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By Josiah Bridgeman

GENRE: Family, Drama
LOGLINE: A woman (Raven Brooks) who struggles with finding her calling, must raise money to help the school children succeed in life but takes a darker route just to get the money. With so much on the line, it can cost her job, reputation and relationship with her mother and sister.


A struggling teacher (Raven Brooks) is struggling to find her own voice. She gave up her dreams of being a dancer to please her overbearing mother (Lillian Brooks). As a teacher, she must find a way to raise money to help the school children excel and have a decent chance at life. However, she has to also find a way to pay off her student loans, rent and bills. With not much avenues to turn to, she turns to a darker side of life that can cost her employment, life and her relationship with her mother. Her sister (Rachel Brooks) will threaten to expose her double life and ruin her relationship with their mother. Will she find a way to balance the two worlds she’s trying to hold onto or will she lose everything and become a whole new woman? Or will she kill her old world just to finally be the woman she’s destined to be?


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