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Julio Antonio Alonzo
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Producer in Houston, Texas

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Julio's Bio

Julio Antonio Alonzo is an Actor, Screenwriter, & Producer originally from Texas.

Julio first started his entertainment career in the mid 90's as the front man for a successful rap/rock group called Aftershock. The group preformed all over the country and were signed by Retrograde Records, out of Phoenix AZ, which had a national distribution through Sony Red. Julio wrote the lyrics for 'PainKiller' which appeared on the syndicated TV show, 'Nick Freno'.

In 2009, Julio moved to Dallas, TX to pursue a career in acting and film production. He invested with a group of other like minded creatives and co-founded Ludisian Legion Entertainment, LLC a multimedia production company.

He served as CEO and General Sales Manager from 2010-2012 and during his tenure he helped champion and co-produce many successful music-videos, commercials, media spec-spots and several award winning short films.

In the later part of 2012 he left the studio and continued co-writing his first speculative full feature screenplay, "Escorted" with co-writer, Keiland Goffigon. Julio and Keiland had worked together on a previous project that Keiland had written, Julio acted in and they co-produced.

Later that same year, Julio sought out the help of his childhood friend. Credited film & television writer Tony Dreannan, and they spent most of next year co-developing the "Escorted' screenplay. Which is based off of real events in his life. The story is inspired from the day's when he was in-between gigs with his band, and was working as a driver in the subversive world of female escorts.

On a whim he submitted a rough draft of the screenplay to the 2013 Final Draft 'Big Break' Screenwriting Contest, which is made it to the semi-finals.

Julio's Credits

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Julio's Awards

'Semi-Finalist' - Happy Writers Big Break Competition (2014)

'Semi-Finalist'- Final Draft Big Break Contest (2013)

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