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By Julian Martin

GENRE: Drama

Death claimed half of her soul when she was a child, and her lover must murder her for her to be whole again.


Martin and Sira are the focus of the script, along with a third major player, Chris. Martin is a high-school English teacher who had a penchant for mental-illness as a child, but is an advocate of sanity as an adult. Chris is his student, a child prodigy destroyed on alcohol and drugs, reborn as a neo-Jesus Christ figure. Sira is a dark and sad soul, a beautiful young woman with cold hands and heart, obsessed with the desire to be killed, preferably by Martin. Martin's religious friend William, a youth counselor, seems to provide some stability but has his own challenges.

Martin and Sira begins with Sira already dead, apparently by Martin's hands. The script then goes back in time to when Martin is a balanced, yet alcoholic soul. He meets Sira, who is on a sleep-with-whoever-while-doing-drugs rollercoaster ride. They develop a cool yet passionate relationship, even while Martin is recoiling from Sira's incredibly disturbing request: She wants him to murder her. Sira is also peculiar in the sense that she has a guardian angel-type figure named David, who lurks throughout the film, observing her and offering her sympathy when she needs it. He also plays a part in guiding Martin's path.

Chris enters the story in the final stages of a powerful but destructive life philosophy: Reject love of the world. His message almost gets to break out to the world, but a biological flaw results in his early death; not, however, without shaking up Martin. He leaves Martin with an essay that unearths Martin's values just when he is made most vulnerable by Sira. Thus begins Martin's fall from grace. The last third of the script describes Martin's downfall in parallel to Sira's own ascent to Heaven. She grows in beauty and emotion, yet still sure that the only correct course of action is for Martin to kill her. Yet she may not know everything there is to know...


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