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By Nathan Smith

GENRE: Horror, Comedy

When an anti-pot serial killer begins targeting their customers, Abby and Shi are forced to try and clear their own names and protect their town as a hard nosed detective looks to pin it all on these two cannabis clerks from The Grass Station.


Abby and Shi have gotten into a comfortable routine while working at their local pot shop, The Grass Station. Their biggest problems are putting up with each other and a local cult called The Moon Shine Kingdom who believe in using cannabis for everything but consumption. But with a huge pot convention coming to town and the disappearance of their boss, Bud, the girls are forced to run the place on their own until a killer begins to target their customers.

Detective Potts and his strong anti-drug views is put on the case of this serial killer and immediately suspects Abby and Shi of being behind it all. But when another murder happens while they're in custody, Potts is forced to release them. With no one willing to believe them, Abby and Shi decide it's up to them to clear their names and protect the town.

Learning that the killer plans to attack the cannabis convention, the pair infiltrate Toktober and stop the planted bomb from going off and evacuate the crowd. The killer attacks but they manage to work together to stop him with the help of Abby's own pot strain and discover that the killer it not only Detective Potts but that he's Bud's estranged son.

Arthur Charpentier

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Arthur Charpentier

it seems to me that someone is superfluous in this logline. I think it's worth determining if this is a conflict between sellers and a serial killer or a policeman?

"marijuana sellers are trying to save business at a time when a serial killer is cracking down on their customers."

Nate Rymer

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