devin: Ah, I heard. (Surprised). Kill all the people Bob. (He is so angry). They are playing with us. Don't have mercy, don't have it. (He aims to them with his gun). Cut to: Scene 42: Dawn.exterior.factory. Peter is holding with Danny a plastic tank filled with gas oil. They are approaching to the door of the factory. Peter: What did I tell you?. Danny: You have a big imagination. We are lucky to search in this desert a tank filled with gas oil. Peter: It will be so funny to see how they burn inside. Danny: Yeah, it will be a great show to record. It's a crime not to have a video camera. Peter: It is not a problem. The images will be record in our brains. I am sure of that. Danny: Wait Peter. Do you hear that?. The police!. Peter: (He stops to walk). No. The police is so far away from here. (Several police's cars are coming to that place and they are shivering with so afraid. They let the tank to fall down on the ground and the gas oil is running next to the door of the factory when they are walking so fast away to hide. The police helicopter flies over the factory with a spot light). Cut to: Scene 43: Dawn.interior.factory. Mirna is standing on feet with Alberto. Billy is sitting in the chair and the Director of Telenoticias Channel has a lip broken with blood. Devin, Brandon and Jodi aim to them with their guns. Devin: Did you hear something outside?. Jodi?. We are alone Devin. You must be so sleepy. Brandon: I smell the police here. I can feel them. Bob: Nobody can find us. It is a hidden place. We are save here. Voice of a police man outside: We are the police. Get out of here with the hands on the air. Come on, move!. Devin: (With so calm) What did I tell you?. Brandon: I knew it. I can feel them on the air. Jodi: Bob. What are we going to do?. This place doesn't have a back door. Bob: Breath some air and shut up. They can't do anything to hurt us. (He thinks) Devin, get out and talk with the police. We need to go outside or tell them we can kill the people inside. Come on Billy, be next to me. (Billy gets up and approaches to him). Jodi: Wait Watson. Where are you going?. Stop Devin. Do you have a plan?. Bob, you know this man can't think something different to women. I can talk outside and get all we need with those police men. Bob: Jodi, you are smarter than Devin I know that but he can negotiate with them. I'd prefer to go outside Devin. Later, you must to understand. Devin: I want to see how smart you are Jodi without the sheets of your bed. (He is so angry). Would you like to get all I have between my legs?. Jodi: Stupid man. You want to die right now. (Aims to him with her gun). Bob: Stop fighting. Devin, go outside. Jodi: Let me go outside Bob. (He obeys Bob. Jodi sets fire to a cigarette and puts it on her lips. Mirna sees to Alberto). Cut to: Scene 44: Day.exterior.factory. Police cars are around of the factory and the police men have a gun in their hands aim to the factory. Devin gets out with their arms so high then Jodi gets out too, smoking. Devin: We need to talk.(He doesn't like to see her). Jodi: Don't shoot. Devin: Don't kill us. We have four hostages inside. I am the man so I can talk to them. I don't need your help Jodi. Jodi: Shut up. We need two cars and a new cell phone to contact the Mayor. If you let us get away to another country we won't kill anybody. Chief of the police: (He takes the cigarette on Jodi's lips). Come on, extinguish the smoke. I want to talk with a man. (Devin sees Jodi with a smile in his face). Jodi: (She talks with angry). Do you have anything wrong with women?. Are you a gay man?. Chief of the police: (He talks with angry). Don't offend me. I represent the law. You must have to respect me. (The chief of the police throws the cigarette so the fire starts near the door for the gas oil on the ground. Jodi runs away and gets inside to the factory but Devin is standing, seeing the Chief of the police runs with his men away until the flames touch the tank of gasoline then it exploits in front of the factory' door and all the police cars exploit too. The Chief of the police with his men are throwing on air for the outburst. Peter and Danny see each other amazing while they are hidden. The body of Devin burns of fire. He shouts of pain). Cut to: Scene 45: Day.interior.factory. Jodi is on the floor for the outburst. Mirna is so afraid next to Alberto. He holds her. Billy is next to Bob with The Director of Telenoticias Channel. Brandon: (He helps Jodi). You are ok?. Jodi: Let me alone. He is a stupid police man. (She is so angry). Brandon: (He is so sad). Devin died in the flame. I am going to miss him. Bob: Jodi, I told you that later you will understand. (She can't understand). This is the time to get outside. Jodi, get a car with Brandon. You can kill Mrs. Sanchez with her camera man and The Director of Telenoticias Channel too. We will get in touch. Jodi: It's a pleasure to me. Now, I have the power of their lives. I like this power. Brandon: Don't forget Jodi. She is mine. Mrs. Sanchez is mine. Could you understand? I'll kill her with my hands no matter with Bob's order. (Bob gets outside with Billy. He aims his head with his gun). Cut to: Scene 46: Day.exterior.factory. Some police cars are burning and Bob walks and aim with his gun the head of Billy. They get inside of the helicopter. It didn't burn. Peter and Danny see them while they are hidden. Jodi and Brandon aim with their guns to Mirna, Alberto and Juan. Jodi: I need a big car. Where is the Chief of the police?. (The Chief of the police with his men are on the ground so dirty for the burst and see each other while the helicopter flies away. Bob is the pilot and Billy is sitting next to him). Cut to: Scene 47: Day.interior and exterior.helicopter.air. Bob is the pilot and Billy is next to him. Billy: Where are we going?. Bob: (He is so serious). A place you don't want to visit. Billy: You are doing all wrong Mr. Haines. You are remembering the days you serve in the army. Your hate is closing your eyes and your mind. Bob: Maybe. I am sure; you broke in pieces all my heart. Nobody can give the life to my three kids again. Nobody, either you. (The helicopter flies away on air). Cut to: Scene 48: Day.exterior.factory. Claudio comes to the factory with his car and gets out with his TV camera. Jodi aims him with her gun when she approaches to him. Jodi: I want your car. Give me the keys or you die. (Claudio shivers. Mirna kicks the knee of Brandon. He shouts of pain and Alberto beats on his face and take his gun in his hand. Alberto aims to Jodi but Claudio beats her face so she falls down to the ground so he takes her gun. The three friends are happy and get into the car. Juan runs to get into the car too. Claudio drives away so fast and the Chief of the police with his men get Jodi and Brandon). Director of the police: Don't move any bone both of you. Cut to: Scene 49: Claudio drives his car in the street. Mirna is next to him and in the back seat, Juan and Alberto with the TV camera, recording the helicopter on air after Claudio moved the roof of his car. Alberto: You are a genius Claudio to get a TV camera. Mirna: We can cover the entire story. Don't loose it on the air. Claudio: Would you prefer to go first at the hospital? Mirna: We can loose the story. We are fine Claudio. Don't worry. Juan: I don't think so. It could be so dangerous to our life. Stop the car Claudio. I have to live for my family. My wife is waiting for me and my job. (Claudio stops the car and Juan gets out then he drives away. Juan cleans his suit of the dust and smoke). Cut to: Scene 50: Day.exterior.street away the city. Peter and Danny walk on the street. They keep using jail uniforms. Danny: We have a face of prisoners. Peter It's your idea. This is a disguise we used yesterday in a party. Danny: In this desert?. I am so hot. The sun is so bursting on my skin. It sounds unbelievable. Peter: Shut up Danny. Use your imagination to get a pretty woman in a pretty car to fresh our lives. (A car is approaching and Danny is amazing. Peter is so serious). Danny: Peter. You have a great imagination. Peter: You must have to use it. Danny: A woman, a pretty woman drives the car. (They are happy). (The car stops when Peter moves his arm. She gets down the glass of car's window). Woman: Are you lost in this desert?. Peter: Yeah. We had a party last night and suddenly we woke up here in the middle of nothing. Woman: You have a pretty disguise. I like the uniform of prisoners. It sounds so dangerous. Danny: Oh, I see you like the risk moments. I like it too. (He sees her mouth and smiles her). You are like a candy. Peter: (He beats his head). The pretty girl has a lot of thing to do. We can keep our way. Woman: Oh no!. (She opens the car's door). Come on. Get into my car both of you. I'll drive the entire city. Maybe we get a party tonight. Peter: Yeah. Tonight we must have to enjoy the party. Danny: (Peter gets into the car and sits next to her. Danny is sitting back). All right. We got lucky Peter. What's your name pretty lady?. (She laughs and drives away so fast.). Cut to: Scene 51: Day.exterior.helicopter.air. Bob is the pilot and surprises when the police helicopter approaches to him. They tell, in front of him, with a loud-speaker. Voice of police man with loud-speaker: Stop. We are the L.A. police. Bob: (He is so angry). Get out of my way. (He shoots them with his gun. Billy tries to take his gun but Bob beats his face). Don't do it anymore, Billy Watson. Don't do it. Voice of police with loud-speaker: Bob Raines, stop and get down. (Bob shoots again and the bullet gets into the tank of gas oil so the police helicopter exploits on air. Billy covers his face with his hand. Bob smiles and keeps his way. Claudio follows him in the street, driving his car. Mirna is next to him. Alberto is back recording the helicopter with TV camera). Cut to: Scene 52: Channel. The Director of Telenoticias Channel gets into his office so happy. Juan: I am again here alive. (He sits in front of his desk and takes the phone). Thanks God for helping me. (He presses the button of the phone). Mrs. Rodriguez, please contact the police. I want to talk to them. Voice of his secretary: Yes sir, right now. (He feels the pleasure to be free and then he takes TV control and turns on. He watches Telenoticias Channel and the images of Alberto follows, in Claudio's car with TV camera, the helicopter which Bob is the pilot. Juan is surprised). Voice of a Journalist man: Estas son las imagines del secuestrador. El se￱or Raines tiene en el helic￳ptero al se￱or Watson y piensa acabar con su vida en algn lugar del pa■s. Nuestro camar￳grafo, Alberto P←rez nos esta enviando estas im£genes que vemos en la pantalla del televisor. A su lado esta la periodista Mirna S£nchez y nuestro editor Claudio Molina en su auto los van siguiendo. Esta exclusividad es de este canal, telenoticias channel. Cut to: Scene 53: Day.exterior.Claudio's car.outside the city.streets. Claudio drives his car and Mirna sees her face on the mirror of the car then takes a microphone that is connected in the TV camera. Alberto is back holding it on his arm. The car doesn't have the roof. Alberto: We are on air Mirna. Mirna: Ok, thanks. El Se￱or Raines acaba de hacer explotar un helic￳ptero de la polic■a de Los Angeles y dos oficiales murieron en ese hecho. Billy Watson sigue all■ en el helic￳ptero raptado por Bob Raines, el padre de los tres j￳venes, quienes fueron asesinados cruelmente por el se￱or Watson.. Despu←s de 7 anos de haber estado en la c£rcel, el alcalde de esta ciudad le perdono la vida al se￱or Watson, ya que hab■a sido sentenciado a morir en la c£mara de gas; mientras nos conced■a un amplio reportaje sobre su historia el se￱or Raines prorrumpi￳ con sus hombres armados en el lugar. Gracias a Dios estamos con vida cubriendo este impactante suceso, sigui←ndoles desde un auto. All£ arriba van ellos y el fin del se￱or Watson se acerca. (Alberto moves the TV camera to the helicopter on air). Cut to: Scene 54: Day.exterior.gas oil station. A young man fills the tank of the car with gas and the woman, who drives it, gets out with Peter and Danny. Woman: I am going to the bathroom. Both of you can wait for me here. Don't forget we have a party tonight. (She smiles and gets into the bathroom). Peter: This is our opportunity Danny. Get inside. Danny: And our party tonight?. Peter: Forget it. We have to do a lot of things before noon. Later, we can fun with women. (He gets into the car and drives it away. The gas oil wastes on the ground and the young man shouts with angry). Young man: Hey. Who do you pay me?. Woman: (She gets out from bathroom and shouts). Hey. Where are you going?. This is my car. He stole my car. Oh God, I can't believe it. Young man: You can pay me?. Woman: (She sees him with angry). Call the police, little boy!. Cut to: Scene 55: the city. In a distance, there is the helicopter and Bob aims to Billy with his gun. They approach to the big house with has second floor then they stop next to the door. Bob: Do you remember this house?, Billy!. Billy: (He thinks worried and so sad). I remember clearly. FLASH BACK. Billy, 12 years old, gets out of this house with Michael, 14 years, Steven, 15 years, and John, 16. They are running away from house then Bob gets out and sees them next to the door smiling. Michael: (He shouts) Wait Billy, wait. END OF FLASH BACK. Cut to: Scene 56: the city. The door is open and Billy with Bob go inside. He aims to Billy with his gun. Bob: (He is so sad). This was the home of Raines Family until you destroyed it. Why Billy?. I was a father for you. Nothing left to you when I was living here with us. My wife died after you kill my sons and my life has been a misery. Billy: Don't take me to the bedroom, please. I don't want to, I don't want to remember that day. I don't want to. (He is shivering). Bob: Come on. Get up and be quiet. You must have to do what I want to. Billy: Please, no, take mercy of me. FLASH BACK. Michael, 14 years old, John, 16, and Steven 15, get up the stairs so quickly and invite Billy, 12 years, to do the same. Michael: Come on Billy. We can play in my bedroom. Steven: Get up Billy. Get up with us. Come on. John: I got a new play to show you. It will like you. Billy: (He thinks then smiles. He gets up so quickly). Wait for me. I can play that game. (They get in the bedroom and John closes the door). END OF THE FLASH BACK. Bob: What's happening Billy?. You can see the faces of Michael, Steven and John?. Billy: I can't support to go up. (Nervous) I left all my pains in the past. Please, the images are still in my brain and I don't want to remember. Bob: (He aims him with his gun so angry). Don't make me to shoot in your head right now. Do what I tell you if you want to keep alive. FLASH BACK. Michael, 14 years old, Steven 15 and Billy, 12, are in front of TV screen on the floor. Then John, 16, introduces a video cassette in the vcd. They watch pictures that a man with a woman are in the bed, taking off their clothes to make sexual relations. END OF FLASH BACK. Bob: You should obey all that I want to. If you don't I can kill here right now. (He aims to him with his gun so angry. Billy is shivering then starts to gets up the stairs with Bob). Cut to: Scene 57: Day.exterior.home.outside the city. Claudio comes in his car near the house. Mirna is next to him and Alberto is back with a video camera. Claudio: This is the house. Mirna: I know this house. Billy was living here with the Raines family. Alberto: Mr. Raines would kill him here. This is a perfect place, where occurred the crime. We should to call the police. Mirna: No, no yet, please Alberto. We can avoid a crime here. The life of Billy Watson is in danger. (They get out of the car). Claudio: I got a gun. Alberto: Let me that gun. We can save the life of Billy Watson. Mirna: Claudio, wait here please. Alberto is coming with me. (Mirna gets into the house with Alberto. The door is open. He uses his TV camera). Claudio: (He feels so emotion). Take care of you, both of you. Don't forget the man is so crazy. I don't want to stay in your foot. I don't want to live in that mission, no, no. (He takes his cell phone and talks with his chief after dialing the phone number). Claudio: Chief. Are you watching the images on TV?. We are in the house of the madness, that insane who wants to kill Billy Watson. Que?. No escucho bien. I can't hear you. What?. Cut to: Scene 58: the city.bedroom second floor. Alberto is next to the stairs and Mirna approaches him. He has a TV camera on his arm. Mirna: (She talks in a low voice). They should be in the second floor. Step with care. Alberto: We are in the scene of sin. Mr. Raines is so romantic. Mirna: He is a pathetic man. He should be torturing him. He is filling of hate. Alberto: What should we do?. Get up the stairs?. Mirna: Nobody is here Alberto. We are a unique media to cover the real story so we can't stay here on first floor while Mr. Raines kills Mr. Watson on second floor. Alberto: Yeah. I got the gun with me if our lives are in danger. Mirna: I am ready, come on. You go first. (Alberto gets up and Mirna is back to him. They walk so slowly. Bob is in the bedroom with Billy. He aims to him with a gun. Billy remembers). Bob: Tell me Billy. What are you seeing?. (He feels afraid, showing it in his eyes). FLASH BACK. Michael, 14 years, takes off the clothes of Billy and pushes him to the bed. Billy: What is the game?. Michael: I am the doctor. Steven: (15 years old). I am the surgeon Michael. John: (16 years). And I am the nurse man like a video Dad got in his bedroom. Billy: (12 years). And who am I?. Come on, this is a bored game. Michael: The game is starting. You must to wait Billy. You are the victim who has some much pain. (They take off their clothes with a big smile in their faces). Billy: (Worried) What are you doing?. You don't like to be a doctor. Wait guys, I don't like this game. (He gets up of the bed and John pushes him to bed). Come on, I don't like it. Michael: It will like it Billy. Enjoy it. You can close your eyes. Billy: (Shouts). No. Mr. Raines. They are going to hurt me. No Michael. Mr. Raines. Can you hear me?. Mr. Raines!. END OF FLASH BACK. Billy: (He shouts) No, no!. Bob: (He aims with his gun). You should feel the pain that I got in my heart. There were my kids Billy. (Alberto is next to the door and records the scene with his TV camera. Mirna is back to him with a microphone in her hand. She has nervous). Billy: I don't want to be here. I feel so cold. Bob: (Sad) Yeah. I feel the same inside. You kill my happiness. You always were a bad boy. Tell me the truth. They never hurt you. It was a story you imagined. Billy: They made all they wanted in my body because they learned from you. They saw every pornographic video you got in your bedroom; that was the lesson they performed here in this place with me. Bob: (He beats him in his face). You lie man. This is a story you lived in your dirty mind. Their sin were to live like true men and do like men do. You never accept them because you were not a man. (He sees Alberto next to the door and shouts him). What are you doing here?. (He aims to him with his gun). Alberto: We are not afraid of you Mr. Raines. You are on air and millions of people are watching you on their TV screens. Tell us, Why did you bring him at this house you lived?. Explain us. Bob: Stop to ask for the things I do. He is a dammed dog and the Mayor didn't should forgive his life. He should die like my kids died. (Billy is so desperate so gets out of the room so quickly. Mr. Raines tries to shoot but Alberto beats him with his TV camera. Bob fails the shoot to another place of the bedroom. Mirna is so afraid and Billy takes her hand. They get down the stairs so fast. Bob beats the face of Alberto and aims to him with his gun then moves quickly with Alberto and shoot so Billy and Mirna stop to walk in the first floor). Bob: Don't move them or kill her camera man. Cut to: Scene 59: Claudio is talking with his chief by cell phone. Claudio: (He is so afraid). Chief. I heard two shoots into the house. Tell me what is happening. Mr. Raines killed Mirna and Alberto too?. What should I do?. Cut to: Scene 60: Day.exterior.streets. Jodi is in the back seat of the police car. A police man drives and the other police man is next to him. She has handcuffs so slips her hands so slowly to beat the face of the police man then she takes his gun and kills the police driver. Cut to: Scene 61: Day.exterior.streets.outside the city. Peter drives the car and Danny is next to him. Danny: We should to move to another city. The cops must be following our steps. Peter: They are busy to catch Billy Watson. (Danny sees Jodi drives police car). Danny: Uh, uh a police car. I know that woman. Did you see her Peter? She is the black girl. (Peter stops the car and turns to another road back to her). Peter: Now, I am sure she can carry us to the place Watson is. Danny: (He smiles). We are going to give him a big surprise. You are a genius Peter. (Peter drives away back to Jodi). Cut to: Scene 62: Claudio approaches to the door with so afraid. Claudio: Mirna, Alberto. Are you OK?. (He dials the cell number). Chief, they don't answer me. Yeah. I got a gun in my car. Oh no. Alberto has that gun. (He sees police car approaches to the house and breaths deeply). Chief. All is in control. The police car is here. Bye. (Claudio changes his smile when sees Jodi drives that car and approaches to him. Peter and Danny come to that place too in a car, waiting in a distance). Jodi: (She aims to him with the gun). Do you like to insist on?. Claudio: I am a foolish man. I am so sorry. I didn't want to follow Mr. Raines here. (He is crying). Jodi: I can shoot you now but I must have to do better things. Get out of my sight. (Claudio takes her gun and beats her face. He aims to her). Jodi: (She smiles). You are a baby. What do you know about guns?. (She tries to take his gun but he shoots to her. The bullet makes a hole in the door). Peter: How bad is that boy. Danny: You must have to learn how to shoot. Peter: We need that gun. (Jodi beats the face and the stomach of Claudio, who falls down on the ground). Cut to: Scene 63: Alberto is recording with a TV camera and Mirna is next to Billy. Bob aims to them with his gun. Bob: Come on Billy. We can finish with all you start it. Mirna: (She is so brave). You are not God to get the judgment in your hands. You got to learn and respect the order of LA Mayor. (Billy gets the gun and beats the face of Bob. In the fight, the gun falls down on the floor and Bob beats him so rude his face and his stomach. Mirna takes the gun on the floor. Alberto takes his gun too in his pants so Bob takes the Billy's neck with their hands to kill him). Mirna: Get away from him. Mr. Raines you are killing him. Alberto: (He aims to him with the gun. Mirna does the same). Stop Mr. Raines. It's over now. Cut to: Scene 64: Day.interior and Jodi approaches to the door and comes into the house with the gun in her hand. Bob has his hands on the neck of Billy but he beats Bob's penis. Alberto and Mirna aim to him with their guns. Mirna helps Billy to keep standing. When they are trying to escape Jodi waits them so brave and rude next to the door. She aims to them with her gun. Jodi: Where are you going?. Will you invite me?. Mirna: You, bitch, again!. (Mirna beats her face so Jodi falls down on the ground. Mirna hurts her hand. Alberto and Billy is surprised). Alberto: You are a bad girl. Take this. (He beats her face. Jodi moves her leg to make fall Alberto down on the floor. Billy runs away from house. Jodi shoots him but fails and Claudio hides behind his car. Mirna gets Jodi's gun and shoots her leg outside). Jodi: Stupid bitch. You have to pay for this. (Jodi takes Alberto's gun on floor so tries to shoot Mirna but Claudio takes her gun with is hands when beats her face. Jodi falls down on the ground. He hurts his hand). Mirna: That's what I want to see you bitch!. Claudio: The police are coming here. Alberto: How did you learn to shoot that Mirna?. (He aims to Bob and Jodi with the gun). Mirna: It was the adrenaline. Billy: I think so too. Girl, you are my heroine. Mirna: Come on Billy. You can't come again to the jail. You owe me the last part of your story. Claudio: Come on get away from here. (The police cars are coming. Claudio drives his car away. Mirna is next to him. Billy and Alberto with his TV camera are in the back seat. Peter and Danny follow them in a car. Bob helps to get up Jodi from the ground then stops a driver in the street. He gets out and beats him. The driver falls down on the ground. Bob helps Jodi to get into the car. He drives so fast before the police car arrives to the house. The music of the scene is pop until scene 65). Cut to: Scene 65: Night.exterior and interior.motel. Claudio and Alberto get down the stairs of the second floor in a motel then they get into the car. Claudio drives away his car, Alberto is next to him. Cut to: Scene 66: of the motel.second floor. Mirna talks on bed with Billy. He still uses the uniform of the jail. Mirna: You can rest in peace here. Billy: Yeah. Thanks, I can breathe a peace in this place. You are so kind with me exposing your life with that monster. Mirna: (She smiles him). I am ok, thanks to God. I have been in danger several times. You know, this is a pri


Tjhe story of a latin woman reporter to interview a man who killed three guys, cutting their penis with their teeth.


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