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By Nathan Smith

GENRE: Adventure, Family

When the faeries kidnap Patrick's new born brother and swap him with a changeling, Patrick tracks them down into the world of myth and legend to get him back, meeting Celtic legends along the way. 


When the Celtic gods Dagda, Balor and Lug come together to challenge one another to a friendly wager of what constitutes true honor, they each pick their champion and place them in situations to test that honor. Lug chooses his champion to be Finn McCool, the legendary Irish warrior. Balor selects a meager leprechaun who works in the Faery King's castle. Dagda places his faith in a young human boy and together the three of them watch, manipulate and test their champions.

Patrick(13) awakes one night to witness faeries swapping out his infant brother with a changeling and takes after them to rescue the boy and return home before it's too late and they are both stuck in the mystical Faery Realm forever.

Arriving in the mystical realm, Patrick befriends a trapped leprechaun named Durnin and together they seek out the help of the legendary Finn McCool to find a way into the Faery Castle and save Patrick's brother.

Together the trio must face challenges that help right some of the wrongs from their past, learning about their own true characters, morals and sacrifice.

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